Why Kimberlee Ho from kickassbaker loves Tasty Links

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"Tasty Links has helped save me so much time when publishing a piece of content for my blog! I used to find myself spending loads of time linking and re-linking the same links to my affiliates for each piece of content. It wasted a lot of my time and I began to hate doing that part of publishing content. Once I got Tasty Links, I'm now able to set up links using key phrases and terms that automatically link every time. It's a dream come true and saves me so much time that I now use on much more productive things. I am so thankful for the whole suite of WP Tasty products. WP Tasty's support is top-notch as well. Every time I have a question, someone gets back to me within a day and it's always a real live person, not a bot. I highly appreciate that personalized attention and response time! Thanks so much to WP Tasty for making affordable, time-saving products that make my life as a blogger so much easier!"
Kimberlee Ho / kickassbaker