Here’s what’s new in Tasty Recipes 2.7.0:

Recipe schema nesting

Sounds super cute, am I right!? ? We've nested your structured data so that Google and Pinterest know that the recipe is the most important element on the page.

All of the same structured data is there as before, it's just been organized to assign a priority to recipes for those bots crawlin' your site. If you've ever had Pinterest confused about whether your post is an article or a recipe, this should clear things up!

Note: You may notice a warning for mainEntityOfPage in Google Structured Data testing tool. You can completely ignore it. The mainEntityOfPage is in the structured data. We have confirmed with our SEO experts, that this is an issue with the testing tool, not the code.

'mainEntityOfPage' screenshot in structured data testing tool
'mainEntityOfPage' error in structured data testing tool

Guided Recipes

Last week Google landed a big surprise for recipe publishers: New Guided Recipes reports in Google Search Console. ?

We already added a fix to clean up those contentUrl errors . If you missed it, it's in Tasty Recipes version 2.6.1.

We've also added an update to how the recipeYield works. Let's use cake as an example. We all love cake! It used to be that a serving was entered as 1 slice of cake. Now we're giving Google the option of using plain old 1 along with 1 slice. ? Now, are you a frosting or cake person?

We're just getting started on Guided Recipes, so watch for more updates in the coming weeks! ?

Custom nutrition attributes

Do you have a custom nutrition attribute you want to include? Now you can! This filter is specifically for potassium. If there are other nutrients you're interested in, let us know! ?

Forcing the recipe card image to be pinned (a rewind)

In the Tasty Recipes 2.6.0 release we included a feature that forced the recipe card image to be pinned. It isn't working well for many of you, so we're rolling it back!

If you did like your recipe card image being pinned, you can use this handy filter to turn it back on. And just like that, we're all happy! ??

Recipe card updates ✨

If you're using a custom recipe card template, you'll need to update your custom PHP file to take advantage of these changes.

We've made lots of updates to the recipe cards. Let's start with SVGs! We now have editable SVG icons throughout the Bold and Fresh templates, so you can set a custom icon color with some simple CSS.

We also added some extra code to the video toggle in the instructions section to improve accessibility and mobile usability. And speaking of accessibility, you'll also notice a few new alt tags have been added throughout the recipe card images.

Feast advanced jump to compatibility

For all of you Feast plugin users, we now have a recipe title class for compatibility with their advanced jump to links. ?

<h2 class="tasty-recipes-title">

Automatically refresh your video data after 7 days

Just a little something to make sure Google Search Console has all of the latest data attributes for your videos. ?

Bug fix: Support scaling ingredients with grams

Fixed a small glitch that wouldn't allow recipes with grams to be scaled. ?

Bug fix: Use the localized version of the Diet for sites using translations

Translations for the diet schema are now available. ?

Bug: Prevent multiple editor initializations

Glitch that was causing some users to have duplicate fields in the recipe editor. ?

Don’t forget to update! 

You should soon see an update for Tasty Recipes 2.7.0 in your WordPress dashboard. Make sure to update to start using these awesome new features and keep your plugin up-to-date.

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