Why Cendu Param from Cenzerely Yours- Motherhood, Eyeliner, Life: Just Wingin' It loves Tasty Pins

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"I don't usually do the testimonial thing but this time I just had no choice. When a product goes above and beyond your expectations and delivers way more than you expected, you MUST share it with the world. The Tasty Pins plugin has elevated my Pinterest game to the next level. I was becoming increasingly annoyed that people were constantly pinning things I didn't want pinned and leaving my carefully crafted Pinterest images and descriptions behind. How in the world are you going to grow when people are pinning random images with no text attached? It just doesn't work and I'm the least tech savvy person ever so I had no idea how to do this myself. Enter Tasty Pins! I can now disable pinning of images that aren't Pinterest optimized. I can customize my Pinterest descriptions with different descriptions and hashtags for each pin and I don't have to give up google SEO (alt txt for images) to do it. This thing is genius! Plus, since implementing Tasty Pins my Pinterest views have doubled, my repins are at the highest they've ever been and my page views are steadily climbing every day. I'm not someone who spends money easily. I'm a stay-at-home-mom and every dollar counts so I don't like to waste money I don't have. I was hesitant about purchasing but I can say I'm 100% happy I bought this plugin and wish I had just done it sooner because it's priced way below what it's really worth. It is by far one of the best purchases I've made for my blog. If you've been debating about buying, take the plunge and thank me later :) The staff are incredibly helpful with any issues that arise and there are easy to implement step by step tutorials for even the least tech-savvy bloggers like myself."
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