Here's what's new and (very) exciting ? in Tasty Recipes 2.6.0:

Video support for instructional steps

Pinch of Yum readers may have noticed step-by-step video cooking video tutorials making a debut back in November. Did you miss it?! Definitely check one out here: Vegetarian Chili Recipe

Not only are they mesmerizing, but they're super helpful for readers too!  

Now we're ready to bring that same publishing experience to all Tasty Recipe users. Newly introduced video support includes player controls, JSON+LD schema integration, and on/off switch on the frontend.

For how-to instructions on adding step-by-step videos to your Tasty Recipes instructions, we recommend reading this support article.

If you want tips on producing step-by-step videos, including setting up an efficient step-by-step video process that will save you loads of time, read this great tutorial from our Pinch of Yum Video Expert, Emily Caruso. 

And if you're ready to dive into your existing video for step-by-step opportunities, we recommend listening to this podcast on repurposing your existing video from Food Blogger Pro, with video specialist Brita Britnell.

Image support for instructional steps

Tasty Recipes already included the option to add images to your instructional steps, but now we're enhancing that support to include JSON+LD schema.

Field for ‘suitableForDiet' schema ?

You've asked for it and here it is! We've added a new field for ‘suitableForDiet' schema. You'll find the dropdown options in the Details section of the recipe card.

Filter option for time formats

If you want to customize how your recipe times are displayed, we now have a filter for that! You can read more about how to enable that functionality here:

Includes a ‘large' image size in the ‘Pin Recipe' share URL.

For all of you experiencing the dreaded blue box when pinning from your recipe card, this will ensure a Pinterest-worthy image is pulled from your post.

We added a ‘large' image size in the ‘Pin Recipe' share URL (aka, the recipe card ‘Pin It' button) so that the recipe is shared with an image even when images are no-pinned on the post.

Bug fix: Fixes an issue where negative ratings could appear in schema. ?

When we say negative ratings, we're not referring to dissatisfied readers. We're talking about a glitch that was (very occasionally) converting ratings to actual negative numbers (-3, -4, -5) and causing errors in Google Search Console results. All fixed up!

Bug fix: Fixes an issue where updating a recipe card removes newlines from the Notes field ?

When updating a recipe card, some users were experiencing a loss of formatting of their notes. Ack! Fixed up and ready to hold those formats.

Don’t forget to update! ⚡️

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Interested in Tasty Recipes? ?

If you’ve been tossing around the idea of giving Tasty Recipes a try, these updates might just make you pull the trigger! We’re always looking for new ways to improve Tasty Recipes, and you can be confident that we’ll keep supporting you on your blogging journey.

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