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How to Add ‘Jump To’ and ‘Print’ Links with Shortcodes

You asked for it and we are happy to announce that we have added the ability to place the ‘Jump To Recipe’ and ‘Print’ buttons within your post wherever you would like, using shortcodes.

By default Tasty Recipes still gives you the option to easily enable Jump to Recipe and Print buttons from the Tasty Recipes settings, adding them at the top of your post before any of your post content. Now you also have the option to disable those in the settings and manually insert them in your posts, wherever you would like them to display, in a few simple steps.

In order to place your jump links anywhere in the post you will use the following shortcodes in the desired location:

To display both the jump and print links: [tasty-recipes-quick-links]

To display only the jump link: [tasty-recipes-quick-links links="jump"]

To display only the print link: [tasty-recipes-quick-links links="print"]

In this example, I am going to place the links right below the first post image. In the post editor screen, add a shortcode block.

Just select the shortcode block, add your shortcode and save. It's that easy.

If you would like to change the style of your links, check out how to customize your Jump/Print links here.

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