It truly doesn’t matter your niche, if you use Pinterest for your blogging, you need Tasty Pins by your side! I was wasting so much time creating multiple pins, using alt text the wrong way and trying to “hide” them on my own with complicated code. But this plugin makes it so easy and is such a time-saver. Thank you for creating this so I can focus on content creation again and not have to worry about all the small techy stuff!

Headshot of Marlene Srdic from Glitz & Grammar

Marlene Srdic

Glitz & Grammar

I love this plugin! I never could figure out how I could write an alt tag that would also be a good pin description. So I’d been writing custom pin descriptions every time I pinned an image from my site. Now I can write the pin description when I write the post, which is so much faster. And those boring old alt tags never make their way to Pinterest, even when someone else pins the image!

Headshot of Catherine Brock from The Budget Fashionista

Catherine Brock

The Budget Fashionista

When I decided it was time to step up my Pinterest game, getting Tasty Pins was a no-brainer. It’s a brilliant solution to a difficult problem, super easy to install and use. I really couldn’t ask for anything more!

Headshot of Ana Begic from Spoonful of Kindness

Ana Begic

Spoonful of Kindness

Unlike many of Tasty Recipes users I have been blogging for over 12 years. I liked the look of Tasty Recipes (mostly) and I particularly liked the fact that I could make changes to the CSS. Installation was simple and with the help of excellent support staff (thank you Amber) I was able to make the style changes I wanted so that it fit my blog perfectly. I am confident that Tasty Recipes will help my blog stay in compliance with Google’s every-changing requirements.

Headshot of Katie Zeller from Thyme for Cooking

Katie Zeller

Thyme for Cooking

Tasty Recipes has honestly made a starter blogger like myself, feel less overwhelmed by formatting and presentation. It has enabled me to be a content creator with ease and confidence! I absolutely love their recipe cards and couldn’t imagine by blog without it. It is seriously worthwhile!

Headshot of Mollie Winter from mollie winter

Mollie Winter

Mollie Winter

I write a blog on gluten-free living that includes recipes.
For a reasonable one time fee, I was able to get great features. Converting my already posted recipes was really easy. Writing new recipes is really easy too!
I am really impressed with Tasty Recipes, and I would highly recommend it!

Headshot of Janice Schroeder from Gluten Envy

Janice Schroeder

Gluten Envy

I just started using Tasty Pins and I love it! I hide several pins in my blog post and when someone clicks to pin on my page, they have several pictures to choose from. I have a description for each pin so no matter which pin they choose, my post gets promoted. I can also set to “force pin first pic” and the pic I want to be pinned gets sent to Pinterest. I love Tasty Pins because I get more options to promote my blog post. Furthermore, customer service is readily accessible and that’s important to me. I’m glad I found out about Tasty Pins!

Headshot of Queen Majeeda from Queen Majeeda

Queen Majeeda

Queen Majeeda

I LOVE the hidden image, non-pinnable, and forced pin options. Having one place to enter all this information in an organized and highly efficient manner makes Tasty Pins a real time saver! Also, having a place for Pinterest only text allows me to add my hashtags in the description area and use my ALT tags for Google, then everybody is happy. I also did a speed check on my blog before and after installing Tasty Pins and found no issues with slowing. Tasty Pins is a lightweight plugin that’s a heavy hitter on performance. If you’re on Pinterest, you need this plugin.

Headshot of Sydney Dawes from A Weekend Cook

Sydney Dawes

A Weekend Cook

As any food blogger will attest, we put so much time into our recipes and the idea of handing them over to a plugin can be overwhelming. I was so relieved to have zero issues converting hundreds of older recipes with Tasty Recipes. The process couldn’t have been any simpler for me and creating new recipes is a breeze! I love that I can customize the look to fit my blog (you know how some recipe cards stick out like they don’t belong?) and still easily include links to the products and ingredients I use and recommend.

Headshot of Erin Cox from Real Food and Love

Erin Cox

Real Food and Love

I didn’t believe all the hype around the WP Tasty plugins until I tried Tasty Pins. It is without a doubt the best purchases I’ve made and I’m definitely purchasing the Tasty Recipes and Tasty Links to take my blog even further!

Headshot of Jessica Fuqua from Where'd My Sanity Go

Jessica Fuqua

Where'd My Sanity Go

Tasty Pins has made such a difference to our workflow. We love the amount of time it saves and how easy it is to pop the right content in the right places. Excellent purchase, and such a great price.

Headshot of Sarah & Laura from Wandercooks

Sarah & Laura


The Tasty Pins plugin makes it so much easier to do one of the things that has been most crucial to my blog growth: including hidden Pinterest images on all my blog posts. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried to pin other bloggers’ content only to give up because there’s no good image on the page, and I don’t want to decrease the quality of the content on my Pinterest profile. But when I’ve tried to tell newer bloggers how to use code to hide images, they seem to find it too complex or tedious to do on a regular basis. From now on, I’ll be recommending this plugin to people like that!

Headshot of Ashley Mann from RV Inspiration

Ashley Mann

RV Inspiration

We’ve been using Tasty Pins for several months now, after making the mistake of using alt text for Pin descriptions. I adore that it’s so easy to use and once I plug my descriptions in, no matter what photo is pinned, it’s properly keyworded, hashtagged and named. I get multiple notices a day stating “Your Pin is a Success”! One has gone viral with almost 300K views and nearing 2.5K Pins and growing. Very happy that I made the decision to add Tasty Pins to our site. Thanks so much!

Headshot of Angela Greven from Mean Green Chef

Angela Greven

Mean Green Chef

I found hiding images with HTML very hard but with Tasty Pins, I got huge help as well as traffic increase to my brand new website. Tasty Pins is my #1 recommended tool for Pinterest beginners.

Headshot of Neha Jaspal from smartyblogger

Neha Jaspal


Tasty Pins is amazing! I love that I can choose which images from the blog post are okay for my readers to pin. That alone has reduced the number of visitors pinning non-vertical pins.

Now, I’m able to create additional pins for every post and hide them to avoid overwhelming the reader with too many pin images.

This plugin is easy to use and install. After three clicks, everything was up and running on my site which allowed me to fix some of the blog posts without wasting time.

It also gave me a place for Pinterest description. Before, I was typing the description in the alt text section. I knew that it was wrong but adjusting the HTML was too overwhelming. Fortunately, Tasty Pins solved that problem too!

I highly recommend Tasty Pins!

Headshot of Lynelle Sanchez from Mom Succeeds

Lynelle Sanchez

Mom Succeeds

I love this plugin and I think it was worth every cent! I am already seeing a growth in my repins and I have more visitors from Pinterest!

What I like most about this plugin is that I can add all the descriptions without extra codes. This plug-in makes it super simple to hide pins, add a description for Pinterest, add a Pinterest tracking id and such. I can choose which pictures I don’t want to be pinned, and I love that!

The plugin is also super simple to install and use. They also offer support if you have any problems. Thumps up from me!

Headshot of Ragnhild Hynne from

Ragnhild Hynne


I was pulling my hair out until I found WP Tasty. Once I installed Tasty Recipes, my blog turned out to be exactly what I envisioned. I received exceptional customer service and a special CSS code to help me customize my recipe card, which made all the difference in my design. I couldn’t be more pleased with the results! I also purchased Tasty Pins and can’t imagine publishing a food blog without this incredible plugin. My monthly views on Pinterest have skyrocketed since I started using Tasty Pins. I’m a happy girl!

Headshot of Debi Morgan from Quiche My Grits

Debi Morgan

Quiche My Grits

So excited to have found Tasty Pins! Super customer service. Tasty Pins makes optimizing my photos for Pinterest a piece of cake! I’d totally recommend this plugin!

Headshot of MaryAnn Dwyer from The Beach House Kitchen

MaryAnn Dwyer

The Beach House Kitchen

So I have been a bucket list blogger for several years and have had some “minor” success with Pinterest but to be honest, it was originally just dumb luck!
Thus when I learned that Tasty Pins can help me provide better descriptions to help people find what they may need, I was so relieved.
I have a lot of back work to do in fixing old pins but the team at Tasty Pins has been helping me with the right information and have been pleasantly quick and nice when I ask even the silliest of questions. Also, they have been providing me with some “Extras” from their blog that I plan on using to take The Bucket List Project to the next level.

Headshot of Eric Gamble from The Bucket List Project

Eric Gamble

The Bucket List Project

Tasty Pins saved the day! I was going crazy trying to figure out the issues my site was having putting pin descriptions and keywords in the proper place, and Tasty Pins completely resolved the problem! Tasty Pins makes it SO easy to ensure my pin descriptions read exactly as I want them to, so those pins can keep sending traffic to my site. Excellent purchase, well worth the small price!

Headshot of Tracey Skafidas from This Blog is Popular!

Tracey Skafidas

This Blog is Popular!

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