affiliate marketing

Top Affiliate Programs for DIY and Craft Bloggers

Affiliate programs are a great way of making extra income as a blogger. You sign up for the program, add in the links, and earn commission every time someone purchases…

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How Category Pinning Works

Earlier this year, we released a feature in Tasty Pins that allows you to add hidden images to your Category pages for pinning. Hooray for more pinning opportunities! 🎉 Today,…

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How to Set Up Rich Pins

If you’ve spent any time on Pinterest at all, it’s likely that you’ve come across Rich Pins before. We’ve done an in-depth post on Rich Pins on our blog before,…

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How to Find Group Boards in Pinterest

We’ve heard many concerns from bloggers as to whether Pinterest group boards are still worth using or not. Well, we’re here to shed some light on all your group board…

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computer screen with search bar

The Ins and Outs of Onsite Search

When you think about your website’s visitors, how do you picture them? Do they come from a search engine looking for a specific piece of content? Do they come from…

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