• Adds support for inserting images into notes, descriptions, and other text fields.
  • Introduces tasty_recipes_comment_form_rating_position filter to change the location of the rating buttons (default is ‘before').
  • Displays error in the admin when a Nutrifox API request fails.
  • Fixes button style for WP 4.8 by ditching button-link class.
  • Adds mce-view as a dependency for editor JS, to fix JavaScript errors in certain scenarios.
  • Corrects Windows-style line endings to their cross-platform compatible equivalent during the conversion process, to ensure line breaks are appropriately respected.
  • Updates EDD updater to version 1.6.12.

Don't forget to update! 

You should soon see an update for Tasty Recipes v0.7.0 – Add Images to Your Recipes in your WordPress dashboard. Make sure to update to keep your plugin in tip-top shape.

Today we're pushing out a new update for Tasty Recipes, version 0.7.0. This update fixes a couple minor bugs and adds some fun new features.

Add images to your Tasty Recipes

We now support adding images to the description, ingredients, instructions, and notes fields. What do you do with these images? Anything you want! You can show your readers what a certain ingredient looks like, how to do a certain step in your recipe, or how to modify the recipe as described in the notes.

To add an image, simply click the image button in the editor:

Tip: If you are adding an image to a list and you do not want the image to be its own item (eg. you don't want the image itself to be step 3 of the instructions), press Shift+Enter to put it on a new line but not as a new item.

Change the location of the star ratings ⭐️

By default, Tasty Recipes shows the star ratings above the comment field. However, if you would rather it appear below the comment field, you can learn how to do so.

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