We have a really exciting update for Tasty Recipes today. It's something we've been hard at work creating for the past two months, and we're so thrilled to be handing it over to you.

What is it?

Recipe scaling! ?

Scale buttons show up in the ingredient field on the right-hand side of the container

The recipe scaling happens automagically ✨ without any extra work from you. 

We've had this up and running on Pinch of Yum for a little while now and the team has been loving it. It's such a bonus for readers to be able to easily and accurately scale recipes.

This update also includes a variety of other improvements. Here are three other things you'll find in Tasty Recipes 2.1.0:

1. Individual recipe conversions in the Block Editor

Previously, individual conversions had to happen in the Classic Editor. The support for in-post notices in the Block Editor finally arrived, so we jumped on it. Now, you can convert individual recipes from the Block Editor as well.

2. Convert WP Recipe Maker and Zip Recipes Blocks

Converting recipes inside blocks requires a bit of a different process than recipes inside shortcodes (which is how recipes were usually embedded in the Classic Editor). Now, Tasty Recipes can convert recipes inside blocks for WP Recipe Maker and Zip Recipes. Recipes inside the block editor that still use shortcodes will still convert fine as well!

3. SVG icons in the Bold recipe template

The detail icons in the Bold recipe template were regular old PNG images, which meant that their color couldn't be modified. With this update, they're now SVGs, which can be modified with CSS. Set your icon color preference with the following CSS, setting the fill to your preferred color:

.tasty-recipes-entry-header .tasty-recipes-details .detail-icon {
    fill: #ffffff;

Don't Forget to Update! ⚡

If you're a Tasty Recipes customer, you should soon see an update for Tasty Recipes in your WordPress dashboard. Make sure to update to start using these awesome new features.

Want to share your feedback on what we should build next? You can do so here: https://www.wptasty.com/tr-feature-requests

Interested in Tasty Recipes? ?

If you’ve been tossing around the idea of giving Tasty Recipes a try, these updates might just make you pull the trigger! We’re always looking for new ways to improve Tasty Recipes, and you can be confident that your recipes will be beautiful, functional, and fully supported.

Take a look at all Tasty Recipes has to offer here: https://www.wptasty.com/tasty-recipes

Also, don’t forget about our 14-day money-back guarantee! Trying Tasty Recipes is risk-free, and we think you’ll really like it.