• Adds support for embedding a video into the recipe card, and including the video's metadata in JSON+LD structured data.
  • Displays keywords in all recipe card templates, for SEO best practices.
  • Updates Simple Recipe Pro converter to handle ingredients stored as objects.
  • Rearranges details fields to improve the UI.

Don't forget to update! 

You should soon see an update for Tasty Recipes v1.4.0 in your WordPress dashboard. Make sure to update to keep your plugin in tip-top shape.

Today we pushed out a Tasty Recipes update with some great new features that are aimed at making sure your recipes are in tip-top SEO shape.

Here's what you'll find in Tasty Recipes version 1.4.0:

1. A new Video field! 

Google recently added some new structured data guidelines for recipes. These guidelines were aimed at making recipes more searchable by voice - think: Google Home.

One of the recommendations was to include a Video object (in recipes that benefit from having videos). With version 1.4.0, Tasty Recipes now includes a field for videos! Learn how to use the new video field here.

Videos are added to the recipe card right below the instructions and automatically include the markup needed to signal to Google that it's a recipe video.

Recipe video showing inside the Tasty Recipes plugin

2. A new Keywords field 

In the new recommendations, Google also recommended including recipe keywords. Tasty Recipes now has a field for Keywords and includes the information in the structured data.

Because Google has been unclear about whether these keywords need to be visible to users, we're showing them in the recipe card in a more "subdued" manner (see image above).

Learn more about what to enter in the keywords field here: wptasty.com/tr-keywords

3. A more organized interface 

We rearranged things a bit down in the Details section to make it a little more intuitive. We hope you like it!

Tasty recipes details area

4. Converter improvements for Simple Recipe Pro ➡️

A customer came across some Simple Recipe Pro data that we hadn't seen the likes of before. We've adjusted our converter to properly handle this data.