Pinterest domain feed is this is the easiest and quickest way to see what users are pinning in the here and now! Now sure what a Pinterest domain feed is?

Simply go to into your web browser, replacing “” with your website’s domain name.

There you’ll find a huge feed of every photo from your website that has recently been pinned to Pinterest, by whom and to what board they pinned it to.

What’s the benefit of looking at your audience’s pins this way?

You can gain some valuable insight quickly, without having to dig into any confusing analytics. 

  • See the exact images that are resonating with your readers and plan on making more images and designs like that!
  • See what boards your content is being pinned to, as well as if they change the description on your images when pinning. Take note of the language and words they use.
  • Look for trends in the content and categories that are being pinned and continue creating more content around that.
  • Make fresh pins for the posts you see in the feed that are already getting pinned.
  • A/B test new image designs to see if one image is more popular than another.
  • Are images getting pinned in clusters? This could mean your audience tends to go from one post to another as they work their way through your content.

The insight you can get from your domain’s source feed is endless! Take some time and dig into the content, look for patterns and insight.

Have other ideas about how to use this view? Let us know! We’re always interested in creative, new ways to use Pinterest.