Why Ellie Price from Hook Yarn Carabiner loves Tasty Pins

Headshot of Ellie Price
"The installation of the Tasty Pins plugin was dead simple and WP Tasty has a how-to manual to help you get the job done. I was able to do it without the help of my software engineer husband! Once installed the plugin works beautifully. All of my photos now have a little "save" button on them so that I can easily pin every photo from every post- take advantage of the time you spend on photography! Plus, any site visitors can pin their favorite photo too! And the best part is that there is now a "Pinterest description" field on every photo so that I can control what data my photos are getting pinned with and make sure it represents my post and blog well. Since putting the plugin on my site I have already seen more people pinning directly from my site than before. Tasty Pins is a simple and easy to use plugin that will help you manage your Pinterest account and make it easier for others to pin from your site as well. It also has great features like making some photos unable to be pinned and allowing you to have hidden photos that only come up when you want to pin the post to Pinterest. I am very happy with the one-time cost and the gains I am already seeing. Thanks WP Tasty!"
Ellie Price / Hook Yarn Carabiner