My blog is bilingual, and it’s always hard to find plugins that work seemingly in both languages. Tasty Pins works like magic! So happy I decided to install it.

Headshot of Alejandra Graf from Piloncillo&Vainilla | BrownSugar&Vanilla

Alejandra Graf

Piloncillo&Vainilla | BrownSugar&Vanilla

The Tasty Pins plugin is SUPER helpful! A great deal for how easy it is to implement. Within minutes, I was setup and learned the ins and outs with the help of WP Tasty’s tutorials. Now I’m able to hide images within my posts so readers pin and showcase what I want them to, allowing me to stay in control of what is shared (i.e. the best images of my content). LOVE it.

Headshot of Alana Lieberman from Your Home, Made Healthy

Alana Lieberman

Your Home, Made Healthy

As a blog & business coach & Pinterest marketing specialist, I am always on the lookout for simple to use tech. I LOVE that Tasty Pins allows me to create several different pin images that are hidden for people to choose from when they come to pin a blog post. Now that I have found Tasty Pins, I can go update all of my blog posts with several fresh new pins!

Headshot of Jennifer Dawn from Jennifer Dawn

Jennifer Dawn

Jennifer Dawn

I am a noob to blogging but a longtime foodie. Having no clue what I was doing setting everything up, Tasty Recipes was a name often recommend for recipe templates. They are awesome for people new to blogging. They have been patient and friendly with my endless questions/inquiries, following up to make sure things are resolved. And they reach out to their clients for feedback on what they need to add or tweak to improve the user experience. I also LOVE how they have a very strong female presence. That is very refreshing in this day and age, particularly when it comes to programming.

Headshot of Carolyn Rauffer from The Old Woman and the Sea

Carolyn Rauffer

The Old Woman and the Sea

The Tasty Pins plugin is a Pinterest game changer! The plugin is simple to use and makes my blog look so much cleaner, while maker the user experience a better one.
Thanks for creating such a great plugin guys!

Headshot of Natalie Battaglia from The Mindful Mocktail

Natalie Battaglia

The Mindful Mocktail

Loving my new Tasty Pins plugin so far! The support desk is incredible: they have been very patient and helpful with me (complete new blogger, lost in the tech side of the blogging world). I also love the fact that we can hide multiple pins (some other plugins allow only one hidden image per post). Last but not least, Tasty Pins allows me to hide pins on any kind of posts (not only recipes). So great!!

Headshot of Beatrice Caillet from Go Healthy With Bea

Beatrice Caillet

Go Healthy With Bea

Before having Tasty Pins, I spent WAY too much time optimizing my images for my blog, SEO, and Pinterest. Now it’s all right there for me when I upload a new picture into WordPress. So amazing! Saves me a ton of time and it’s so good to know that with this simple plugin, my pictures have the best chance at being seen and found. Love it!

Headshot of April Saunders from Eats by April

April Saunders

Eats by April

I am redesigning my site after years of neglect, and Tasty Recipes has made the process so much easier. Especially because old recipes from another plugin convert themselves! My favorite part of the plugin is knowing that every time I use it in a post, I’m setting my recipes up for crackerjack SEO.

Headshot of Christina Bailey from Edible Times

Christina Bailey

Edible Times

I am brand new to food blogging, and I have so much to learn. I really appreciate that with WP Tasty, I can create professional looking recipes with almost no experience. I love that it feels very personal, and the support team is so responsive and kind. The recipe card designs are unique and look great in the blog. I am also using the Tasty Links plugin to link to all the products that I recommend. Thank you for creating such a user friendly product! It is well worth the cost, and I highly recommend!

Headshot of Katelyn from Tastes Just Like A Memory


Tastes Just Like A Memory

Been using both Tasty Recipes and Tasty Links for a couple of weeks and couldn’t be happier. No only do the plugins work amazing, but the customer support is top notch. Definitively recommend it to anyone who is passionate about elevating the food blog to the next level.

Headshot of Eva Lopez from Sal + Pimienta | Cocina Japonesa

Eva Lopez

Sal + Pimienta | Cocina Japonesa

Tasty Links has been a game-changer for me. I no longer have to search out links every time I post, which took me 30 minutes to an hour 5 days a week. Now, I simply enter the link one time and type the words in each post.
I find this tool especially amazing for Amazon linking. Since it is easy to be removed from the program if you don’t have enough sales, or for other reasons, you can easily get back on track without going through every single post.
When products become no longer available, it is easy to re-link one link vs. going through all of your posts. Tasty Links is worth it for established bloggers across all niches and beginners.

Headshot of Amy Stanley from Amy Cakes Cooks

Amy Stanley

Amy Cakes Cooks

Tasty Pins is a really simple, easy to use plugin that is invaluable to my blog. It saves me lots of time and I don’t think I could do the blog without it.


Classic Aussie Recipes

Tasty Pins makes it easier to create Rich Pins and control which images are able to be pinned on Pinterest. Loving it so far.



As soon as I heard about the Tasty Pins plugin, I immediately knew I had to have it!
In WordPress, I’d been using the Alt Text field for my Pinterest description instead of the image description. Having a special Pinterest Text box in addition to the Alternative Text field has been a real SEO game-changer for my blog. I love all the options including, the hidden image, non-pinnable and forced pin features.
Having one place to enter all this information in an organized and highly efficient manner makes Tasty Pins a real time saver! Tasty Pins is easy to install if you are looking to optimize your pins for both Pinterest and SEO then you need this plugin.

Raz Parker

Raz the Blogger

I recently re-branded my blog, starting almost completely from scratch. I knew I wanted to do it “right” from the beginning, and that meant (finally!) buying Tasty Pins. Let me tell you, I’m kicking myself for not using it sooner. It makes my Pinterest marketing simple! I would have to say my favorite thing about Tasty Pins is how easy it is to hide extra images. I used to look up the code to hide pins *every time* I would create a new post. (And sometimes the code would just disappear on my site!) With Tasty Pins it’s literally done with the click of a button. I wonder how many hours I wasted doing it the old way? Even if it was just one, Tasty Pins paid for itself and then some!

Jules Amador

Thriving Affiliates

I’ve always struggled to figure out how to make Pinterest work for my blog. I never knew how to fit multiple images into posts or where to put the pin descriptions. Tasty Pins has made this incredibly easy! I’ve been able to spend way more time on things that matter to growing my business instead of figuring out how to put descriptions in HTML. In the first month, my Pinterest traffic went up 30%! I cannot recommend this tool enough.

Headshot of Thomas Richmond Howard from Meal Prepifyq

Thomas Richmond Howard

Meal Prepifyq

Finally, a plugin that pulls the correct pin description for Pinterest! I tried other Pinterest plugins in the past and none of them worked like Tasty Pins. With those other plugins, sometimes the alt description would get pulled and shown to Pinners – not very user-friendly at all. I’m so glad I tried Tasty Pins – now I’m confident that the Pinterest text and the alt text will end up exactly where they should be. And my Pinterest traffic is higher than ever!

Headshot of Suchot Sunday from The Curious Frugal

Suchot Sunday

The Curious Frugal

Tasty Pins has been amazing for my food blog. This plugin makes SEO and creating recipe pins so easy! I am so happy with this plugin. I am never changing!

Headshot of Sarah Marier from Littles + Ladle

Sarah Marier

Littles + Ladle

Tasty Recipes has been amazing for my food blog. The recipe cards look stylish and professional. I am so happy with this plugin. I am never changing!

Headshot of Sarah Marier from Littles + Ladle

Sarah Marier

Littles + Ladle

Tasty Links is so easy to use! I love how I enter the link once and BOOM! It’s all over my site. It’s helping me up my internal linking game and my affiliate links are much more consistent now. Love it!

Headshot of Abi Cowell from Very Veganish

Abi Cowell

Very Veganish

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