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Headshot of Kate Ahl
"Tasty Pins is a genius plugin that allows you to align the Pinterest and SEO worlds. Fantastic."
Kate Ahl / Simple Pin Media

My blog is bilingual, and it’s always hard to find plugins that work seemingly in both languages. Tasty Pins works like magic! So happy I decided to install it.

Headshot of Alejandra Graf from Piloncillo&Vainilla | BrownSugar&Vanilla

Alejandra Graf

Piloncillo&Vainilla | BrownSugar&Vanilla

The Tasty Pins plugin is SUPER helpful! A great deal for how easy it is to implement. Within minutes, I was setup and learned the ins and outs with the help of WP Tasty’s tutorials. Now I’m able to hide images within my posts so readers pin and showcase what I want them to, allowing me to stay in control of what is shared (i.e. the best images of my content). LOVE it.

Headshot of Alana Lieberman from Your Home, Made Healthy

Alana Lieberman

Your Home, Made Healthy

As a blog & business coach & Pinterest marketing specialist, I am always on the lookout for simple to use tech. I LOVE that Tasty Pins allows me to create several different pin images that are hidden for people to choose from when they come to pin a blog post. Now that I have found Tasty Pins, I can go update all of my blog posts with several fresh new pins!

Headshot of Jennifer Dawn from Jennifer Dawn

Jennifer Dawn

Jennifer Dawn

The Tasty Pins plugin is a Pinterest game changer! The plugin is simple to use and makes my blog look so much cleaner, while maker the user experience a better one.
Thanks for creating such a great plugin guys!

Headshot of Natalie Battaglia from The Mindful Mocktail

Natalie Battaglia

The Mindful Mocktail

Loving my new Tasty Pins plugin so far! The support desk is incredible: they have been very patient and helpful with me (complete new blogger, lost in the tech side of the blogging world). I also love the fact that we can hide multiple pins (some other plugins allow only one hidden image per post). Last but not least, Tasty Pins allows me to hide pins on any kind of posts (not only recipes). So great!!

Headshot of Beatrice Caillet from Go Healthy With Bea

Beatrice Caillet

Go Healthy With Bea

Before having Tasty Pins, I spent WAY too much time optimizing my images for my blog, SEO, and Pinterest. Now it’s all right there for me when I upload a new picture into WordPress. So amazing! Saves me a ton of time and it’s so good to know that with this simple plugin, my pictures have the best chance at being seen and found. Love it!

Headshot of April Saunders from Eats by April

April Saunders

Eats by April

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Common Questions

  • Why do I need to set a separate Pinterest Description?

    Setting a separate pin description enables you to properly use the alt tag for the visually impaired as well as for search engine ranking, while still providing Pinterest with optimized pin descriptions.

  • What is an alt tag?

    The alt tag is a hidden description of an image that exists in the page source code. It is used by search engines and the visually impaired to help them understand what is on the page.

  • What happens to my existing alt tags?

    Your existing alt tags will remain as they are. You can add Pinterest descriptions and optimized alt tags at your convenience.

  • Will using this plugin make my blog appear higher in search results?

    It can help! Google uses website accessibility as a ranking factor, so websites that use proper alt tags have better SEO. However, there are many other factors that go into performance on search engines.

  • How much does Tasty Pins cost?

    Tasty Pins is $29 per year. If you decide not to renew, the plugin will still work, but you won't get any updates. If you have more than one site, we also offer the option to purchase multiple site licenses at a discount.

  • Is there a free version of Tasty Pins?

    There's not. We wanted to build a plugin that was built well and supported well, and both of those things come at a cost that made a free version prohibitive in the long run.

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