Tasty Pins is a great tool for optimizing images for Pinterest. Pinterest-specific text can be added directly to the image details. Images can be disabled from pinning, so you can control which images can be saved to Pinterest. Tasty Pins is a quick install and integrates seamlessly with WordPress. It’s a great product.

Headshot of Abbey McDermott from My Casual Pantry

Abbey McDermott

My Casual Pantry

I love how simple Tasty Recipes is. It doesn’t have a lot of features I don’t use that slow down my site or make it complicated. I also know and trust that they stay up-to-date on the latest best practices so I don’t have to worry about that. I intend to be a customer for life. I’m so glad they finally made this plugin after years of trying out others that all had problems.

Headshot of Rebecca Baron from My Natural Family

Rebecca Baron

My Natural Family

Tasty Pins is THE BEST Pinterest optimization plugin on the market. I am loving the “force pinning” feature! Now, I can choose the best images for users to pin, so I get higher repin rates and higher traffic! Wish I would have bought earlier.

Headshot of Tania Sheff from Cooktoria

Tania Sheff


We love how easy Tasty Pins has made our Pinterest workflow! Not only is it simple to add our Pinterest descriptions, but we can also easily add hidden Pinterest graphics and set photos to not be pinnable. We wish we’d purchased Tasty Pins sooner! Simply yours, Anne & AnnMarie

Headshot of Anne Zirkle from Simply2Moms

Anne Zirkle


As a Christian faith blogger, it can sometimes get frustrating trying to reach your people. There is much noise surrounding social networks especially Pinterest. After hearing about Tasty Pins, I decided to check it out. I loved what I saw. I like the idea you can add a description and photo to stand out in the crowd with your pins while competing with noise. Tasty Pins is worth every penny spent. If you are a blogger, this is the product you should want and need. Their customer service is fantastic no waiting in a cyberspace line. I absolutely love Tasty Pins!

Headshot of Deanetta Thompson from Think Differently Bible Study Community

Deanetta Thompson

Think Differently Bible Study Community

It seems as if there are an array of different ways to add descriptions to pins. FYI, that’s not really true. When I first started blogging, I noticed many people using the alt text box for their pin descriptions. Lets be honest, alt text always has been and should continue to be a description of your image for those who are seeing-impaired. Tasty Pins is an incredible plugin that allows you to set your pin description and alt text, to best optimize your SEO and Pinterest. I love how simple it is to use. There is literally no training needed. You simply add your descriptions and such into the appropriate boxes. I wish I would’ve purchased this plugin sooner. It really has made a significant change in my traffic from both Google and Pinterest. Thank you Tasty Pins!

Headshot of Kimberly Baumann from His Palette

Kimberly Baumann

His Palette

I’ve been looking for an easy WP recipe plugin for quite some time. Tasty Recipes is actually my third one. I knew immediately after I had installed it that it was the One. It’s super easy to install, customize and use. As I use Instagram heavily, I like how it integrates this platform with hashtags and tagging. So far I have no complaints!

Headshot of Lisa London from Lisa London

Lisa London

Lisa London

Thanks to Tasty Pins, I feel more confident in pinning the right images from my blog that Pinterest users gravitate to. I like that these images are getting credit from Pinterest and help send more traffic to my site! This is a no brainer.

Headshot of Giselle Raymond from Artist in Residence

Giselle Raymond

Artist in Residence

As a brand new blogger making my way through the jungle of plugins and feature options for my website, I was dismayed that I couldn’t figure out how to get the right text descriptions and hashtags into my Pinterest images. No matter where I put my text, it didn’t save properly. This was frustrating since I was doing everything else right! When I found Tasty Pins, I knew that was the perfect solution. Now I can add my wicked hashtags, the keywords I spent time researching, and my quirky descriptions to my images easy as pie! This has helped a few of my pins get noticed much sooner than they otherwise would in Pinterest, which I was always told was a long waiting time. I couldn’t be more pleased!

Headshot of Rachel MacPherson from Radical Strength

Rachel MacPherson

Radical Strength

Tasty Pins has been amazing! As a new blogger and not a very technical person, Tasty Pins is so easy to use and integrate with my blog. I love being able to add more than one hidden pin image to a post, then being able to disable the option to pin on other pictures. One of the best things about Tasty Pins has been their customer support. They got back to me right away when I had a question, and even followed up with me the next day. I would definitively recommend adding Tasty Pins to your blog!

Headshot of Beth McGinnis from Mommin' Takes a Village

Beth McGinnis

Mommin' Takes a Village

I just love the time-saving capabilities of the Tasty Pins plugin. I no longer have to worry about which images will be pinned. Gone are the days of taking the time to divide out SEO for Google vs. Pinterest descriptions and alt attributes.

Headshot of Amber Hall from Low Carb Quick

Amber Hall

Low Carb Quick

Tasty Pins is simply the most user-friendly plug-in out there. It’s so easy to use that you don’t even need to read any tutorials. That’s just what a busy blogger needs!

Headshot of Natalie Desrochers from NeliDesign

Natalie Desrochers


Tasty Pins has actually made it possible for me to do correct ALT text on my images! I’ve been putting it off because other plugins were too clunky or took too long to set specific pinterest text. I love that Tasty Pins has the Pinterest text box right in the image information editor, so I can simultaneously add my Pinterest text and Alt text super quickly! I also like that you can add it for multiple images, not just one. It’s so simple and streamlined. Thanks for making such a useful plugin!

Headshot of Elizabeth Lindemann from Bowl of Delicious

Elizabeth Lindemann

Bowl of Delicious

I’ve absolutely loved using both Tasty Pins combined with the Tasty Recipes Plugin! They both work so seamlessly together. Using Tasty Pins has been a dream; it has made it so easy to create a Pinterest description that is registered whenever anyone pins an image from my blog while also allowing me to keep alt-tags to what they should be! Tasty Pins takes away the not-so-easy coding aspect (at least for me!) and time hassle that would be required not having this plugin! Beyond worth it!

Headshot of Britt Berlin from The Banana Diaries

Britt Berlin

The Banana Diaries

There are 3 reasons I love Tasty Pins:
1. I can enter keyword rich descriptions that go with each custom pin that I design for a post or product.
2. After entering a pin description, I can also make sure my image has an appropriate ALT text which is better for SEO and user experience. That space doesn’t need to do “double duty” anymore!
3. I can make certain images “non-pinnable”. Without remembering the code each time. It’s just a click of a button.
Oh. And a bonus reason…I can add multiple images to a post for pinners to choose from without having to hide the pins using extra code.
Tasty Pins takes care of all of it. With a few easy clicks of a button. I’ll be adding this plugin to my other sites and using it for years to come!!

Headshot of Rhoda Toynbee from Lemony Fizz

Rhoda Toynbee

Lemony Fizz

I’ve been blogging for 10 years and am terrible at the technology side of things. Tasty Pins has been a game changer for me! It is SO user friendly and makes it easy to have my blog at its best and allows my favorite pins to shine.

Headshot of Emily Parker from The Journey of Parenthood

Emily Parker

The Journey of Parenthood

I bought Tasty Pins recently to have more control over the images on my blog that can be pinned.

It’s simple to use and I’m hoping it will improve my SEO.

I’ve contacted support with a couple of queries and they have been very attentive.

Headshot of Wendy Rogers from Beetroot Face

Wendy Rogers

Beetroot Face

I just started using Tasty Pins and I’m still pretty new to it. BUT the love and attention I’ve received in just this short amount of time has been nothing but amazing! I love learning how to better my captions and performance on Pinterest. Thank you so much for everything! ❤

Headshot of Donna Miller from Fresh Grace for Today

Donna Miller

Fresh Grace for Today

Tasty Pins is so easy to use and has saved me so much time. This is the best way to optimize photos for PInterest. I have tried to optimize my photos on Pinterest AFTER I pinned them only to discover that my description somehow disappears. Now, even my readers pin an optimized photo right from my blog.

Headshot of Dahn Boquist from Savor the Best

Dahn Boquist

Savor the Best

I absolutely love the Tasty Recipes plugin for my website! I’m so thankful Tasty Recipes has simple instructions on how to convert from another plugin because I had been looking for something like this for a while. With Tasty Recipes I’m able to customize the recipe card to fit my website. One of my favorite features are the “jump to” and “print recipe” links at the top of my posts. I also recently took a free webinar they offered, that taught about SEO and how recipe plugins work. I learned so much! I am very happy with Tasty Recipes, not only do I have a fun recipe card on my website, but they also send me helpful information on a consistent basis to help keep me knowledgable and my site running at it’s best.

Headshot of Abri Fernandez from Abri K Living

Abri Fernandez

Abri K Living

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