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Share your recipes beautifully and easily with Tasty Recipes

With our easy-to-use, customizable recipe card plugin, we help you look good โ€” and your recipes look even better.

Tasty Recipes is the recipe plugin we had always wanted for Pinch of Yum. This is the most important plugin we have on our blog. We didn’t want to mess this up, so we decided to build it ourselves.”


Give your readers everything they need โ€” a seamless user experience and a beautiful recipe format โ€” with the backend power of up-to-date recipe schema that makes search engines, like Google, happy

tasty recipes card

You work hard to create quality content; Tasty Recipes makes it easy to get your recipes seen.

Need help converting recipes? 

With Tasty Recipes, we make it easy to convert your recipes from dozens of other recipe platforms into beautiful, functional Tasty Recipes. Learn more about which recipe platforms we can import for you. 

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Curate your Pinterest presence with Tasty Pins

Be confident your content is being pinned the way you want it to appear. With Tasty Pins you can easily add custom pin descriptions, set hidden pins and disable images you donโ€™t want pinned โ€” all with a lightweight and well-maintained plugin.

โ€œTasty Pins is a genius plugin that allows you to align the Pinterest and SEO worlds. Fantastic.”


Need help converting your pins?

Tasty Pins makes it easy to convert your existing pin data from Social Warfare or Mediavine Grow to Tasty Pins

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Monetizing your site shouldnโ€™t be hard. With Tasty Links, you can auto-magically create links and beautifully-styled blocks for specific keywords across your site with just a few clicksโ€”and make back your subscription price by optimizing the affiliate links across your site!

โ€œTasty Links saves me so much time. Instead of manually adding affiliate links for the items I use and write about often, Iโ€™m able to link all the items automatically. I also love being able to link the equipment needed for the recipe right in the recipe card as affiliate links with images.โ€


Quickly set up Amazon affiliate product links throughout your existing and new posts with one easy click that auto-imports product images from Amazon. No more screenshots or messy spreadsheets to keep track of your affiliate links. 

Easily and beautifully add high-performing Tasty Links product blocks to your Tasty Recipes cards or anywhere in your posts.

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