What is a Pinterest Repin and how do I optimize for them?

Pinterest is a fantastic source of traffic for bloggers of all types, and especially food bloggers. Many bloggers report that Pinterest is one of their top sources of traffic – in fact for Pinch of Yum it’s #2, right behind Google! Getting people to repin your content on Pinterest is key to Pinterest success. Pinterest […]

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Gutenberg support & a Pinterest Repin ID field – Tasty Pins 0.7.0

Today is an exciting day for our Tasty Pins users – we’re now officially ready for the new Gutenberg editor in WordPress 🎉 If you’re not familiar with the new Gutenberg editor, check out the official WordPress Gutenberg page to learn more. If you’ve heard about the new editor, but you’re not sure what you […]

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How to force a different image to save to Pinterest

One of the most prominent aspects of Pinterest marketing is the image that gets shared. Images themselves aren’t searchable (the text that describes them is what gets searched), but a good image helps get people to click over, where a poor image makes them scroll on by. Thus, making sure your best images are consistently […]

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Structured data updates & an important notice – Tasty Recipes 1.7.0

Today, we’re pushing out Tasty Recipes version 1.7.0. This update focused on improvements to the recipe structured data. ✨ At the bottom of this email we’ve got an important notice regarding the next update – be sure to scroll down. Here’s what you’ll find in this release: 1. Recipe reviews included in structured data ⭐ […]

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Graphical computer with "version 0.6.0" on the screen

Hidden image size filter & HTML classes – Tasty Pins 0.6.0

We pushed out an update to Tasty Pins today that focused on some minor improvements for the hidden Pinterest images. Here’s what you’ll find in version 0.6.0! Filter for hidden Pin thumbnail size Most tools that scrape the page for images to save to Pinterest have size limitations for the images that they’ll pick up. […]

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Tasty Recipes is Gutenberg-Ready!

Version .6.0 (and 1.6.1) of Tasty Recipes was released last week, and we’re so excited to announce that this version includes full support for Gutenberg. Gutenberg is a new editing experience for WordPress. We recently wrote about the plan for WP Tasty plugin support for Gutenberg, and also about how to properly prepare your blog […]

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Rich snippets icon - graphical interpretation of a rich snippet in Google search results

7 Easy Steps to Perfect Recipe Rich Results to Get More Organic Traffic

Is your food blog getting all the traffic you want out of Google? Organic search (think: Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc) is one of the most powerful sources of traffic out there. Google alone processes over 65,000 searches every single second. That’s crazy! As a food blogger, capitalizing on organic search is one of the best […]

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Icon of computer screen with the Gutenberg "G" logo on it

How to Prepare Your Blog for Gutenberg

Making sure your WordPress site is ready for Gutenberg when it goes live with WordPress 5.0 is extremely important.

This article is a guide for migrating your WordPress website from the classic editor experience to Gutenberg.

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Gutenberg Support with WP Tasty Plugins

It’s nearly time! The Gutenberg project has been in the works for well over a year now. Coders around the world have come together to create WordPress’ new editing experience, dubbed Gutenberg after Johannes Gutenberg, the person who introduced the printing press to Europe. Gutenberg is a massive, exciting change for publishing in WordPress. It […]

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