Tasty Pins has made it so easy to customize exactly what images I want my users to interact with — so perfect for Pinterest marketing! The support team is beyond helpful and it’s wonderful to be able to focus on other things knowing that Tasty Pins is working with me to keep my Pinterest strategy on track. I can’t imagine my blog without this plug-in!

Headshot of Jessica Cody from Drawn & Buttered

Jessica Cody

Drawn & Buttered

If you’re a food blogger struggling with cracking the code on Google SEO and Pinterest, there are no better tools out there than Tasty Pins and Tasty Recipes. My workflow for new content is streamlined, simple, and checks off all the necessary boxes for maximizing opportunities to reach new readers. In two weeks, I’m already seeing a significant jump in Pinterest views thanks to these tools. Simple instructions, simple implementation, superb guidance and customer care make these plug-ins no brainers. I only wish I had installed them sooner!

Headshot of Jen Czupek from Apéritif Friday

Jen Czupek

Apéritif Friday

I did a lot of research looking for a quality but user friendly recipe plugin for my health blog and Tasty Recipes definitely works the best for me! I love the design, all of the features, and the recipes are super easy to upload. And I’m not even a food blogger! They’ve certainly thought of everything! Whether you’re a novice blogger or an expert you’ll love Tasty Recipes!
Keep up the great work! I would definitely recommend Tasty Recipes.

Headshot of Emily Standley from healthy-food-life.com

Emily Standley


I was looking for an easy way to add our keywords and descriptions to all of our Pins. It was a no brainer decision to go with Tasty Pins. It was even better than what we were looking for to help our Pinterest audience find our garden.

Headshot of Jeremy Starke from Green Thumb Gardener

Jeremy Starke

Green Thumb Gardener

Tasty Recipes has helped me with SEO and traffic. Small increases in traffic have become more and more apparent. This is one of the most simplistic and easy recipe plugins out today! Totally worth it!

Headshot of Jonathan Doran from Fooding-Around

Jonathan Doran


I love Tasty Pins! It makes it so easy to add the alt text, so it translates easily to Pinterest. It was easy to install and the support staff has been great to work with. Totally recommend!

Headshot of Michelle Minnaar from Greedy Gourmet

Michelle Minnaar

Greedy Gourmet

Absolutely loving the Tasty Recipes plugin! I am delighted that this plugin is up to date, meaning I can actually fill out all the fields needed to complete my recipe cards for Google. The different templates are great too. Just brilliant!

Headshot of Michelle Minnaar from Greedy Gourmet

Michelle Minnaar

Greedy Gourmet

I installed Tasty Pins after reading a recommendation from Kate at Simple Pin Media. The plugin is easy to install and set up. I had one minor issue, which Tasty Pins were quick to help with – it involved a setting I had on my site needing changing. So far so happy, it’s great having the functionality that Tasty Pins offers.

Headshot of Luci Hindmarsh from Mums Make Lists

Luci Hindmarsh

Mums Make Lists

Like many bloggers, I was using the image title tag (image title attribute) for my Pin descriptions. However, the new WordPress block editor aka Gutenberg no longer supports that tag. I needed a solution that would give me an easy way to enter Pin descriptions and continue to use alt text for accessibility and SEO.
Tasty Pins was the answer! Now my images are optimized for SEO, Pinterest, and accessible too.
I found Tasty Pins to be easy to use from the start. Their customer service has been great with quick response time for my inquiries. It’s a plugin I highly recommend.

Headshot of Renee Dobbs from Spoiled Hounds

Renee Dobbs

Spoiled Hounds

I don’t know where you were my whole blogging life. I was struggling with SEO and Pinterest getting the pins to be ready for Pinterest and be SEO friendly in alt text. I also wanted additional images for my posts that were not shown and hidden so that when someone goes to pin they can pick one of the others. The plugin does everything and makes it so easy to do it. I am so glad I found it. I haven’t fixed all my posts yet but all my new posts are using it and slowly going back through everything else and making them Pinterest ready!

Headshot of Jodi Carlson from Leader Connecting Leaders

Jodi Carlson

Leader Connecting Leaders

Tasty Pins is exactly what I’m looking for! I have struggled with using the alt text for SEO vs Pinterest description – now no longer. Thanks guys!

Headshot of Jessica Haggard from Primal Edge Health

Jessica Haggard

Primal Edge Health

Tasty Pins has been a huge improvement to my Pinterest marketing strategy. I saw results in traffic to my blog almost immediately after installing this plugin. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is trying to increase their traffic from Pinterest.

Headshot of Jessica Vanderveen from The Vanderveen House

Jessica Vanderveen

The Vanderveen House

Tasty Pins makes optimizing my photos for Pinterest so simple, and I love the versatility of being able to select “force pin” for hidden images in certain posts, while choosing to disable certain images in others. It’s a straightforward and easy to use plugin.

Headshot of Lori Rasmussen from My Quiet Kitchen

Lori Rasmussen

My Quiet Kitchen

I was so relieved when I found Tasty Pins. It is such an easy solution and works perfectly. Now I feel confident that any time a visitor pins from my website, it will be a pin that I’ve already optimized for Pinterest. Not only that, now I can use the alt text space as it was meant to be used which will improve my site’s SEO.

Headshot of Stephanie Bonday from Common Grape

Stephanie Bonday

Common Grape

After listening to the Food Blogger Pro podcast, I was inspired to try and make my blog better. I am only one year into the blogging world and struggle with all of the different available features and tricks. Tasty Pins is a no brainer and added so much to my blog without a struggle. I now feel more comfortable posting my pictures (because they can only be pinned and not stolen) and getting my blog more active on Pinterest. I really hope for more useful plugins to make my blog that much better, especially since food is my expertise and not technology.

Headshot of Lindy Moody from Epicuropedia

Lindy Moody


I absolutely love Tasty Pins! As a new blogger, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with everything you need to know and do for people to find you. Tasty Pins makes writing descriptions for my Pinterest marketing a breeze. It saves me so much time, I love this plugin. Well worth the very small investment!

Headshot of Felecia Lesane from ArtsyInspired

Felecia Lesane


Ready for some unreadable jargon? I have a coding background so when I designed my own WordPress theme I used Advanced Custom Fields to create a special Pinterest image box and then custom-coded all images in my posts to be hidden while pinning.

If that sounds like a lot that’s because it WAS a lot. Until I got Tasty Pins. Seriously this plugin shaved 10-15 minutes off the time to finish each post and made my life much simpler. Best money I spent on my new website design. And the support team has been excellent so far!

Headshot of Jason Barnette from Southeastern Traveler

Jason Barnette

Southeastern Traveler

Of course, I love the customer service but also the value Tasty Pins adds to my SEO. It’s giving me the option to specifically add keywords to my Pin description and specify photos to be shared on Pinterest. The plugin is very straightforward and easy to start using in minutes!

Headshot of Kristy Still from Mommy Hates Cooking

Kristy Still

Mommy Hates Cooking

To run a successful food blog, you need a good website.

To run a successful Instagram profile, you need great picture.

To run a successful Pinterest profile, you need Tasty Pins.

It’s really that simple.

Headshot of Mads Vindfeld Andersen from Madsvin.com

Mads Vindfeld Andersen


I’m loving Tasty Pins – it lets me optimise my images for both Pinterest and Google, and the best part is that I can hide the images meant for Pinterest from my page!

Headshot of Maria Juvakka from The Chic Pursuit

Maria Juvakka

The Chic Pursuit

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