We just released version 2.0.0 of Tasty Recipes. This update includes a couple bug fixes and an improvement related to the block editor. Here's what you'll find!

If you're using Tasty Links to automatically include affiliate links in your recipes, you can now remove links inside the recipe card. This functionality was available for the Classic Editor, but needed to be re-worked for the new block (Gutenberg) editor. Version 2.0.0 of Tasty Recipes introduces this functionality for the block editor so you can link (and de-link) with ease.​

2. Ignore nutrition information from WP Recipe Maker if no calories are present ?

One customer noticed that when converting from WP Recipe Maker, the nutrition information would be converted as a bunch of zeros if no nutrition information existed. We've made sure that no longer happens during the conversion process so you can convert worry-free!

3. A couple other bug fixes ?

This update also fixes a PHP notice that was appearing in site logs as well as a parsing inconsistency if the recipe content was filtered by another plugin before being saved to the database.

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