Recipe Star Ratings WordPress Plugin

A recipe star ratings WordPress plugin can make or break your recipes online.

Recipe star rating WordPress plugin card

It helps you quickly answer visitors' questions:

Is this recipe trustworthy? Will I end up with what I want? Am I wasting my time?

So, what do you do? Get a star rating plugin for WordPress?

Wrong. You get Tasty Recipes and upgrade your entire recipe game at once (including those beautiful starred reviews)!

You get all the amazing Tasty Recipes features and allow users to rate different recipes with Tasty Recipes' recipe star ratings in WordPress!

Let's check it out.

A simple WordPress star rating system

You don't need a complicated reviews/ratings system.

Your website visitors don't have time for that, and neither do you. So that's why Tasty Recipes is easy to use.

Recipe ratings in WordPress

A person simply clicks the stars to rate your recipe, and Tasty Recipes automatically takes them to the comment and rating form. This user experience increases the chance that people rate your recipe and leave a comment.

Normally, you must rely on people scrolling to the bottom of your page to get a rating. But not anymore!

And best of all?

There's no shortcode or calculation needed from your end! The plugin does it all.

We think things are easier when they're simple.

More rich snippets for your recipes

Want your stellar recipes to show up better in search engines like Google search results?

Recipe Star Ratings improve search results

Showing your recipe ratings is one way to do it. Easily add a “rate my post” style star, then watch the ratings flow in.

No rating widget on your posts or pages is necessary. The star ratings field is already installed. You need to worry about which customization options you'll choose.

Then, your visitor can add a star rating with a simple click!

Increase how many ratings you get

Sometimes, people won't even realize they can rate your recipe.

We know we've been there. We've used the same recipe multiple times but had no idea we could rate the recipe to help it get more views!

Leave a Review checkbox

With Tasty Recipes' recipe star ratings, that's solved with a Leave a Review button. With this better experience, rating your recipe is front and center for the reader; there's no chance they miss it!

And that means more customer reviews for you overall.

Get more comments

Not only will people have the chance to rate your recipe, but they can also comment!

When it's easier for people to leave site reviews and rate your recipe, you will get more than you can handle.

Recipe rating without a comment

Luckily, WP Tasty's plugin supports that, too!

And when people see all the lovely product reviews you're getting, your recipe will become the hottest thing out of the oven since that cake you baked this morning!

Customize your star color

What about adding something unique to your ratings?

Even though it's small, we thought adding your own color to your star ratings options would make them more FUN!

And image showing how to customize your star color

Change them to the color of your WordPress theme, match them based on your custom post type, or leave them the default color.

Either way, a little POP will help them stand out on your website to grab more attention and reviews.

So, if you're ready to elevate your food blog with star ratings on your WordPress website, check out the pricing page to grab the pro version. Or, if you want to take your entire blogging to the next level, check out the All Access plan to get everything in the WP Tasty product suite!