I’ve been using Tasty Recipes for a few years now and just added Tasty Pins to the mix. I love both these plugins because they take the guesswork out of figuring out some of the more technical aspects of running a food blog – and knowing that they were developed by a reputable food blogger makes me that much more confident that I’m investing in products that are well-researched and well-tested. Thanks guys!

Headshot of Alex Azary from Bright-Eyed Baker

Alex Azary

Bright-Eyed Baker

Thank you for Tasty Pins. I had been manually installing the Pinterest code thinking I had it right only to realize the code didn’t work and I had to fix almost one hundred pins. Using the Tasty Pins plugin has been so worth the money in making adding the Pinterest Code very easy and I know the code is done correctly. Not only does Tasty Pins save me time, it means my pins are optimized. I love it.

Headshot of Jere Cassidy from One Hot Oven

Jere Cassidy

One Hot Oven

As a new blogger I struggled with getting the descriptions to work when people pinned my content. Tasty Pins makes it so easy and it works!

Headshot of James Strange from JamesStrange.com

James Strange


I purchased Tasty Pins a few weeks ago and I feel that I have had an increase in interest in my pins since they can all have a great description + cleaning up my alt text. The best part is controlling the pin I want them to pin. Great addition to my site. I am working slowly to get full pin descriptions on my old popular pins. Advice: The sooner you get Tasty Pins, the less backtracking you will have to do. Wish I had gotten it sooner!

Headshot of Kim Smith from The Hypertufa Gardener

Kim Smith

The Hypertufa Gardener

My Pinterest game was terrible! As a new blogger, everything was so foreign to me when it came to Pinterest and SEO. A friend recommended Tasty Pins to me and I will never regret adding this to my Pinterest strategy. My views on Pinterest are amazing and this translates into real traffic to my blog. Tasty Pins is a game-changer if you are serious about making a living from blogging! It makes everything so much easier!

Headshot of Tricia from Born to be Boomers

Tricia Snow

Born to be Boomers

Thank you so much for creating the Tasty Pins plugin! Before using Tasty Pins, I struggling with getting my pins seen on Pinterest, on an average of 10-30 views. I have some pins with higher views of above 40, but those usually take a few months to reach such numbers. In my first week using Tasty Pins, my Pins could reach 200 views within a few days. I’ve tested and compared publishing Pins using Tasty Pins and without it. The difference is HUGE! Thank you so much once again for making this plugin! It’s definitely worth purchasing 😀

Headshot of Jessie Katsukin T. from The Blushy Kitten

Jessie Katsukin T.

The Blushy Kitten

I don’t know why I put off getting the Tasty Pins plugins for so long! I was working around the alt text and pin description issue with HTML but it was tedious and time-consuming. Tasty Pins makes it so much easier to separate the two and more than I expected. I love how I can create multiple pins and hide them in a single post. Before getting the plugin I was limited to a single pin and, as we know, Pinterest LOVES “fresh” pins so the more the better. It’s made my job as a Pinterest Manager so much easier. I love Tasty Pins!

Headshot of Sarah Fournier from Caffeine and Conquer

Sarah Fournier

Caffeine and Conquer

Tasty Pins has made optimizing pins for Pinterest and Google possible for me. Before Tasty Pins, I wasn’t able to include Pinterest text with each image. Maybe there’s another way to do it, but I haven’t found it. I also like that I can tag images that I don’t want on Pinterest because some images just won’t look right.

Tasty Pins was well worth the small investment. I only wish I would have bought it sooner.

Headshot of Rebecca B. Kimber from EarthyB.com

Rebecca B. Kimber


I have really enjoyed using the Tasty Recipes plugin. I have generated more income through referral links now that I have the ability to link those within the actual recipe. I also love that I can add a photo of the recipe within the plugin. It is very clean, easy to use, and has made adding recipes to my blog a breeze. Can’t beat it and definitely worth the money!

Headshot of Spencer Miller from MacroChef

Spencer Miller


I would like to say a HUGE thank you for creating the Tasty Pins plugin! It’s been such a game-changer (and time saver!) when it comes to pleasing Google and Pinterest. Not only that, it’s so easy to use and is really well priced.

Headshot of Liana Green from Liana's Kitchen

Liana Green

Liana's Kitchen

As a fairly new blogger, I am the first to admit I know nothing about SEO. You get told all the time that your Pinterest images are super important but I had no clue what they were talking about. One day a fellow blogger said you need Tasty Pins and that if you purchase only one thing to help your blog, this is it. She was right! I never have to worry again about optimized Pinterest images, if I’m forgetting something or doing something wrong. I love how easy it is to use and the unlimited support is invaluable. Best money I ever spent to grow my blog!

Headshot of Cindy Richter from County Road 407

Cindy Richter

County Road 407

I was able to set up and start using Tasty Pins in a matter of minutes. It helped me remove multiple steps in my pinning process, saving me minutes on each pin, and hours per week. I like that it’s a specific plugin to do a specific task, and it gets it done at a reasonable cost. This is one of those “lifetime” plugins I’ll keep around as long as Pinterest keeps sending me traffic.

Headshot of Rick Brenes from Food For Net

Rick Brenes

Food For Net

As first-time food bloggers, Tasty Recipes is perfect for us. It is easy to use and looks great! We looked at a few other recipe plugins and they just did not have the features we were looking for, nor did they have the professional feel that we wanted. We love how our recipes look, and we already feel like we have a leg up on the competition even though we just started. Thanks so much! : )

Headshot of Jack and Eveline from Toastie Lab

Jack and Eveline

Toastie Lab

I love this plugin so far! It’s super easy to use and I love having the option of hiding pins until needed! I always wondered how people managed to do that on their blogs, so I’m very happy to be able to do it on mine now! This is the first plugin I’ve ever bought and I’m glad to say I highly recommend it!

Headshot of Sarah Russell from Business Women Thrive

Sarah Russell

Business Women Thrive

I’ve been in the process of updating my site and trying to improve SEO. Site speed was a huge issue. I was hesitant to change but downloaded Tasty Recipes. It was a simple installation and improved my site speed from 6.53 seconds to 2.43 seconds! I still have a lot of work to do on my redesign but Tasty Recipes solved a huge problem. And I love all the features. And NutriFox? It’s a time saving game changer!

Headshot of Julie Parnell from Screwyism

Julie Parnell


Using Tasty Pins has really made using Pinterest much easier. I love how I can either have captions for individual pictures or a default caption for the entire post. And being able to have a hidden Pinterest-only image makes my pins stand out without trying to work that image into the post. Finally, the support team is great…they answer my newbie questions within a day. This is a really useful plugin, and worth the price!

Headshot of Tammy Spencer from Scotch & Scones

Tammy Spencer

Scotch & Scones

Tasty Pins has made my workflow so much faster and easier!! Instead of having to create individual pin captions for each photo that I want to share, when I want to share it, I can do it all at once when I upload my blog! All I have to do from there in click the cute little Pinterest button the shows up on every photo of my website and share it! Tasty Pins saves me so much time and energy!! Highly recommend!!!

Headshot of Marissa Merrill from Marissa Merrill Photography

Marissa Merrill

Marissa Merrill Photography

I was really struggling with Pinterest and couldn’t get the traction I needed. Thankfully, I came across Tasty Pins (quite by accident).

This nifty plugin allowed me to distinguish between the description that Google likes and the one that Pinterest prefers. What a time-saver!

Highly recommended!

Headshot of Jade MacRury from Live A Blissful Life

Jade MacRury

Live A Blissful Life

I purchased Tasty Pins a couple of weeks ago and love what it enables me to do on my website. I try to keep my costs down but Tasty Pins is well worth the money.
It has allowed me to set up only pinnable images I want to be pinned from my posts and include the text along with keeping the alt description. The support has been amazing too.

Headshot of Wendy White from Perthtravelers

Wendy White


Hello Lindsay and Bjork,

I am inspired by what you both have created with Pinch of Yum and Food Blogger Pro and I just love the Tasty Recipes plugin. Tasty Recipes has organized the recipes I post in a stylish professional way and is really easy to use. I love the plugin and highly recommend any food blogger that wants to take their blog to the next level to get it. I am inspired by you both everyday thanks for taking the time to help out us newbies. All the best.

Headshot of Susan Ramirez from Sueseaqpi

Susan Ramirez


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