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"Tasty Pins is a genius plugin that allows you to align the Pinterest and SEO worlds. Fantastic."
Kate Ahl / Simple Pin Media

Tasty Pins is a great tool for optimizing images for Pinterest. Pinterest-specific text can be added directly to the image details. Images can be disabled from pinning, so you can control which images can be saved to Pinterest. Tasty Pins is a quick install and integrates seamlessly with WordPress. It’s a great product.

Headshot of Abbey McDermott from My Casual Pantry

Abbey McDermott

My Casual Pantry

Tasty Pins is THE BEST Pinterest optimization plugin on the market. I am loving the “force pinning” feature! Now, I can choose the best images for users to pin, so I get higher repin rates and higher traffic! Wish I would have bought earlier.

Headshot of Tania Sheff from Cooktoria

Tania Sheff


We love how easy Tasty Pins has made our Pinterest workflow! Not only is it simple to add our Pinterest descriptions, but we can also easily add hidden Pinterest graphics and set photos to not be pinnable. We wish we’d purchased Tasty Pins sooner! Simply yours, Anne & AnnMarie

Headshot of Anne Zirkle from Simply2Moms

Anne Zirkle


As a Christian faith blogger, it can sometimes get frustrating trying to reach your people. There is much noise surrounding social networks especially Pinterest. After hearing about Tasty Pins, I decided to check it out. I loved what I saw. I like the idea you can add a description and photo to stand out in the crowd with your pins while competing with noise. Tasty Pins is worth every penny spent. If you are a blogger, this is the product you should want and need. Their customer service is fantastic no waiting in a cyberspace line. I absolutely love Tasty Pins!

Headshot of Deanetta Thompson from Think Differently Bible Study Community

Deanetta Thompson

Think Differently Bible Study Community

It seems as if there are an array of different ways to add descriptions to pins. FYI, that’s not really true. When I first started blogging, I noticed many people using the alt text box for their pin descriptions. Lets be honest, alt text always has been and should continue to be a description of your image for those who are seeing-impaired. Tasty Pins is an incredible plugin that allows you to set your pin description and alt text, to best optimize your SEO and Pinterest. I love how simple it is to use. There is literally no training needed. You simply add your descriptions and such into the appropriate boxes. I wish I would’ve purchased this plugin sooner. It really has made a significant change in my traffic from both Google and Pinterest. Thank you Tasty Pins!

Headshot of Kimberly Baumann from His Palette

Kimberly Baumann

His Palette

I love the look, modern feel and functionality that Tasty Pins, Tasty Recipes and Tasty Links all offer! I really like Tasty Pins especially. It’s a great tool that helps to make sure your users are posting the images and messages you want to get out. So easy to use! And the customer service at WP Tasty is top notch – always quick to respond with great info. Such a great service, worth every penny!

Headshot of Mike Fahmie from Nerd Chefs

Mike Fahmie

Nerd Chefs

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Common Questions

  • Why do I need to set a separate Pinterest Description?

    Setting a separate pin description enables you to properly use the alt tag for the visually impaired as well as for search engine ranking, while still providing Pinterest with optimized pin descriptions.

  • What is an alt tag?

    The alt tag is a hidden description of an image that exists in the page source code. It is used by search engines and the visually impaired to help them understand what is on the page.

  • What happens to my existing alt tags?

    Your existing alt tags will remain as they are. You can add Pinterest descriptions and optimized alt tags at your convenience.

  • Will using this plugin make my blog appear higher in search results?

    It can help! Google uses website accessibility as a ranking factor, so websites that use proper alt tags have better SEO. However, there are many other factors that go into performance on search engines.

  • How much does Tasty Pins cost?

    Tasty Pins is $29 per year. If you decide not to renew, the plugin will still work, but you won't get any updates.

  • Is there a free version of Tasty Pins?

    There's not. We wanted to build a plugin that was built well and supported well, and both of those things come at a cost that made a free version prohibitive in the long run.

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