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How to publish a roundup post

Start a new post and select the Tasty Roundups block.

Your first card block will be inserted into the post, along with the options to pull internal and/or external posts.

Adding an internal post

Tasty Roundups include some fancy search functionality to quickly pull any existing posts from your site to your roundup with a single click.

Type your search in the search bar and select the +Add button next to the post you would like added to your roundup. Too easy!

When using the internal search, Tasty Roundups will pull in the post link, post title, and post excerpt from your post.

The post link is applied to both the image and the button in the roundup list item.

If you do not have a post excerpt set for your post, it will pull text from the first paragraph of your post to use as the item description.

Note: You can replace any of the content that is automatically pulled. Just select the content you want to replace and delete!

Adding an external post

Select the Add Post Manually button next to the search field.

You will need to manually upload or add the image, the title, description, and a link to the external post.

To add the link, select the item block and when the toolbar appears, select the link icon.

Adjusting the default Tasty Roundups Settings

Image alignment

When first setting up your Tasty Roundups settings, you may have selected an image placement that doesn't work for all of your posts. You can easily customize the layout of each item block in a post, using the block item toolbar.

Once you're done inserting all of your item cards, your post is ready to be published.

Want to see Tasty Roundups in action? Check it out on Pinch of Yum.

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