Why Lynelle Sanchez from Mom Succeeds loves Tasty Pins

Headshot of Lynelle Sanchez
"Tasty Pins is amazing! I love that I can choose which images from the blog post are okay for my readers to pin. That alone has reduced the number of visitors pinning non-vertical pins. Now, I'm able to create additional pins for every post and hide them to avoid overwhelming the reader with too many pin images. This plugin is easy to use and install. After three clicks, everything was up and running on my site which allowed me to fix some of the blog posts without wasting time. It also gave me a place for Pinterest description. Before, I was typing the description in the alt text section. I knew that it was wrong but adjusting the HTML was too overwhelming. Fortunately, Tasty Pins solved that problem too! I highly recommend Tasty Pins!"
Lynelle Sanchez / Mom Succeeds