Why Felicia Lim from Dish by Dish loves Tasty Recipes

Headshot of Felicia Lim
"I am soooo happy that I finally got the Tasty Recipes plugin after so long! I love how beautiful my recipe card looks now (there are a few gorgeous templates to choose from) and how well it pops out from the post (my readers love it too)! Also love the scaling function that's so easy to use and most importantly, practical for those who want to cook a double or triple batch of anything! No more mental calculations, so YAY! I'm also seeing so many people printing recipes from my blog, which is great because that means my recipes are useful and my goal is for as many people to cook with my blog recipes as possible :) There's also been a slight uptick in search traffic, so I'm guessing the JSON-LD structured data provided by the plugin helps Google and other search engines better match my recipes with people searching for related recipes. Totally worth the price, and it has improved overall user experience on my blog, which is super important for me :)"
Felicia Lim / Dish by Dish