We just pushed out an update for Tasty Recipes, version 2.5.0. Here’s what’s new:

  • Enriches YouTube video schema with description, duration, and upload date. More details below!
  • Includes seconds in video schema durations.
  • Improves Nutrifox embedding methodology to make the nutrition card load faster.
  • Adds rel="canonical" to the print template.
  • Fixes an issue where recipe scaling didn't work on sites that minified their frontend code.

YouTube video schema errors

We all know how important structured data is when it comes to recipe performance search results and recently, many of you may have noticed a little hiccup in YouTube recipe videos: missing field “description” and missing field “uploadDate.”

Structured data video errors for description and upload date.
Structured data video errors for YouTube description and uploadDate.

But not to worry! You haven’t done anything wrong. YouTube and Google just aren’t communicating as well as they could. What YouTube is leaving out, video descriptions and upload dates, are important in helping the search engines display the most relevant search results.

The YouTube video schema fix

This newest release of Tasty Recipes has the added functionality to grab those missing fields from YouTube, so they’re displaying accurately within your structured data, ensuring your video content is more visible in search results. 

How to test your video content

The easiest way to test your recipe videos for structured data is with Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool. From the top right, just select ‘new test’ and from there, enter your URL in the popup window. 

Wait… my structured data hasn’t updated in Google Search Console 

Many of you may have initially received video error notifications from Google Search Console, letting you know your video content was experiencing missing fields.

If you’re still experiencing errors in your Google Search Console, know that it can take time to resolve. So long as you’re experiencing a downward trend, things are going great! Just keep checking back (left-hand side, under ‘Enhancements > Video’) to ensure the errors continue to trend downward. 

Down they go!

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