• Adds recipe conversion tools for Meal Planner Pro, Yumprint Recipe Card, and ZipList.
  • Includes a template matching EasyRecipe HTML, for sites with existing CSS for styling EasyRecipe.
  • Changes the default print button color to Tasty Slate, instead of an intense red.
  • Introduces custom tasty_recipes_the_content filter to apply text formatting without third-party share buttons, etc.
  • Ensures clicking the “Print” button on the print view for a recipe opens the computer's print window.
  • Uses the post's featured image for Google Schema when recipe doesn't have an assigned image.
  • Clips display of star rating based on rating percentage (e.g. 4.8 stars will display if the rating is 4.8).
  • Includes noindex,nofollow SEO metadata on the recipe print view.
  • Adds a h4 section heading button to the recipe editor.
  • EasyRecipe converter: Wraps section headings with h4 upon transformation; fixes parsing of old EasyRecipe data; fixes recipe rating calculation.
  • Updates EDD Software Licensing updater class to v1.6.8 from v1.6.5.
  • EDD Software Licensing integration correctly registers site with WP Tasty, and deregisters when license key is removed.

Don't forget to update! 

You should soon see an update for Tasty Recipes 0.3.0 – Converters for Ziplist, meal Planner Pro, & Yumprint Recipe Card, Better Image SEO & More in your WordPress dashboard. Make sure to update to keep your plugin in tip-top shape.

Before I get going here, I just wanted to give our customers a heartfelt thanks for being one of the early customers for Tasty Recipes. Your feedback has been invaluable for us determining what to create next for Tasty Recipes. This is truly your plugin!

Yesterday, we released an update that fixed a couple bugs and included a ton of new features for Tasty Recipes. Here are the top three things you'll be seeing with this update:

1. New converters!

Version 0.3.0 includes recipe converters for Ziplist, Meal Planner Pro, and Yumprint Recipe Card recipes. After tons of testing, we're really happy with these converters and think you will be, too.

Converter UI for Ziplist converter, Meal Planner Pro converter, and Yumprint Converter​2. Better-er SEO

We loved the SEO features of Tasty Recipes already, but we found a couple weak spots that we (and many other plugins) had missed. Now, if you don't assign an image to the recipe, Tasty Recipes will automatically use the post's featured image in the rich data. This means you won't find any missing image errors when you check your structured data.

3. Improved Section Headings

You'll notice a new button in the recipe adder - a little H icon above the instruction and ingredients fields.

Header button on the Tasty Recipes field editor

​This H allows you to add section headers that aren't just bold paragraph text. The visual changes of this in your recipe output might not be that apparent, but it means that you can style these individually (and easily) with CSS.

And there's even more!

We made the print button default to a less-intrusive grey rather than red, made sure the print window opens automatically when the print page loads, made partial star ratings possible, improved the EasyRecipe converter, and made sure your share buttons don't show up in the middle of the post. Phew!

We're really excited about this update, and we hope you are, too.