Add a general affiliate disclosure to your page automatically with Tasty Links 0.4.0

Today, we released an update for Tasty Links that adds a general disclosure option, makes styling the disclosures easier, and prevents self-referencing of links in posts. Watch the video below to learn more about these features, or read on below! When it comes to affiliate links, it’s important to follow FTC disclosure rules and let […]

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Gutenberg Support with WP Tasty Plugins

It’s nearly time! The Gutenberg project has been in the works for well over a year now. Coders around the world have come together to create WordPress’ new editing experience, dubbed Gutenberg after Johannes Gutenberg, the person who introduced the printing press to Europe. Gutenberg is a massive, exciting change for publishing in WordPress. It […]

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Computer illustration with Tasty Links logo on the screen

Maximize Affiliate Revenue with Tasty Links!

Here at WP Tasty, we’re always looking for ways to make blogging more fulfilling. We do this by creating products that help you spend more time creating and less time dealing with technical stuff, like structured data and image attributes for Pinterest. As bloggers, something we’ve always struggled with is taking advantage of the power […]

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