As a mommy blogger, pinning to Pinterest is crucial for my blog’s success, but I was having trouble getting my pin descriptions to carry over from my blog to Pinterest when they were pinned. And then I heard about Tasty Pins. Once I started using Tasty Pins, I was hooked. It literally makes setting up my pins 10 times easier than before. I highly recommend that if you are pinning to Pinterest you use Tasty Pins to carry over your pin description for you. It’s one less thing I have to worry about now. Thank you Tasty Pins.

Headshot of Heather McMaster from Very Anxious Mommy

Heather McMaster

Very Anxious Mommy

Tasty Recipes is one of those plugins that once you start using it, you wonder how you managed without it… I had previously been using a recipe module which the developer had baked in to my WordPress theme. I didn’t find this very intuitive or easy to use and worse still, I found it slowed down my site.

After much research I have overhauled my blog, recoding all of my content to use Tasty Recipes. This was quick and easy to do and my site has really benefited from the change. It now loads much quicker, is far more reliable and is much more aesthetically pleasing. An added bonus is my SEO scores have really improved and my recipes are now appearing higher in search results!

Headshot of Tom Frizell-Shackley from Kitchen Notes

Tom Frizell-Shackley

Kitchen Notes

Tasty Pins is an amazing plugin. As a busy mom of 3, Tasty Pins helps me to save time and effort. I can set all the information for each image and blog post in the plugin so I do not need to keep checking Pinterest to make sure the description is correct. Tasty Pins allows for full control over the description and keywords for each image. My favourite feature is that you can set a specific image to be pinned for each blog post. Definetly a must have plugin!

Headshot of Patricia Granek from AtMyTable

Patricia Granek


Tasty Pins is an excellent tool for any blogger. The time it saves me, and the ease of use is invaluable! Having a plugin that allows me to input the title and description of my Pinterest pin, right into the photos I upload to my blog, is a lifesaver! Now I can schedule directly from my blog to Tailwind and save so much time, and every picture pinned from my site already has the SEO info input on the backend, increasing my Pinterest traffic even more!

Headshot of Amy Whitfield from The Speedy Spatula

Amy Whitfield

The Speedy Spatula

Tasty Recipes has been a game-changer for me! Not only is the plugin easy and seamless to use, but my website looks much more professional now to. I don’t know why I waited so long to get it but it’s the best purchase I’ve made for my business!

Headshot of Sharisse Dalby from Sharisse Dalby Nutrition

Sharisse Dalby

Sharisse Dalby Nutrition

I feel like my blog has two lives, before Tasty Pins and after Tasty Pins. What a difference this plugin has made. If you are not using Tasty Pins, you need to be. Tasty Pins allows you to set a description that is perfect for Pinterest, plus an alt text for Google with each image you place on a blog post. I can choose not to have an image offered as a pin option, as some of those images are just not pin-worthy. Oh, and my favorite feature of all, I can hide multiple pins in a post so my readers have lots of pins to choose from, but I don’t have to crowd those tall, Pinterest optimized images into my post. I am slowly but intentionally getting through these old posts and optimizing all of my images for Pinterest and Google with Tasty Pins. I wish I would have purchased Tasty Pins long ago. My advice to you, if you’re thinking about it, do it.

Headshot of Jenny Bhatia from Traveling Party of Four

Jenny Bhatia

Traveling Party of Four

I have LOVED using the Tasty Recipes plug in! Putting your recipes in and optimizing for SEO is a breeze. With Tasty Recipes, putting in a list of ingredients and instructions couldn’t be easier. I save so much time. I love the beautiful design and that the recipe card comes out to match my theme style. The support has been amazing and responsive as well. Getting Tasty Recipes has been worth every penny.

Headshot of Anya from Anya's Cookbook

Anya Gallentine

Anya's Cookbook

I recently invested in Tasty Pins for my travel blog and I have to say – I LOVE it! I was so frustrated by all of the images that came up while trying to pin from my posts, but now that I can disable pinning for most of my images, that problem is going away as I update my older posts. I love that it doesn’t cost a lot, but still makes my life easier. I definitely recommend Tasty Pins for bloggers in any niche who love to use Pinterest.

Headshot of Kiana Bakken from Off the Rock Adventures

Kiana Bakken

Off the Rock Adventures

I was reading advice from other bloggers (whose names I can’t recall at the moment, sorry!) who suggested using Tasty Pins to promote traffic and make it easier to make pins. I thought it was worth looking into and I’m glad I did. Not only is the staff super helpful, but the method works. Thanks, Tasty Pins!

Headshot of Faith B from Blissful Faith

Faith B

Blissful Faith

I’d heard the buzz about Tasty Pins for a long time but was comfortable coding pin descriptions for my site. I finally decided to take the plunge and now I wish I had done it sooner. It’s so easy to add descriptions! Yeah! My goal for the new year is to dig deeper into Tasty Pins functions and to explore the support sections of the website. An amazing tool!

Headshot of Cathy Bennett Kopf from The Open Suitcase

Cathy Bennett Kopf

The Open Suitcase

I live and travel on a sailboat, and the last thing I want to do is spend all day optimizing my site for Pinterest and SEO. I’d much rather be out snorkeling or eating delicious street food. So anything that helps me save time on my blog is important to me. Tasty Pins was a gamechanger. I love that it lets me disable pinning of certain images and force pin the images I knew would get more engagement. It also saves me a ton of time optimizing my images and pins for Pinterest and SEO. So now I can spend more time living my life and creating great content and less time fiddling with the small details that eat up so much time. I highly recommend this plugin for any serious blogger.

Headshot of Melody DiCroce from Saving to Sail

Melody DiCroce

Saving to Sail

I have been using Tasty Pins for close to 18 months now. It has transformed the way I use Pinterest and I learn new ways to use it all the time. Anyone looking to grow Pinterest traffic needs this plugin.

Headshot of Charlotte Jessop from Looking After Your Pennies

Charlotte Jessop

Looking After Your Pennies

Where has Tasty Pins been for my entire blogging career?! I wish I had known about TP from the very beginning. It’s a Godsend for capitalizing on Pinterest seasonal traffic. Finally being able to have season-specific pin covers with the correct keywords live on my blog year-long completely maximized my content creation efforts.

Headshot of Kayla Ihrig from Writing From Nowhere

Kayla Ihrig

Writing From Nowhere

Tasty Pins has been such a lifesaver for me! I’m new to my blogging journey, and I’m also a mom of two. Learning different coding techniques isn’t really something I have time for right now while I’m focusing on growing my blog and writing content. This plugin does everything for me, and adding hidden Pinterest images is so easy! I barely have to do any work other than uploading the image and adding the descriptions.
I know hardly anything about coding, so this really takes my blog to a new level.

Headshot of Hannah Spencer from A Balanced Mom

Hannah Spencer

A Balanced Mom

I am so happy that I purchased Tasty Pins for my blog. It is so easy to work with and makes my life easier for blogging with the Pin descriptions and hashtags. It is great that it is so easy for others to pin the images on Pinterest.

Headshot of Shelly Hughes from Plant Based Foody

Shelly Hughes

Plant Based Foody

I highly recommend using Tasty Recipes! It’s so much easier than other plugins that I’ve used in the past. One of my favorite features is that you can hyperlink within the recipes, which is perfect for connecting affiliate links. It also has a feature to automatically include the “nofollow” code within the links if necessary – which has saved me so much time from coding that myself for my Amazon links! The design and look are so much more aesthetically pleasing, and set-up was a cinch. Thank you for making the ultimate recipe plugin!

Headshot of Melissa Macher from A Grateful Meal

Melissa Macher

A Grateful Meal

Optimising my posts and pins for Pinterest is now so much quicker and easier now thanks to Tasty Pins. I am very bad at anything vaguely technical, but even I was able to figure out 80% of the functionality and try it out in less than an hour. For the remaining 20%, I spoke to their excellent support team who responded promptly and answered all my questions.

Headshot of Rachael Gunn from Champagne on Arrival

Rachael Gunn

Champagne on Arrival

I’ve been looking for something like Tasty Pins for a while. Now that I’ve implemented it, I’m so happy that my readers can easily share and pin my content and the descriptions are already there.
Thumbs up! One plugin that every blogger should use!

Headshot of Viktoria Urbanek from Chronic Wanderlust

Viktoria Urbanek

Chronic Wanderlust

After years of being frustrated with my recipe card plugins I’ve been fortunate enough to install the Tasty Recipes plugin. I’m not very tech-savvy and this has by far been the easiest plugin install I’ve completed without the help of my tech guy! You’re given the option to convert one recipe at a time or a bulk conversion! I also love how flexible the formatting is that you’re allowed to customize the recipe cards to your specific blogging needs. I highly recommend Tasty Recipes!

Headshot of Lisa Summers from Creole Contessa

Lisa Summers

Creole Contessa

As a new blogger, I have spent the past year trying to figure “everything” out. I didn’t want to spend money until I knew what I was doing. I quickly learned that I would never know all the ins and outs and investing in something to help is smart and a huge time saver. I had noticed that most of my traffic was coming from Pinterest and finally decided to add the Tasty Pins plugin. I wish I had done it sooner! The first time I used it my traffic skyrocketed! The plugin is easy to use and I know if I ever need help the WP Tasty crew is right there! I highly recommend adding this plugin if Pinterest is a focus for your blog.

Headshot of Laura Ali from On The Kitchen Shelf

Laura Ali

On The Kitchen Shelf

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