Why Melody DiCroce from Saving to Sail loves Tasty Pins

Headshot of Melody DiCroce
"I live and travel on a sailboat, and the last thing I want to do is spend all day optimizing my site for Pinterest and SEO. I'd much rather be out snorkeling or eating delicious street food. So anything that helps me save time on my blog is important to me. Tasty Pins was a gamechanger. I love that it lets me disable pinning of certain images and force pin the images I knew would get more engagement. It also saves me a ton of time optimizing my images and pins for Pinterest and SEO. So now I can spend more time living my life and creating great content and less time fiddling with the small details that eat up so much time. I highly recommend this plugin for any serious blogger."
Melody DiCroce / Saving to Sail