Excellent recipe plugin – good features and a variety of looks for your recipe card.
Had one problem with the scaling and conversion on my recipes and emailed WP Tasty Support. They were super helpful and friendly and found a solution very quickly. Great plugin and customer service!

Hazel Trevennor

The Dizzy Dieter

I am so happy that I chose Tasty Recipes as a recipe card for my low-carb food blog. It is designed so nicely and it is so much more convenient for my readers, they really love it! Also, I can see a Google improvement only after 4 weeks. I can really recommend it!

Headshot of Jasmin Mengele - Soulfood LowCarberia from https://lowcarberia-blog.de/

Jasmin Mengele

lowcarberia blog

I hesitated to buy the Tasty Recipes plugin because I’m not a food and recipe blog. I was frustrated with how my recipes looked on the page, so I bought Tasty Recipes and I’m so glad I did. It’s so easy to use and the recipes look beautiful and professional.

Headshot of Candice C from Mom in Italy

Candice C

Mom in Italy

I already have signed up for Tasty Pins, and recently added Tasty Links to my arsenal. Next up would be Tasty Recipes to complete the set.

It’s a bit of a learning curve, but I am getting there. The support is incredible and only an email away. Thank you for the fantastic feedback I have received on queries.

The Tasty Links plugin is such a timesaver and I love it as it makes it incredibly easy to link ingredients and products and have all my links only a click away and no need to hunt for them all over. I look forward to working with Tasty for many years to come.

Headshot of Esmé Slabbert from EsmeSalon

Esmé Slabbert


Tasty Pins has been fantastic in helping me grow my Pinterest following and blog traffic!

Headshot of Mia Ford from Oh So Aesthetic

Mia Ford

Oh So Aesthetic

I have only been using Tasty Links for a short time but it has already made a huge positive change in my workflow and income. It’s so awesome how this plugin allows me to add affiliate links of any kind very quickly and easily. I wish that I didn’t procrastinate for so long before purchasing it! I should have realized what a benefit Tasty Links and Tasty Pins would be since I have loved using Tasty Recipes for quite a while. Thanks so much for such wonderful plugins!!!

Headshot of Sandy Axelrod from The Traveling Locavores

Sandy Axelrod

The Traveling Locavores

Tasty Recipes has been an absolute DREAM to my blog – I don’t know how I would manage without it.

As a new food blogger, I was not wanting to spend more money than needed, but when it came to my recipe card, I knew I had to invest in Tasty Recipes. The flexibility, the ease of unit conversions (no more manual calculations for me!) was a game-changer! I love the plugin so much, I’ve purchased the complete set – Tasty Pins & Tasty Links.

If you’re a new blogger like me, invest in this now so you can focus on doing what you do best. Your future self will thank you.

Headshot of Christina Willis from Wild & Whelm

Christina Willis

Wild & Whelm

I looked everywhere for a recipe plugin that was easy to use and did everything I needed it to do. I had about decided it didn’t exist when I found WP Tasty Recipes which I promptly forgot the name of and where I had seen it. I finally found it again and installed in on my website

Nothing is perfect, or so I’ve been told, but WP Tasty Recipes comes darn close. And the customer service is stellar. In my opinion there isn’t another recipe plugin that even comes close. When the makers use what they create there’s a good chance they thought of just about everything. Make yourself really happy and get WP Tasty Recipes. You’ll be glad you did.

Headshot of Dale Baker from G6PD Deficiency and Favism

Dale Baker

G6PD Deficiency and Favism

As a new food blogger trying to figure everything out, Tasty Links has made it SO EASY to add affiliate links. I love how it integrates with Tasty Recipes and allows me to put both the product links and images at the bottom of my recipe card with just the click of a button. Highly recommend!

Headshot of Nicole Masson from Fresh Apron

Nicole Masson

Fresh Apron

Adding Tasty Recipes to my blog has been a game-changer, my recipes are gaining more traction and they look amazing to print or pin.
I really think that has helped for my SEO because I gain more visits since I add the plugin.
Also, I love that it is not an extra step for me, I will open the plugin a write my recipe in there instead of doing it in the post.

Headshot of Valeria from Canguro Criollo


Canguro Criollo

For the longest time, I’ve put off adding Amazon ad blocks to my posts because I just didn’t like the way they looked. So I only used text links to ingredients. But I really liked the simplicity of the Tasty Links formatting, so I went in and added ad blocks in the posts and equipment links in the recipe cards to about 1/4 of my recipes. I also created two stores, one for ingredients and one for equipment. Well, the jump in affiliate revenue has been significant, to say the least. I’m literally making 10 times what I was with just the text links. And I feel like these ads are actually very user-friendly and offer a way for my audience to quickly find what they are looking for. Win-win!

Headshot of Emily Krill from Resolution Eats

Emily Krill

Resolution Eats

Tasty Pins has been a fantastic addition to my Pinterest toolkit this year. It makes it so easy to optimise your blog posts for sharing on Pinterest and getting better engagement on the platform.

Headshot of Sophie Lane from Hare's Kitchen

Sophie Lane

Hare's Kitchen

Tasty Links is the best! Having one central place to store all of my affiliate links is genius. It makes writing new blog posts so much faster. I never have to worry about putting in links incorrectly, and it’s so simple to make any updates or changes (rather than slogging through all of my old posts to update them). I definitely recommend it!

Headshot of Kimberly Salem from Limoncello Kitchen

Kimberly Salem

Limoncello Kitchen

Tasty Pins has helped me seamlessly connect my blog and my Pinterest account. Before setting it up, pinning from my website was confusing and lacked important info like pin descriptions. Being able to set keyword-rich descriptions, the correct title, and disable pinning on certain images, has really clarified my approach to getting my recipes to Pinterest.

Headshot of Christine Egan from Bite your Cravings

Christine Egan

Bite your Cravings

The Tasty Recipe plugin and Team are absolutely amazing. The easy to use features of the plugin and the team’s prompt and friendly response to questions have made setting up my new site a much more enjoyable experience. Thank you all for everything you do.

P.S. The Tasty Pins plugin is just as awesome. 😁 I will try out the Tasty Links plugin once I have an affiliate program to make full use of it.

Headshot of Josh Shipley from The Extra Slice

Josh Shipley

The Extra Slice

I’ve been using Tasty Pins for a few months now and I’m super impressed! It’s allowed me to spend less time optimizing for Pinterest and more time creating blog posts and running my business. I especially love being able to create hidden image Pins and choosing what images Pinners can choose from.

Headshot of Lori from Lori Geurin


Lori Geurin

I’ve been blown away by the support for WP Tasty. I didn’t expect customer support to take on our feedback and develop a migration for Mediavine’s Create plugin.

Not only that, but their development team found a way to bring over our reviews, which was a massive win.

I’m pleased with how the new recipe cards look and perform, and I feel more confident than ever knowing that we’re delivering a top-notch user experience.

Headshot of Maša Ofei from The Minimalist Vegan

Maša Ofei

The Minimalist Vegan

I’m so happy with choosing WP tasty as my recipe plug-in. It’s easy to use, you can custom your design so it follows perfectly to your own overall aesthetics and I’ve noticed that my readers appreciate it very much as well, since the plug-in makes my recipes easy to follow, print and pin.

Headshot of Nina Cederholm from Nina Cederholm

Nina Cederholm

Nina Cederholm

I have been food blogging without a recipe plugin for over a year. What was I thinking? Integrating WP Tasty was seamless and I wish I had added it to my site from the beginning. The recipe cards are so beautiful, easy to read and completely customizable. You won’t regret this amazing plug-in!

Headshot of Beth Bollinger from Nest Wellness

Beth Bollinger

Nest Wellness

Great plugin. Easy to install. Great communication and follow up. Easy customisable Pin It button. Love the hidden pins feature and also that I can force it as the pin to be saved. Also like how you can add a pin title and description to the images. My main reason for getting tasty pins was for the feature that allows me to disable particular images that I don’t want pinned.

Headshot of Vicki from A Cake On Life


A Cake On Life

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