This product is so damn clever. Such a simple and novel idea. Thank you again!

Headshot of Shawn Williams

Shawn Williams

Kitchen Swagger

Tasty Pins was just the plugin I needed to optimize my site! I always questioned whether or not I should make my alt text geared towards Pinterest, and I finally received a clear answer and solution to that problem with Tasty Pins! I recommend this plugin to any blogger!

Headshot of Sabrina Russo from Brina's Bites

Sabrina Russo

Brina's Bites

Tasty Recipes not only provides awesome templates for your recipes, but also lets you feel at ease that you’re doing the best you can for SEO for your site. I recommend this plugin to any blogger!

Headshot of Sabrina Russo from Brina's Bites

Sabrina Russo

Brina's Bites

Just wanted to thank you guys for being so awesome! I put off getting Tasty Recipes for months and I am BEYOND glad I did. I’ve really seen myself go up in search so thank you!

Headshot of Allie McDonald

Allie McDonald

Miss Allie's Kitchen

I learned about Tasty Recipes through my enrollment with Food Blogger Pro! I am just starting my blog so everything can get a bit overwhelming but having a plugin like Tasty Recipes really helps! Installing the plugin took about 2 minutes and I started using it right away! So easy to navigate!! It’s divided in all the sections you will need, description, ingredients, instructions, notes and also has prep time, cook time, yield, category. It really has all of the key information your readers will need! Thanks Tasty Recipes for making my blogging debut much easier, I would give it 5 stars!

Headshot of Natalie Cormier from The Lakehouse Kitchen

Natalie Cormier

The Lakehouse Kitchen

Tasty Pins plugin is a must for all bloggers! I am able to optimize my images for both Pinterest and SEO. Not only that, I am able to hide images on Pinterest instead of coding it myself. This has saved me so much time. I love this plugin!

Headshot of Amy Tinnin from A Cup Full of Sass

Amy Tinnin

A Cup Full of Sass

I was using the alt text for my Pinterest description like so many bloggers, then I found out that this wasn’t good for my SEO ???? and this was a big big problem. I didn’t want to lose my Pinterest description that I have made that are so important for my Pinterest traffic, but using the alt text for that was not good at all for my SEO, thankfully I found your amazing plugin and problem solved!!!! My next purchase is going to be Tasty Recipes for sure!!! Thanks a lot guys for the amazing work!!

Headshot of Citlalli Barberis from Sabores de mi Huerto

Citlalli Barberis

Sabores de mi Huerto

You are told you need things like structured data and need to have good SEO, but as a baking blogger I don’t have all the knowledge or the time to ensure I am practicing everything I should. I adore that Tasty Recipes takes care of this, and I LOVE that you can see how the recipe will look without previewing the page. It’s also so easy to link into other recipes within the recipe card. Very happy with this product! 🙂

Headshot of Elizabeth Waterson from Confessions of a Baking Queen

Elizabeth Waterson

Confessions of a Baking Queen

Tasty Pins has been a game changer for me. Being a solo-entrepreneur means my time in incredibly limited. Tasty Pins gives me more control on how my images show up in Pinterest without having to do anything fancy with the code. This means less steps for me, as well as the peace of mind that everything was done correctly and I didn’t break anything!

Headshot of Karlie Bryant from Diet Confessionals

Karlie Bryant

Diet Confessionals

Since using Tasty Pins, we have truly stepped up our Pinterest game! I love that we are able to include the Pinterest text that we want, and have added hashtags, which help us get discovered on Pinterest. It was also great to be able to disable ads from being pinned, which gives us a more professional look. The best thing, though, is that it has opened a new traffic stream into our blog – traffic from Pinterest! This is such a powerful channel for food bloggers, that you have to learn how to optimize for it. As a new food blog, we really feel like we’ve gotten off to a running start with Tasty Pins!

Headshot of Maren  Auxier from Date Night Meals

Maren Auxier

Date Night Meals

The Tasty Pins plugin is just perfect for me. It was easy to install and is simple to use! I am happy in the knowledge that by using this plugin, I am optimising my blog’s SEO. One other benefit of this plugin, which is often overlooked, is that when you purchase Tasty Pins (or Tasty Recipes) you get an extremely helpful, patient and personal customer service experience if anything should go wrong (not that I would expect it to!). I would recommend this plugin to anyone looking to grow their blog!

Headshot of Marianne Duquemin from Pointed Kitchen

Marianne Duquemin

Pointed Kitchen

I realized I was doing SEO and Pinterest all wrong. I am so grateful for this plugin. A majority of my traffic is Pinterest based. Tasty Pins makes it so easy to add proper hashtags and hide multiple pins with their plugin. Best of all, I don’t have to worry about Pinterest hashtags or descriptions interfering and competing with my websites SEO. I can now separately focus on SEO with Google keywords and hashtags with Pinterest keywords. Before I didn’t realize that hashtags and pin-worthy descriptions would interfere with my Google rankings (or lack thereof). If you use Pinterest for traffic, this plugin is a game changer!

Headshot of Chanele L. from Good Life of a Housewife

Chanele L.

Good Life of a Housewife

So far I’m loving Tasty Links. It’s reduced my workload already.

Susie Collings

Everyday Cooks

Tasty Pins was recommended to me a few weeks ago and I initially hesitated to push checkout on my shopping cart. Now I am wondering why? This is an amazing plug in that truly helps simplify the process. Adding a unique Pinterest description is so important in today’s blog world. How do we expect to get found if we don’t make the effort right? With time being at a premium we are all searching for ways to speed up the “publish” button. Tasty Pins allows you to easily add in a Pinterest description, limit what gets pinned, and all quickly and efficiently.. The investment is far less than I have spent on many other learning ventures. Take the plunge, you honestly will not regret it.

Headshot of Linda Cassidy from A Labour of Life

Linda Cassidy

A Labour of Life

For several years I was happy with simply typing out my recipes, wary of trying another plugin due to my past experiences. It was finally suggested to me to incorporate a recipe plugin for SEO purposes, and I found several options. I have followed Pinch of Yum for many years, and I trust them. I knew if they created a recipe plugin, they would make sure it was always relevant and up-to-date, so I didn’t hesitate to go with Tasty Recipes. I didn’t realize it would be so simple to use! I love that I can earn extra ad income via the plugin, and I love the different beautiful ways I can display my recipe cards. Thank you, WP Tasty!

Danielle Baethge

It's a Love/Love Thing

I’m so happy to see that someone finally created a plugin to solve this problem!

Kristie Hill

Kristie Hill

Tasty Pins is so much easier than messing with Pinterest friendly coding by hand. No more using alt text out of convenience for Pinterest descriptions and losing Google juice. Now we pop in the right text for everything and we’re done. I also like the option to disable pinning to help keep people from pinning the “ugly” photos.

Headshot of Laurie Neverman from Common Sense Home

Laurie Neverman

Common Sense Home

I love this plugin already! I am lucky to make $10 a month on Amazon and this is going to make inserting those links so much easier for me. I love that I can put the (affiliate) behind the link so there is no question which links are affiliate links.

Headshot of Sheri Ann Richerson

Sheri Ann Richerson

Experimental Homesteader

Finally! A plugin that easily allows you to write great image descriptions for Pinterest and SEO – and it’s easy to use! I felt like I was always struggling to balance the two before, and therefore, not doing either particularly well. Tasty Pins makes it so easy to write great descriptive text for both, providing a great framework for growing bloggers!

Headshot of Meg Hemmelgarn from Green With Decor

Meg Hemmelgarn

Green With Decor

I’m loving my Tasty Recipe plugin! There are so many options out there and as a new-ish food blogger its hard to know what is best-Tasty Recipes to the rescue! THANK YOU!!!

Headshot of Sam Adler from Frosting and Fettuccine

Sam Adler

Frosting and Fettuccine

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