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"Tasty Links has been a total GODSEND. It makes it incredibly easy to link ingredients and products to Amazon Affiliates – in just one click, populating my whole entire blog. So simple! I’ve seen a significant increase in an affiliate income after installing this – I highly recommend it!"
Sylvia Fountaine / Feasting at Home

I have wanted to find a way to make Amazon affiliate links work for me, and as a food blogger, I find that I often recommend the same products over multiple different posts. I also found that I sometimes forgot to select the NoFollow option on inserted links, so was constantly having to go back and update links.
Tasty Links completely removes all of that headache, making it easy to insert links for products that you genuinely like and recommend, without having to worry about conflicting with google rules and regulations. It's a no-brainer to use and great value for money!

Freya Erickson

Sweeter than Oats

What made me move to tasty links was the auto-linking feature on the selected keyword. Such an awesome time saver! The featured link Gutemberg block was also a very nice replacement for our custom-made tables. They now update automatically when the link is changed, and we say a nice improvement to our click through rate from the upgraded design!

Lucie Leveque

Oh My Sander

Tasty Links is SO easy to use!! I've been laboriously tracking all my links in a spreadsheet and was so thankful to say goodbye to that! At The Storied Recipe, every recipe I share comes from a podcast guest around the world. Many use specialty ingredients that are most easily bought online. With Tasty Links, I can easily link to those ingredients (and tools). Also, every time I mention my guest's name in the recipe, I can link back to their episode so readers can easily connect with my podcast! Listens have climbed since adding Tasty Links!

Becky Hadeed

The Storied Recipe Podcast

Tasty Links makes managing my affiliate links so easy! Previously, I was manually adding my links to each post as I wrote them. Whenever I discovered that a link was broken, I'd have to search through all of my posts to find where I had inserted that link, which was so frustrating. Now I can just edit the link once and get one with my day. Easy!


In Search Of Yummy-ness

I love how easy this has made adding affiliate links to my site. You just have to add it once and forget about it!

Headshot of Barbara Curry from ButterandBaggage, LLC

Barbara Curry

ButterandBaggage, LLC

One word: OBSESSED! Since using Tasty Links on my blog, I've been able to triple my affiliate income. Before this plugin, I inserted all of my links manually, which was so much hassle that I gave up after a while. I love that Tasty Links automatically populates your site with affiliate links for you (huge timesaver!) Plus, the plugin makes it so easy to add links to the Tasty Recipes recipe cards. I wish I would've started using this plugin sooner! This plugin is a must for anyone who wants to earn more from affiliate marketing.

Headshot of Ashley Amundsen from Wanderzest

Ashley Amundsen

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Screenshot of the Tasty Links edit screen, with fields for keyword, url, and options for nofollow, new window, and disclosure

Common Questions

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    How does Tasty Links work?

    When your post content is written to the page, Tasty Links scans the content, finds any keywords that you set, and links those keywords to the URL you choose.

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    Can I nofollow the links or have them open in a new tab?

    Yep! Each link has options for adding a nofollow attribute to the link and for opening the link in a new tab.

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    How does the disclosure text work?

    The Tasty Links settings area has a text field where you can add some sort of disclosure text. If the disclosure text is enabled for a link, then the disclosure will be inserted after the keyword on the front-end of the site.

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    Can I see the links in the post edit screen?

    Not at this point, but let us know if this is something you would be interested in!

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    Is Tasty Pins an automatic WordPress internal linking plugin?

    Yes! In addition to affiliate links, you can also manage internal linking without even thinking about it. Since there is no cloaking, the links won't hurt your SEO with redirects.

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    Is there a free version of Tasty Links?

    There's not. We wanted to build a plugin that was built well and supported well, and both of those things come at a cost that made a free version prohibitive in the long run.

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