Pinterest Marketing Best Practices for Bloggers

Pinterest can be a blogger’s best friend. On Pinch of Yum, Pinterest is the #2 source of traffic – right behind Google. Operating somewhere between social media and organic search, Pinterest is in a unique place to help your content go viral – even if you’re new to the blogging game.  In this article, we’ll […]

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What is a Pinterest Repin and how do I optimize for them?

Pinterest is a fantastic source of traffic for bloggers of all types, and especially food bloggers. Many bloggers report that Pinterest is one of their top sources of traffic – in fact for Pinch of Yum it’s #2, right behind Google! Getting people to repin your content on Pinterest is key to Pinterest success. Pinterest […]

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How to force a different image to save to Pinterest

One of the most prominent aspects of Pinterest marketing is the image that gets shared. Images themselves aren’t searchable (the text that describes them is what gets searched), but a good image helps get people to click over, where a poor image makes them scroll on by. Thus, making sure your best images are consistently […]

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6 ways to make the most of Q4 traffic for your blog

When it comes to holiday cooking, home chefs can be roughly divided into two groups: the ones who zestfully approach turkey roasting as an extreme sport and the other ones, looking for their corkscrew and another bottle of wine (and not the cooking wine, either). Both groups are scouring Pinterest and Google for recipes, which […]

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a graphical icon of a pink video camera

How to Upload Videos to Pinterest

Uploading videos to Pinterest is a great way to get more interaction with your Pins, and to get more traffic to your website from Pinterest. Learn how to upload videos to Pinterest with this step-by-step article.

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What are Pinterest Rich Pins?

Today, we’re going to talk all about Rich Pins! Chances are, you’ve come across them on Pinterest before but you just didn’t know what they were. Not to worry—today, we’re going to break it all down. In this post, we’ll cover: What Rich Pins are The different types of Rich Pins App Product Recipe Article […]

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NoPin: How to Tell Pinterest to Not Save an Image

Pinterest is a fantastic traffic tool for bloggers. Pins that go viral on Pinterest have the opportunity to bring in thousands of pageviews every month to a single blog post! Certain types of images tend to perform better on Pinterest – notably, long (or tall) images with multiple photos and text overlays tend to do great. […]

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Should I hide Pinterest-specific Images on the page?

Tasty Pins offers the functionality that allows you to hide Pinterest-specific images from your page while allowing it to show up as a pinnable image when your readers want to Pin an image from your page. For example, on Pinch of Yum’s Instant Pot Wild Rice Soup post, no Pinterest-specific image is seen in the […]

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Should I Use the Title Attribute for my Pinterest Description?

Pin description sources are ranked by Pinterest. The hierarchy looks like this, from most to least preferred: data-pin-description Image title attribute Alt text Article title Article content The most common place to put a Pinterest description is in the alt text field. We have a blog post that discusses using the alt text for Pinterest […]

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A graphic of a computer with colored boxes emulating Pinterest

How to Write Great Pinterest Image Descriptions

A Pinterest description is a snippet of text that, ideally, comes from the data-pin-description attribute on an image (using the Tasty Pins plugin, of course). Pinterest descriptions should be crafted with search and exploration in mind, utilizing keywords and hashtags (respectively) to reach the maximum number of users on Pinterest.

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