Why Jen Hodder from avipie loves Tasty Pins

Headshot of Jen Hodder
"I’m unsure how Bjork and Lindsay continue to give, but I’m grateful they do. As many of you know, there’s much to starting a food blog, so having to research the intricacies of Pinterest was another on a long list of “things to do.” Lindsay and Bjork to the rescue, and in a big way. Tasty Pins is a straightforward, easy to install plugin. With the instructions and support, my hand was held every step of the way. How gratifying to alt text for the visually impaired and also have a Pinterest description, which serves a different and valuable purpose. Pinterest and SEO satisfied in one plugin, how perfect is that? For Tasty Food Photography, Tasty Pins, and your emailed tips and tricks, I thank you. Without you, I’d be months and miles behind."
Jen Hodder / avipie