Version .6.0 (and 1.6.1) of Tasty Recipes was released last week, and we're so excited to announce that this version includes full support for Gutenberg.

Gutenberg is a new editing experience for WordPress. We recently wrote about the plan for WP Tasty plugin support for Gutenberg, and also about how to properly prepare your blog for the WordPress 5.0 update, which includes Gutenberg.

With Tasty Recipes version 1.6.0, Tasty Recipes is Gutenberg-compatible and you'll be able to use all the features of Tasty Recipes inside the Gutenberg editor.

Adding a new recipe inside a Gutenberg post is as simple as adding a block, searching for “Tasty Recipe”, and adding the block to the page.

The Tasty Recipes block inside Gutenberg block adder

Once the block is added, the same modal form you're used to using will appear, where you can fill out your recipe. After the recipe is added, you'll see the preview in the post edit screen, just as you did with the classic editor.

What went into this Gutenberg integration?

Developing for Gutenberg is an entirely different experience than developing for the classic editor. Not only do things look and function differently, it uses an entirely different language, too. Gutenberg is built with Javascript and a JS framework called React.

These differences mean that integrating a plugin with Gutenberg – especially a complex plugin like Tasty Recipes – is a large undertaking.

Our lead developer, Daniel Bachhuber, is fortunately a fantastic guy for the job. He has incredible experience with WordPress development in general and is currently leading projects for the Gutenberg project as well. We're so thankful to have someone on our team who really understands WordPress and Gutenberg so thoroughly develop these integrations for us.

What's else?

We also released version 1.6.1 last week, which included a fix for a minor bug that slipped past us in the 1.6.0 update. We've updated our pre-release process to do a better job of catching these bugs before they go out.

Now that Tasty Recipes is Gutenberg-ready, we're focusing our attention on Tasty Pins and Tasty Links. We're also continuing to make non-Gutenberg-related updates to the plugins to make sure they're always in tip-top shape.

Don't Forget to Update! ⚡

If you're a Tasty Recipes customer, you should have already seen an update for Tasty Recipes in your WordPress dashboard. Make sure to update to start using Tasty Recipes with Gutenberg!

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Interested in Tasty Recipes? ?

If you’ve been tossing around the idea of giving Tasty Recipes a try, these updates might just make you pull the trigger! We’re always looking for new ways to improve Tasty Recipes, and you can be confident that your recipes will be beautiful, functional, and fully supported.

Take a look at all Tasty Recipes has to offer here:

Also, don’t forget about our 14-day money-back guarantee! Trying Tasty Recipes is risk-free, and we think you’ll really like it.