Why Janine Do from Arousing Appetites loves Tasty Links

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"BEST TIME SAVER EVER!!! I have a blog that has over 120 blog posts that I have not done any affiliate product sales for, since I had been focused only on content and recipes. I woke up one day and decided I'm going to start linking to Amazon Associates products for my blog..... but felt overwhelmed because not sure where to start! It would take me forever if I try to go to every blog post and scroll through to find linking opportunities (my blog posts are longgggg). THIS APP IS A LIFE SAVER! All I had to do was tell it to link to a wood cutting board that I love on Amazon each time my blog mentions the word "wood cutting board". one minute task and TA-DA all the links appear everywhere in my blog where the word "wood cutting board" is . I also love the feature where I can add a box in the Gutenberg editor for "My Favorite Tools for this recipe" and add a very gorgeous looking box that's pre-formatted to link to products of my choice. 5-stars!! Total life saver."
Janine Do / Arousing Appetites