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Headshot of Bjork Ostrom
"Tasty Recipes is the recipe plugin we had always wanted for Pinch of Yum. This is the most important plugin we have on our blog. We didn't want to mess this up, so we decided to build it ourselves."
Bjork Ostrom / Pinch of Yum

I’m loving Tasty Recipes! Easy to use, visually enhances my blog and converted all my older recipes over seamlessly when making this switch.

Headshot of Nicole Dawson from Allergylicious

Nicole Dawson


I was frantically searching for a solution that would seamlessly integrate with my site’s aesthetic while providing SEO and an intuitive interface. Tasty Recipes was everything I was looking for, with stunning templates, a user-friendly interface that doesn’t require inline coding, and attentive customer service and tutorial resources. It’s worth every penny. My only regret is that I didn’t find this plugin first.

Headshot of Vanessa Sebek from Fresh. Out.

Vanessa Sebek

Fresh. Out.

This plugin made it easy to convert all my previous recipes published. I didn’t have to worry about manually updating each recipe on the site. I didn’t have to worry about all the extra work. It was like magic and a big sigh of relief when the recipes converted over. Tasty Recipes is easy to use and I would recommend this to any food blogger. Thank you, WP Tasty!

Headshot of Cherie DeBrule from Taste & Review

Cherie DeBrule

Taste & Review

I’ve been very pleased with the transition of using Tasty Recipes. It was a solid recommendation from a former plugin I was using due to the impending Gutenberg release. I feel very lucky to have chosen a recipe plugin that will be supported and grow with my needs.

Headshot of Lisa Sprague from Midwest and Grassfed

Lisa Sprague

Midwest and Grassfed

As I begin my blogging adventure I have made several mistakes – Tasty Recipes was not one of them. It has been a pleasure (and a great relief) to find a plugin that just works. Period. No figuring things out, no major learning curve. From installation to first recipe published took less than 20 minutes. Thank you!

Headshot of Mary Jaras from The Gelato Life

Mary Jaras

The Gelato Life

I can’t believe how easy it was to switch over to Tasty Recipes–and that’s saying a lot because this sort of thing does not come naturally to me at all. I also love the design options and the way the plugin is structured – it makes adding new recipes super simple, I couldn’t be happier with it!

Headshot of Catherine Culpepper from Lila Ruth Grain Free

Catherine Culpepper

Lila Ruth Grain Free

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Tasty Recipes comes with 5 beautiful themes to choose from.

Fresh Theme

Bold Theme

Simple Theme

Elegant Theme

Modern Compact Theme

Common Questions

  • Does Tasty Recipes include schema markup?

    Yep! Tasty Recipes uses JSON-LD, which is supported by both Pinterest and Google.

  • What is schema markup?

    Schema is a type of code that makes it easier for search engines to understand what your content is about.

  • Does Tasty Recipes work with Pinterest Rich Pins?

    Yep! Pinterest supports the use of JSON-LD to create rich pins. Tasty Recipes includes the necessary markup.

  • Will Tasty Recipes make my blog appear higher in search engines?

    Having a properly marked up recipe for your food blog really helps, but there are lots of other factors that go into performance on search engines.

  • How much does Tasty Recipes cost?

    Tasty Recipes is $79 per year. If you decide not to renew, the plugin will still work, but you won't get any updates.

  • Is there a free version of Tasty Recipes?

    There's not. We wanted to build a plugin that was built well and supported well, and both of those things come at a cost that made a free version prohibitive in the long run.

  • Can you convert recipes from my existing plugin?

    We currently support conversion from EasyRecipe, Ziplist, Meal Planner Pro, Yumprint Recipe Card, WP Recipe Maker, WP Ultimate Recipe, Cookbook, and Yummly Rich Recipes. We'll build other converters based on demand, so let us know if you are interested in converting from another plugin.

  • What does Tasty Recipes look like on a live site?

    The Tasty Recipes display is extremely flexible. You can see some examples of what Tasty Recipes can look like on a live site here.

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