Tasty Recipes Update

Custom Buttons, Copy Ingredients to Clipboard, and More — Tasty Recipes 3.1.0

We’ve been busy over at WP Tasty, working our way through lots of fun new features for Tasty Recipes. There’s a whole lot in Tasty Recipes 3.1.0: Adds card button…

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Grow Converter – Tasty Pins 1.2.0

Just a small update to Tasty Pins to add a new converter for Mediavine’s Grow. We now have Grow and Social Warfare converters to make your transition to using Tasty…

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Passive Listeners —Tasty Pins 1.1.6

We just pushed out a small update to Tasty Pins. Here’s what you’ll find in Tasty Pins 1.1.6: Makes the touchstart listener passive to avoid Lighthouse warning. The event listener is set…

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