I’ve been using Tasty Recipes for almost two months now and can’t imagine a blogging-life without it. My recipes have such a beautiful layout, and I am definitely saving a lot of time because this plugin is so simple and user-friendly! And my recipes are all SEO-optimized.
And not to forget the incredible customer service! I am only 17 years old and trying to figure this blog-thing out on my own has been quite the challenge. The support and helpful suggestions I have received from the team have helped me find a solution every time; they’re so patient and reply quickly! I can’t recommend Tasty Recipes enough.

Headshot of Joelle Warthmann from Crazy Kitchen

Joelle Warthmann

Crazy Kitchen

Genius. I got Tasty Links at the same time that I got Tasty Recipes and I’m so glad. It’s the tool I didn’t even know I needed has become one of the most useful plugins of all! Now I can’t imagine living without it.

Headshot of Michelle Cehn from World of Vegan

Michelle Cehn

World of Vegan

After 10 years of blogging using recipe plugins that were limited in functionality and would break repeatedly and fail to evolve with the times, we finally upgraded World of Vegan to Tasty Recipes and are so thrilled with the result. We finally have star ratings, proper recipe SEO, modern design, and even the integration of Tasty Links in our recipes. Plus, a team behind this plugin that we know we can trust to keep it updated and help resolve any issues as they arise. We couldn’t be happier!

Headshot of Michelle Cehn from World of Vegan

Michelle Cehn

World of Vegan

We have been using Tasty Recipes, Tasty Pins, and Nutrifox for about 6 weeks. We set up the website with the plugins during the initial setup and it was SO easy! The customer service support is amazing and the service is personalized. I feel like I can reach out with a question anytime. Customizable features such as background colour changes on the recipe card make it easy to achieve the look and feel that you want on your blog.
I would highly recommend these plugins!

Headshot of Sandra Flegg from she's not cookin'

Sandra Flegg

she's not cookin'

When it comes to plugins I look for three things—visual appeal, user experience, and peace of mind. Tasty Recipes fits the bill on all fronts.
First, the recipe card design options are wonderful! There are a variety of design styles to choose from so you can find the perfect fit for your site and brand style. Second, the user experience, both on the back end and the front end, is amazing. With Tasty Recipes it’s SO easy to create a new recipe card. And from a reader perspective it’s clear, concise, and easy to read. IDEAL for mobile users. And lastly, peace of mind. Having a recipe card plugin that’s created and coded for SEO is huge for me—with the ever-changing SEO landscape Tasty Recipes gives me peace of mind knowing that the SEO is handled and that it will continue to be updated to follow current guidelines.

Headshot of Lauren Grant from Zestful Kitchen

Lauren Grant

Zestful Kitchen

I’ve used Tasty Recipes for a few years and it’s the best decision I ever made. I’m not very tech sassy and in my opinion this is the most sophisticated yet incredibly simple recipe plugin I’ve ever used. And the best part, my readers always compliment me on how beautiful it is especially after I started using the Bold template.

Headshot of Charlotte Smythe from Clean Foodie Cravings

Charlotte Smythe

Clean Foodie Cravings

So happy with this plugin. It has helped me organize my pins and pin descriptions to best promote my blog on Pinterest leading to more traffic and more SALES! Yay for Tasty Pins!

Headshot of Mary Howard from yoursmarticles.com

Mary Howard


Absolutely love this plugin! Pinterest SEO is essential and this plugin provides and easy easy for you to optimize your Titles and Descriptions. I’m so glad I found this plugin, it saves me a ton of time!

Headshot of Tom Cowe from Read a Craft

Tom Cowe

Read a Craft

Tasty Links has simplified linking to affiliates and internal posts, saving me so much time! What I love about it the most, is being able to change the link centrally in one place instead of having to manually update each link occurrence. Highly recommend!

Headshot of Lilian Boukheir from The Matbakh

Lilian Boukheir

The Matbakh

I got Tasty Pins at the recommendation of my VA and I can’t believe I’d never used it before! It makes putting multiple pins in my posts so easy without cluttering the post or lowering page speed.

Headshot of Jen Smith from Modern Frugality

Jen Smith

Modern Frugality

I love how easy it’s been to put rich descriptions with keywords right into my images! Now I know that whenever anyone pins straight from my blog, it’ll be totally maximized and I’ll get the best traffic from it.

Headshot of Kelly Lacy from The Awkward Tourist

Kelly Lacy

The Awkward Tourist

Tasty Links is yet again another high quality plugin from WP Tasty! I love the seamless integration of the Tasty Links plugin with Tasty Recipes. The ability to share images of the equipment I use in my recipes within my recipe card in a visually appealing manner is an affiliate marketing game changer. Tasty Links is my new must-have plugin for simplifying affiliate link processes while also maintaining a professional and polished look to my site.

Headshot of Shannon Emery from Pass Me Some tasty

Shannon Emery

Pass Me Some tasty

Tasty Recipes was the first recipe plugin I used on my blog and I’ve never looked back! Not only are the designs sleek and clean, but it is incredibly easy to use and regularly updated to reflect the most recent SEO updates and industry changes, which are oh-so-important for a food blog. Plus, the customer service provided is fantastic; they incredibly friendly and always happy to help.

Headshot of Stephanie Kay from Kay Nutrition

Stephanie Kay

Kay Nutrition

I just started using Tasty Pins a few weeks ago, and I’ve already seen an increase in impressions, saves, and link clicks! It’s so easy to use the forced pinning feature, which assures that people pinning from your website will be sharing what you want to be on Pinterest (a pin with text overlay and description) rather than just a photo from your website.

Headshot of Julianne Lynch from No Sweat Vegan

Julianne Lynch

No Sweat Vegan

The one thing I wanted to do and couldn’t figure out a SIMPLE way to accomplish – the thing that would be MOST helpful for my longterm Pinterest traffic – was adding descriptions to the Pins on my blog. Tasty Pins made that one important thing incredibly easy!
For everything else, they have very responsive support and are constantly adding new features. I don’t pay for many plugins but for me, that all makes it easily worth the price.

Headshot of Ketti Wilhelm from Tilted Map

Ketti Wilhelm

Tilted Map

I switched to Tasty Recipes after my previous recipe plugin crashed, and I’m so incredibly glad I did. First and foremost, their plugin is intuitive and easy-to-use, and I love knowing that my recipes are actually SEO-optimized for a change. Second, their customer service is unparalleled. My tech team tried to duplicate our old recipe card’s format (primarily to incorporate my brand colors), and when a bug caused an error with the border, they were able to connect with the plugin developers directly to release a patch for the issue within days. I’ve honestly never experience customer service like that before. Can’t recommend Tasty Recipes highly enough!

Headshot of Stephanie Ziajka from Diary of a Debutante

Stephanie Ziajka

Diary of a Debutante

If I had dreamed up my perfect plugin…. this would be it.
Seriously. A plugin that lets me enter all of my keyworded information for Pinterest (without inserting code every time!) WITHOUT compromising on SEO?
I’m so glad I found Tasty Pins. Before it, my pins in my post didn’t have any descriptions at all and were falling flat in the feed. Now I’m seeing traction and steady growth on an account <1 month old.

Headshot of Renee Shaw from That Little Blog

Renee Shaw

That Little Blog

Tasty Pins helps us create rich, save-able, and descriptive content for our readers. Our readers are very active on Pinterest, so it is a large driver of our traffic. It’s great to streamline our SEO right through the Tasty Pins plugin, and it’s been a win-win for both our readers and our writers.

Headshot of Dawn from Wiccan Gathering


Wiccan Gathering

Excellent WordPress Plugin! Does EXACTLY what it says it does… and does it VERY well. Not only adds new options to WordPress to more easily and perfectly pin content to Pinterest, but also greatly simplifies certain tasks that would otherwise require HTML coding. And… you can’t beat the price! It’s truly amazing how it’s the little things in life that can make you the happiest… and this is one little plugin that packs a HUGE punch! Thank you.

Headshot of Doreen Amico-Sorell from Multi-functional Living Spaces: How to Get The Latest in Indoor & Outdoor Design

Doreen Amico-Sorell

Multi-functional Living Spaces: How to Get The Latest in Indoor & Outdoor Design

Using Tasty Pins helped our overall Pinterest strategy but also helped our SEO! We finally have a way to optimize for Pinterest and Google at the same time. Since each image has to have a unique description, we now have a way of writing them all at once. This saves so much time and helps our entire content team organize their work.

Headshot of Rus Hughes from Intelligent Labs

Rus Hughes

Intelligent Labs

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