There’s no doubt about it, Pinterest can explode your traffic as a top referrer to your blog, replacing even Google as a primary source of traffic.

That makes it more important than ever to perform a “self-audit” of your website, to make sure that you’re encouraging your audience to pin your posts, optimizing existing content, and maximizing your readers’ use of Pinterest.

Here are 6 ways to increase that Pinterest magic!

  1. Make sure you have Pinterest “save buttons”
  2. Embed an already “pinned” pin into your post
  3. Use attention-grabbing vertical photos
  4. Create specific niche boards
  5. Interact with your audience on Pinterest
  6. Dig into your Pinterest analytics

1. Make sure you have Pinterest “save buttons” and social sharing options on your blog and posts.

Having a “Pin it” button that shows up when a reader hovers over an image in your post is a great way to easily allow users to pin your images. Tasty Pins automatically adds a default hover button so your readers can pin right away! With Tasty Pins, you can also disable this function on the images you don’t want users pinning.

 You should consider using social sharing icons on the side, top, and/or bottom of your posts. It’s best to test the placement of these buttons if you’re unsure where to have them, but giving your readers multiple opportunities to pin and share never hurts!

2. Consider embedding an already “pinned” pin into your post.

Have a viral pin already driving loads of traffic to your post? Why not capitalize on that specific pin and embed it into your post! Just click on the three dots above a Pin and select “Get Pin embed code” and paste it into your post.

3. Use attention-grabbing vertical photos.

This one may seem obvious, but if you have no images, boring images, or just horizontal images, your readers will be less inclined to take action! Not to mention Pinterest “best practices” advises the use of 2:3 ratio images.

If you’re worried that vertical images with text and bold creative aren’t fit for your blog's aesthetic, don’t worry! With Tasty Pins, you can hide your Pinterest-specific images and graphics so your readers will only see them when they go to pin your post. You can also use “force pinning” to pin your Pinterest-perfect hidden images with the click of a button.

4. Create specific niche boards for your audience.

The more specific and targeted your Pinterest boards, the better. Keywords are “key” on Pinterest, as it is a search engine, and by titling and creating boards with your audience’s search-intent in mind will make them more engagement on your pins, boards, and profile as a whole. Having a mix of broader boards and super specific boards, allows you to repin your content in multiple places, increasing your visibility as well!

5. Interact with your audience on Pinterest.

Pinterest rewards engagement on your pins! You can reply and like comments, and user-tried photos left on your pins. This is your chance to cultivate a loyal following. You can even send direct messages and pins to your most loyal fans, informing them of sales, giveaways, and discounts.

Pinterest comments to increase user engagement.

6. Dig into and utilize your Pinterest analytics.

Don’t blindly create pins and graphics that aren’t converting your audience. Use the analytics and insights provided by Pinterest to your advantage to see which of your pins are getting the most engagement through saves and click-through rates. This will allow you to test new creative and put out the best pins tailored to the audience you want to reach!

Using Pinterest analytics to review user engagement.

What strategies do you employ to encourage people to pin your posts to Pinterest?

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