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Team Tasty is a tight-knit remote team on a mission to help content creators optimize their content with minimal effort. Together we’ve developed a suite of rock-solid WordPress plugins, actively maintained by a team you trust.

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We're here to support you with unlimited support and staying up-to-date with new trends for your food-based business. And don’t forget we also have a blog, where we discuss all the latest in Pinterest strategy, recipe SEO and affiliate marketing.

Team Tasty

Katie Koteen

General Manager

Katie currently resides in Portland, Oregon, the most vegan-friendly city in America. She enjoys swapping recipes with friends and long walks with her favorite canine companion.

Daniel Bachhuber

Lead Developer

Daniel is the feature builder and bug fixer for Tasty Recipes, Tasty Pins, and Tasty Links. Based in Oregon, he enjoys traveling with his wife and kids, running, hiking, and skiing. One of his favorite ways to cook salmon is over a campfire at the beach.

Ann Nguyen

Customer Success Agent

Ann is a Customer Success Agent at WP Tasty. She lives in Brooklyn, NY and loves baking, true crime, and constantly dishing out quotes from The Godfather to her friends and family.

Amber Pittman

Customer Success Agent

Amber is a travel blogger turned software development student in Atlanta. She splits her time between work, Lambda School, her family, and planning her next adventure! She is part of the WP Tasty Support team, helping customers with technical issues.

Kenya Hampton

Customer Success Agent

Kenya is from Cleveland, Ohio. But after spending much of her life feeling like a southern girl trapped up north, she made her way to Raleigh, NC where she now calls home. She spends her time homeschooling, cooking (and eating), as well as crafting and DIYing all the things, which you can keep up with over at KenyaRae.com

Jasmine Lukuku

Affiliate Manager

Jasmine heads up the WP Tasty Affiliate program. She is also responsible for designing graphics for the WP Tasty blog. She loves chocolate, baking and trying new wines!

Bjork Ostrom


Bjork loves to find ways to maximize potential — of people, of technology, of life. His wife Lindsay started a food blog several years ago and they decided to do just that — maximize its potential. One of the ways they did that was by creating custom plugins for the site. Those plugins eventually become WP Tasty.

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