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Headshot of Kate Ahl
"Tasty Pins is a genius plugin that allows you to align the Pinterest and SEO worlds. Fantastic."
Kate Ahl / Simple Pin Media

I love the Tasty Pins plugin! It makes blogging so much easier now that I can incorporate my Pinterest text directly into my images. This plugin is so convenient and user-friendly. Highly recommend for all bloggers!

Headshot of Farah Sheikh from Sincerely Farah

Farah Sheikh

Sincerely Farah

Together with Tasty Recipes, Tasty Pins is one of the best plugins I was happy to purchase. It was easy to install, it’s user-friendly and the customer service it’s just amazing. I can now easily write good descriptions for my Pinterest pins and it saves time and headaches.

Headshot of Claudia Canu from Health Motivation by Claudia Canu

Claudia Canu

Health Motivation by Claudia Canu

Learning Pinterest was not something that came naturally to me. When starting a blog there is so much tech work to be done (and learned!) and since all I really want to do is cook amazing food to share, I needed tools to help me do the tech work easily and quickly. Tasty Pins did just that! From the minute I installed the plugin I was able to easily update my images with Pinterest text that was so easy to do and makes a world of difference to Pinterest. Thank you, thank you for offering EASY and EFFECTIVE time saving solutions for bloggers like me!

Headshot of Nicole Butler from Finished with Salt

Nicole Butler

Finished with Salt

I fell totally in love with Tasty Pins the second I found them! They are so reliable, easy to use, actually work and I’m seeing Pins from my site increase exponentially! I love that you can hide more than one pin on a post and that it’s all super lightweight and doesn’t slow my site down.

Headshot of Leah Lesesne from Shelemah

Leah Lesesne


I am a relatively new blogger and getting myself established with posts, SEO and mastering Pinterest was proving to be a time consuming task that was starting to get away from me.

Factor in the worry doing everything correctly and I was starting to stress, until I came across Tasty Pins and it’s been such a relief .

Tasty Pins has made my life so much easier and given me the peace of mind that my Pins are being handled correctly in my posts, with relevant keywords and hashtags in the right place, leaving me more time to focus on the content side of blogging.

Headshot of Rosemary Gooding from Keto Program Rocks

Rosemary Gooding

Keto Program Rocks

Why did I wait so long to get Tasty Pins? I love this plugin! It’s so convenient to be able to add alt text and a separate Pinterest description. But that’s not all, my readers get a hover button to save my images to Pinterest, meaning I don’t need another plug-in. It’s the best; thanks, WP Tasty!

Headshot of Lois Britton from Polish Housewife

Lois Britton

Polish Housewife

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Common Questions

  • Why do I need to set a separate Pinterest Description?

    Setting a separate pin description enables you to properly use the alt tag for the visually impaired as well as for search engine ranking, while still providing Pinterest with optimized pin descriptions.

  • What is an alt tag?

    The alt tag is a hidden description of an image that exists in the page source code. It is used by search engines and the visually impaired to help them understand what is on the page.

  • What happens to my existing alt tags?

    Your existing alt tags will remain as they are. You can add Pinterest descriptions and optimized alt tags at your convenience.

  • Will using this plugin make my blog appear higher in search results?

    It can help! Google uses website accessibility as a ranking factor, so websites that use proper alt tags have better SEO. However, there are many other factors that go into performance on search engines.

  • How much does Tasty Pins cost?

    Tasty Pins is $29 per year. If you decide not to renew, the plugin will still work, but you won't get any updates.

  • Is there a free version of Tasty Pins?

    There's not. We wanted to build a plugin that was built well and supported well, and both of those things come at a cost that made a free version prohibitive in the long run.

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