Why Robin Ashley from Taste the Vegan Life loves Tasty Links

Headshot of Robin Ashley
"I could not be more thrilled with <!-- tasty-links-ignore -->Tasty Links<!-- /tasty-links-ignore -->! The setup is super simple - even for a total non-techie person such as myself. But that's just the beginning. It is such a time saver! I no longer have to manually copy and paste every single link. And then, go in and add the no-follow code. I just set up each link ONCE, hit the button for no-follow and I'm done. I never again have to worry about that link. Plus, I know I'll never forget to link something important. No matter where I type in my keyword for each link, <!-- tasty-links-ignore -->Tasty Links<!-- /tasty-links-ignore --> recognizes it and does all the work for me. If you use hot links on your site, get this plugin! You will be so happy you did!"
Robin Ashley / Taste the Vegan Life