Why Rhoda Toynbee from Lemony Fizz loves Tasty Pins

Headshot of Rhoda Toynbee
"There are 3 reasons I love Tasty Pins: 1. I can enter keyword rich descriptions that go with each custom pin that I design for a post or product. 2. After entering a pin description, I can also make sure my image has an appropriate ALT text which is better for SEO and user experience. That space doesn't need to do "double duty" anymore! 3. I can make certain images "non-pinnable". Without remembering the code each time. It's just a click of a button. Oh. And a bonus reason...I can add multiple images to a post for pinners to choose from without having to hide the pins using extra code. Tasty Pins takes care of all of it. With a few easy clicks of a button. I'll be adding this plugin to my other sites and using it for years to come!!"
Rhoda Toynbee / Lemony Fizz