Today, we're pushing out Tasty Recipes version 1.7.0. This update focused on improvements to the recipe structured data.

✨ At the bottom of this email we've got an important notice regarding the next update – be sure to scroll down.

Here's what you'll find in this release:

1. Recipe reviews included in structured data ⭐

Tasty Recipes has always included the average recipe rating in the structured data. Now, it will also include a subset of the actual reviews, too! Any comment that loads on the first page (blogs with many comments will likely have paginated comments) that also has a rating will be included in the recipe structured data as a review.

Recipe review structured data includes the author name, their rating, the date of the review, and the review text.

2. Disable structured data for non-food recipes ?

According to Google, recipe markup should be included on human-edible food only. So if you use Tasty Recipes for things such as dog treat recipes, homemade cleaning product recipes, or even craft and sewing projects, those shouldn't include recipe structured data.

With this update, you can add the “disable-json-ld” flag to the recipe shortcode in the post editor to prevent structured data from being written to the page.

3. Include datePublished ? and author “type: person” ?‍?

Tasty Recipes now reports the date the recipe was published – which is the date that the post was published. If you “republish” a post by changing the post publish date to a newer date, the recipe date will update accordingly.

In addition, Tasty Recipes used to identify the author as a “type: thing.” While not technically incorrect, we've updated this to identify the recipe author as a “type: person,” which is more specific.

4. Other things ?

This update also included support for displaying ratings that were given to recipes from other plugins and also improved the identification of videos in the post content.

Important Notice – Jump & Print Buttons

We've had many, many requests to automatically include “Jump to Recipe” and “Print Recipe” buttons at the top of any page that includes a Tasty Recipe. We've decided to move forward with this feature because we feel it is for the betterment of our users as a whole.

In the next update (1.8.0, due out in early October), Tasty Recipes will automatically include these Jump and Print buttons at the top of your posts. If you have manually added these buttons to your website, you'll need to make sure both sets of buttons don't show up. We'll be sending instructions for what to do in the coming weeks. Update: After listening to some customer feedback, we've decided that the links will not be automatic but will be turned on with an option on the settings page.

If you haven't manually included buttons like these, rejoice! Tasty Recipes will add them for you soon. ??

Don't Forget to Update! ⚡

If you're a Tasty Recipes customer, you should soon see an update for Tasty Recipes in your WordPress dashboard. Make sure to update to start using these awesome new features.

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If you’ve been tossing around the idea of giving Tasty Recipes a try, these updates might just make you pull the trigger! We’re always looking for new ways to improve Tasty Recipes, and you can be confident that your recipes will be beautiful, functional, and fully supported.

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