• New: Introduces the new Snap recipe card template ✨
  • Adds a filter for changing the print view defaults
  • Handles pure numbers in the unit amount parser
  • Adds Tasty Recipes integration with the Rank Math Content Analysis API
  • Adds support to properly display ‘1/6’ when ‘1/3’ is halved

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You should soon see an update for Tasty Recipes v3.7.0 in your WordPress dashboard. Make sure to update to keep your plugin in tip-top shape.

Hey there! We’ve been busy designing and building a brand new recipe card for Tasty Recipes ? and we're pretty sure you're gonna love it! Scroll down to check out the new Snap template and see how you can try it on your own site.

Introducing the Snap recipe card template ✨

Oh, Snap! ? Our newest recipe card template puts the ✨ spotlight ✨ on your beautiful recipe photos, whilst keeping the essential details right at your readers' fingertips. Beauty, brains, and brawn all packed into one recipe card? Yes, please!

Would you like to give the new Snap template try?!

Just head over to your Tasty Recipes settings, select the 'Snap' template and save your changes. Too easy! Outta the box, the Snap template is optimized for accessibility, with a high-contrast color palette, but you can still make it your own! Fully customizable and ready to bring a fresh look to your recipes.

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