Why Jula Buchwitz from Hip Hap Healthy loves Tasty Pins

Headshot of Jula Buchwitz
"Building a website and getting traffic is usually really hard work. By using Tasty Pins, I managed to save a huge amount of time on coding by simply adding simply the Pinterest title and description when uploading pictures. I could not be happier! I am usually not spending any money on any plugins either, as there are tons of free options available usually. Tasty Pins is different: It is the first plugin that was worth purchasing, as it is very affordable and you get so much in return! One of my most favourite features of the Tasty Pin Plugin is to hide Pinterest-optimized pictures very easily. This is not something I was able to find on most other plugins. It is a must-have tool for SEO! Plus you can match the design easily to your blog :) It is highly recommendable!"
Jula Buchwitz / Hip Hap Healthy