I found hiding images with HTML very hard but with Tasty Pins, I got huge help as well as traffic increase to my brand new website. Tasty Pins is my #1 recommended tool for Pinterest beginners.

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Neha Jaspal


Tasty Pins is amazing! I love that I can choose which images from the blog post are okay for my readers to pin. That alone has reduced the number of visitors pinning non-vertical pins.

Now, I’m able to create additional pins for every post and hide them to avoid overwhelming the reader with too many pin images.

This plugin is easy to use and install. After three clicks, everything was up and running on my site which allowed me to fix some of the blog posts without wasting time.

It also gave me a place for Pinterest description. Before, I was typing the description in the alt text section. I knew that it was wrong but adjusting the HTML was too overwhelming. Fortunately, Tasty Pins solved that problem too!

I highly recommend Tasty Pins!

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Lynelle Sanchez

Mom Succeeds

I love this plugin and I think it was worth every cent! I am already seeing a growth in my repins and I have more visitors from Pinterest!

What I like most about this plugin is that I can add all the descriptions without extra codes. This plug-in makes it super simple to hide pins, add a description for Pinterest, add a Pinterest tracking id and such. I can choose which pictures I don’t want to be pinned, and I love that!

The plugin is also super simple to install and use. They also offer support if you have any problems. Thumps up from me!

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Ragnhild Hynne


I was pulling my hair out until I found WP Tasty. Once I installed Tasty Recipes, my blog turned out to be exactly what I envisioned. I received exceptional customer service and a special CSS code to help me customize my recipe card, which made all the difference in my design. I couldn’t be more pleased with the results! I also purchased Tasty Pins and can’t imagine publishing a food blog without this incredible plugin. My monthly views on Pinterest have skyrocketed since I started using Tasty Pins. I’m a happy girl!

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Debi Morgan

Quiche My Grits

So excited to have found Tasty Pins! Super customer service. Tasty Pins makes optimizing my photos for Pinterest a piece of cake! I’d totally recommend this plugin!

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MaryAnn Dwyer

The Beach House Kitchen

So I have been a bucket list blogger for several years and have had some “minor” success with Pinterest but to be honest, it was originally just dumb luck!
Thus when I learned that Tasty Pins can help me provide better descriptions to help people find what they may need, I was so relieved.
I have a lot of back work to do in fixing old pins but the team at Tasty Pins has been helping me with the right information and have been pleasantly quick and nice when I ask even the silliest of questions. Also, they have been providing me with some “Extras” from their blog that I plan on using to take The Bucket List Project to the next level.

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Eric Gamble

The Bucket List Project

Tasty Pins saved the day! I was going crazy trying to figure out the issues my site was having putting pin descriptions and keywords in the proper place, and Tasty Pins completely resolved the problem! Tasty Pins makes it SO easy to ensure my pin descriptions read exactly as I want them to, so those pins can keep sending traffic to my site. Excellent purchase, well worth the small price!

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Tracey Skafidas

This Blog is Popular!

When content creators are learning a million things at the same time it can be overwhelming! It’s so refreshing to have one simple and all-in-one solution for something as important as Pinterest descriptions! Tasty Pins has simplified life for me in a major way!

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Libby Wilson

Because Mom Says

Tasty Pins makes it so easy to optimize your images for Pinterest. It is one of the best plugins out there. Everything is there all in one place, Pinterest descriptions, alt text, etc…. and it is user-friendly no more complicated plug-ins for our images. One of the best features it lets you control which image you want pinned and which ones you don’t. We can’t wait to buy Tasty Recipes next.

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Alyssa & Marissa Barcena

Wonder & Charm

I picked Tasty Recipes mostly for looks. I loved the look of the recipe cards and I was able to customize them more with very simple CSS.

But what’s really been great is that I can use it for all the non-food projects I do, like soap and lotion tutorials. It looks beautiful and creates useful printables without me having to do anything.

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Katie Shaw

Heart's Content Farmhouse

I’m unsure how Bjork and Lindsay continue to give, but I’m grateful they do. As many of you know, there’s much to starting a food blog, so having to research the intricacies of Pinterest was another on a long list of “things to do.”

Lindsay and Bjork to the rescue, and in a big way. Tasty Pins is a straightforward, easy to install plugin. With the instructions and support, my hand was held every step of the way. How gratifying to alt text for the visually impaired and also have a Pinterest description, which serves a different and valuable purpose. Pinterest and SEO satisfied in one plugin, how perfect is that?

For Tasty Food Photography, Tasty Pins, and your emailed tips and tricks, I thank you. Without you, I’d be months and miles behind.

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Jen Hodder


I’m a brand new blogger, I’ve had a domain name for months, had a plan and dreamed of getting started for years but Tasty Recipes really was the tipping point to PRESS GO! There is an overwhelming amount of technical Googlespeak out there but with Tasty Recipes I can focus on learning the content creation process and leave the upper level technical jargon to the pros! THANK YOU Tasty Recipes!

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Adriana Dikih

Willamette Transplant

I absolutely love the ability to include multiple pins for each blog post or page for myself and my clients. The option to include a separate keyworded pin description that will not alter your Google SEO is amazing!

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Teresa Rose

Pin Traffic Power

I can’t say much more other than I love Tasty Recipes! Before buying it, I had researched other recipe plugins, but none seemed as user-friendly, logical, or beautiful as Tasty Recipes. It has really enhanced my blog. My only regret is not buying it sooner!

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Alex Aldeborgh


Tasty Pins makes differentiating my alt attributes from my Pinterest text clear & easy. With all the extra bits we need to do to make our blogs SEO friendly, it’s nice to have shortcuts & support like Tasty Pins.

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Candice Walker

Proportional Plate

After trying several plugins, I was so excited when I came across Tasty Pins. I immediately paid for it, and installed it on my blog. It was very easy to use and figure out. Let me just say this, I LOVE TASTY PINS! Plus their customer service is great. They got back to me when I emailed them with some troubleshooting questions. Honestly I’m a bit upset I didn’t know about it sooner. I love using multiple pins but don’t want to many pin images on my page and this is simply perfect! Thanks Tasty Pins for this awesome plugin.

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Karen Akpan

The Mom Trotter

I can’t ever go back to blogging before Tasty Pins! It’s such an easy and helpful solution to nailing both your picture SEO and your Pinterest content!

It solved so many problems for me, such as: being able to add hidden pins (as many as I want!) to blog posts; disabling specific photos from being pinned; adding the exact description I want in a Pinterest pin and knowing it will end up there(!); being strategic with my metadata; so many more! In addition, the plugin is so light, it doesn’t slow down my site.

Get it from day one if you can, it’ll make your life so much easier. I can’t recommend it enough!

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Ioana Stoica

The World Is My Playground

Having the ability to optimize my images with both an SEO and Pinterest descriptions has been so helpful. This plugin has several features that make a huge difference on my blog.

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Breeze Leonard

Little Feet Big Adventures

Tasty Pins has saved me SO much time adding descriptions to my pins! I can not believe how easy it was to activate the plug in and get started. The placement of the text box for descriptions is perfect, right in post, so there is no forgetting to use it. Now every photo shared from my post, whether by me or readers, has a full description already optimized for maximum views on Pinterest. Best blog purchase I have made yet. It has only been a few weeks and I can not imagine blog life without it!
Thank you Tasty Pins.

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Melissa Potvin

It's Simple by HowToThisandThat

Tasty Pins makes life so much easier! I love that I can create multiple pin images without having to display them in my blog. No one likes a million vertical images obstructing their reading, so this tool has been amazing! My blog looks more streamlined and pinning from my site has never been easier!

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Amanda Frittz

Faith in Home

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