• Ignores Tasty Roundups roundup item for the Pin This Banner

Don't forget to update! 

You should soon see an update for Tasty Pins v1.9.1 in your WordPress dashboard. Make sure to update to keep your plugin in tip-top shape.

When you use our soon-to-be-released plugin, Tasty Roundups, Tasty Pins will make sure not to add the Pin This banner on the first roundup image of your post!

Interested in Tasty Pins?

If you’ve been tossing around the idea of giving Tasty Pins a try, these new features might just make you pull the trigger! We’re always looking for new ways to improve Tasty Pins, and you can be confident that we’ll keep supporting you on your blogging journey.

Take a look at all Tasty Pins has to offer.