Could not recommend the Tasty Pins plugin enough! I’m about to launch my blog and from when I found the plugin to activating it throughout my site, the process could not have been more clear, simple, and visually effective. It is my favorite plugin to date. The added resources, guides, and ideas are also definitely a plus!

Headshot of Chrissie Knudsen from Stirs and Stripes

Chrissie Knudsen

Stirs and Stripes

I love Tasty Recipes! It’s so easy to use and converting from another plugin was a breeze!

Headshot of Anne Lawton from Simple and Savory

Anne Lawton

Simple and Savory

Tasty Pins saves me so much time and effort! It’s such a relief to take care of everything in one place without adding any code. And I’m seeing results! The plugin is beautifully designed, super-user friendly and intuitive. Can’t say enough good things!

Headshot of Catherine Culpepper from Lila Ruth Grain Free

Catherine Culpepper

Lila Ruth Grain Free

Tasty Pins is one of the most game-changing plugins I’ve installed on my blog. I never really understood the importance of Pinterest optimization and even less did I understand how to do it! This plugin makes it so easy, saves me tons of time, and boosts my Pinterest traffic. LOVE it!

Headshot of Melina Thompson from Sugary & Buttery

Melina Thompson

Sugary & Buttery

Before finding out about Tasty Recipes, I was looking for a recipe plugin that would be customisable and easy & quick to use (given the number of posts that need to be published).

Tasty Recipes allowed me to do just that and more as it imported and converted all previous recipes published with the former plugin. Plus it offers a lot more features and is, therefore, more flexible in terms of what one wants to do with it.

In short, I’m just loving the Tasty Recipes experience!

Headshot of Marie Dubreuil from On my way • by Marie

Marie Dubreuil

On my way • by Marie

I have been blogging for 4 years and have struggled with recipe plugins the whole time. Despite knowing I needed a solution, I didn’t have a clue where to start. Converting my old recipes to a new plugin was my biggest hang up and it caused me to sit on the issues for a long time. One day I came across Tasty Recipes and realized it was exactly what I had been looking for! The format and ease of use is perfect for food bloggers. I love that it was created with food bloggers in mind and had all the little details a food blogger needs. Not only that, the support page made it easy for me to see exactly how to convert my old recipes and fixing my issues without loosing any of my content. Thank you for creating this amazing plugin!

Headshot of Dana Carvell from Pretty Little Apron

Dana Carvell

Pretty Little Apron

We purchased Tasty Pins a few weeks ago. After updating our pins we are starting to see increased traffic to our site. Being able to describe your pin to both Pinterest and Google as well as block images you don’t want pinned is so valuable. We love Tasty Pins.

Headshot of Jacob Gabbard from Just Financial Freedom

Jacob Gabbard

Just Financial Freedom

I really appreciate the simplicity of the plugin! For me, Pinterest is the main marketing tool and to find something so reliable and easy to use means a lot. I am better organised with Pinterest now thanks to you! The documentation is well-written, the whole company vibe is so welcoming for an exhausted-by-Wordpress non-techie like myself. I am very happy to have found you guys!

Headshot of Daria Storozhilova from Smart English Learning

Daria Storozhilova

Smart English Learning

I needed a simple plugin for my website to allow Pinterest descriptions. This is simple to use and doesn’t slow down my website!

Headshot of Alexis Rochester from Chemistry Cachet

Alexis Rochester

Chemistry Cachet

Tasty Pins has upped my Pinterest game like nothing else. Since downloading the plugin and optimizing my Pinterest text, I have seen a HUGE increase in traffic. Plus, I know that the great folks at WP Tasty are always there in case I run into problems along the way. Can’t thank them enough!

Headshot of Sam MacAvoy from Sam’s Dinner Diary

Sam MacAvoy

Sam’s Dinner Diary

I was so excited to hear about Tasty Pins on the Simple Pin Media podcast that I went straightaway to the website and bought it. I have struggled for years with trying to figure out how to please Google and still have a great Pin description. Now, it’s so easy! It’s like I breathe a sigh of relief every time I fill in those fields. Thank you, WP Tasty! (And I’m twirling my “mustache” when I say “WP Tasty.”)

Headshot of Nancy Basile from Media Medusa

Nancy Basile

Media Medusa

I was looking for an easy way to up my Pinterest game and I stumbled on Tasty Pins. It’s super simple, but that’s where its value lies. It’s very easy to use and it makes it a snap to optimize your blogs for Pinterest.


Headshot of Eric Leslie from Eric Leslie Photography

Eric Leslie

Eric Leslie Photography

Tasty Pins has definitely increased my brand awareness on Pinterest – I enjoyed their helpful tutorial that made it simple to understand and use to promote my blog. The results were instant!

Headshot of Erika J Villalobos from Essentially Erika

Erika J Villalobos

Essentially Erika

A friend told me about the Tasty Pins plugin a few weeks ago and I bought it right away. I love that I can upload multiple Pinterest images to each post without having all of them visible and slowing down my pages. I also love that I can set different Alt text and Pinterest descriptions. I think the plugin was worth the purchase and I enjoy using it. Thanks!

Headshot of Sophie Elise from My Cup Runs Over

Sophie Elise

My Cup Runs Over

Tasty Pins has allowed me to make sure that SEO for both Google/Bing and Pinterest is on point. Now, I can make sure that both of these top traffic sources are following best practices. And it’s so user-friendly!

Headshot of Tania Lau from Cooking For My Soul

Tania Lau

Cooking For My Soul

I love Tasty Pins! It is so easy to use. Optimizing my images for both SEO and Pinterest is a breeze and I can disable and hide pins with the click of the mouse, no coding required! This is one plugin I recommend to all my clients!

Headshot of Lori Riddle from The FitFilled Life

Lori Riddle

The FitFilled Life

After telling my web developer I needed an easier way to manage the pins so we could reshare more often, I was thrilled to discover Tasty Pins. It’s the perfect solution to manage this content & now, we’re reviewing our social process to decide how to make Tasty Pins an integral part of our weekly process.

Headshot of Tina Gleisner from Home Tips for Women

Tina Gleisner

Home Tips for Women

Tasty Pins really helps streamline my technical process. I can easily tweak my pins so they are not pinnable, and I love the custom description that’s available for each pin. I definitely recommend Tasty Pins. It’s affordable, flexible, and better for SEO.

Headshot of Audrey Marshall from Mommy Enlightened

Audrey Marshall

Mommy Enlightened

Tasty Pins is my new favourite thing when it comes to Pinterest tools. If you have a WordPress site, and you want to optimize your images for sharing to Pinterest.. then you need this plugin. It’s a huge part of growing your Pinterest traffic.

Headshot of Donna Moritz from Socially Sorted

Donna Moritz

Socially Sorted

Tasty Recipes is the perfect mix of form and function. Making recipes not only look fantastic on my site but also making SEO optimization an absolute breeze. Not to mention, their support staff is beyond friendly and speedy in reply!

Headshot of Josh Johnson from The Kentucky Gent

Josh Johnson

The Kentucky Gent

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