Tasty Recipes Update

Recipe Schema Nesting and More – Tasty Recipes 2.7.0

Here’s what’s new in Tasty Recipes 2.7.0: Recipe schema nesting Sounds super cute, am I right!? ? We’ve nested your structured data so that Google and Pinterest know that the recipe is…

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WP Tasty Now Requires PHP 7+

In the coming months, WP Tasty will be bumping their minimum version support to WordPress 5.1 and PHP 7, beginning with the upcoming Tasty Links release (v. 0.8.0).  Why Should…

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Tasty Recipes is Gutenberg-Ready!

Version .6.0 (and 1.6.1) of Tasty Recipes was released last week, and we’re so excited to announce that this version includes full support for Gutenberg. Gutenberg is a new editing…

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