Here at WP Tasty, we’re always looking for ways to make blogging more fulfilling. We do this by creating products that help you spend more time creating and less time dealing with technical stuff, like structured data and image attributes for Pinterest.

As bloggers, something we’ve always struggled with is taking advantage of the power of links.

Those simple little links are what power the internet. They drive traffic, create income, and help you build a following.

But managing them can be a pain and take a really. long. time. We know from experience!

Recently we had a thought: What if we automated some of this? What if we removed some of the manual-labor-link-updating that takes up so much time? What would that look like?

For instance, wouldn't it be nice if we could create an affiliate link for our favorite brown rice noodles on Amazon any time we mentioned “brown rice noodles”?

Or maybe we'd try linking to our Instagram account any time we mentioned “Instagram” to see if that helps grow our following.


We decided to give it a shot, and what we came up with actually worked! Not only did it work, but it worked incredibly well.

And now it can work for you, because we just launched Tasty Links, our go-to solution for easy and effortless link management.

Click here to check out Tasty Links <—

Tasty Links ✨ automagically ✨ links the keywords you set to the URL you want. After setting up your Tasty Links, you can write your posts without thinking twice.

Here's an example from Pinch of Yum:​

A list of ingredients with affiliate links automatically added added with Tasty Links

Tasty Links are added all across your website, from the posts you published years ago to the one you’ve got scheduled for tomorrow.

Check out the video below to see Tasty Links in action:

We’re so excited about Tasty Links and we hope you are, too. We hope that it will help you spend less time scouring the internet and more time creating content – that’s every blogger’s dream, right?

Learn more about Tasty Links here: