We’re hiring a Customer Success Agent!

Hey hey! Really exciting day here at WP Tasty HQ: we’re hiring! 🎉 WP Tasty is a small company focused on providing products that make food bloggers’ lives easier. We started with a bulletproof recipe plugin that helps bloggers get found in organic search. We then built a simple image optimization plugin that helps bloggers […]

Should I hide Pinterest-specific Images on the page?

Tasty Pins offers the functionality that allows you to hide Pinterest-specific images from your page while allowing it to show up as a pinnable image when your readers want to Pin an image from your page. For example, on Pinch of Yum’s Instant Pot Wild Rice Soup post, no Pinterest-specific image is seen in the […]

Can I put more than one recipe on a page?

This question has come up a few times recently, so I thought I would add my thoughts on this topic to a blog post! Many recipes have multiple parts, or multiple ways to modify a recipe to get a different result. Think: a homemade pasta recipe and a homemade pesto recipe. Or a pancake recipe […]

We Made a Mistake

It’s a bummer to realize that you’ve been making a mistake for the past five years. But it feels great to fix that mistake! That’s what happened recently with our food blog, Pinch of Yum. I realized we were making a mistake after getting a message from Casey Markee, a friend who is an SEO […]

New converters for Cookbook & Yummly, Removing Microdata & more – Tasty Recipes 1.0.0

We’re kicking off the new year with an exciting update to Tasty Recipes. Here are 4 big improvements you’ll find in the latest Tasty Recipes update. 1. New Converters for Yummly & Cookbook ⚡️ It’s one of our goals to convert from nearly every recipe plugin out there. We’re marching toward achieving that goal with […]

Should I Use the Title Attribute for my Pinterest Description?

Pin description sources are ranked by Pinterest. The hierarchy looks like this, from most to least preferred: data-pin-description Image title attribute Alt text Article title Article content The most common place to put a Pinterest description is in the alt text field. We have a blog post that discusses using the alt text for Pinterest […]

How to Craft Alt Text for Images

The alt text is an attribute added to an image’s HTML that describes what appears in the image. Adding optimized alt text to your images makes your blog more accessible for the visually impaired and also gives your blog an SEO boost.

How to Write Great Pinterest Image Descriptions

A Pinterest description is a snippet of text that, ideally, comes from the data-pin-description attribute on an image (using the Tasty Pins plugin, of course). Pinterest descriptions should be crafted with search and exploration in mind, utilizing keywords and hashtags (respectively) to reach the maximum number of users on Pinterest.

Better conversions & translations – Tasty Recipes 0.9.0

Happy Tuesday! It’s an exciting time for us right now. We’re working on a new Pinterest optimization plugin 🙌 , opening enrollment for Food Blogger Pro, and pushing out this update for Tasty Recipes. Busy busy! Here’s what you’ll find in this Tasty Recipes update: Better support for translations 💬 If your blog is in […]