Tasty Links has quickly become one of my favorite plugins. It’s so simple to set up and use. My food blog is ad-free and focuses on affiliate marketing so having a tool like Tasty Links has become an absolute necessity!

Headshot of Alexa McKay from Board & Apron

Alexa McKay

Board & Apron

As part-time NYC bloggers who also have full-time jobs and a teen daughter, Tasty Links is such a great tool to save us, what we lack most, which is time. It works seamlessly with Tasty Recipes and Nutrifox. We love that we can find our favorite products and add the link once and it will automatically be linked to any keyword. The perfect “set it and forget it” linking plugin. Furthermore, support was great and tireless. Thank you!

Headshot of Andrew and Brenda Tolentino from Easy Weeknight Meals

Andrew and Brenda Tolentino

Easy Weeknight Meals

Tasty Links makes writing blog posts and recipes so much faster! I love the import from Amazon feature for building affiliate links with images. Customer support is – as always – terrific.

Headshot of Briana Thomas from Briana Thomas

Briana Thomas

Briana Thomas

Tasty Links has been a total game changer for my affiliate links!! I recommend the same products in all of my blog posts, so having the ability to enter the affiliate link once, in one place, saves me time, ensures consistency within my content and guarantees I’ll never miss an opportunity for affiliate income!

I also feel secure knowing that if I ever need to change my affiliate link, I can easily do so within the plugin rather than going back through all of my posts having to search for every link I added.

Adding Tasty Links to my blogging strategy was a no-brainer!! Thank you so much for this plugin!!

Headshot of Liz Capozzoli from Owlbbaking

Liz Capozzoli


Tasty Links saves me so much time. Instead of manually adding affiliate links for the items I use and write about often, I’m able to link all the items automatically. I also love being able to link the equipment needed for the recipe right in the recipe card as affiliate links with images.

Headshot of Brittany Mullins from Eating Bird Food

Brittany Mullins

Eating Bird Food

Tasty Links has helped save me so much time when publishing a piece of content for my blog! I used to find myself spending loads of time linking and re-linking the same links to my affiliates for each piece of content. It wasted a lot of my time and I began to hate doing that part of publishing content. Once I got Tasty Links, I’m now able to set up links using key phrases and terms that automatically link every time. It’s a dream come true and saves me so much time that I now use on much more productive things. I am so thankful for the whole suite of WP Tasty products. WP Tasty’s support is top-notch as well. Every time I have a question, someone gets back to me within a day and it’s always a real live person, not a bot. I highly appreciate that personalized attention and response time! Thanks so much to WP Tasty for making affordable, time-saving products that make my life as a blogger so much easier!

Headshot of Kimberlee Ho from kickassbaker

Kimberlee Ho


Tasty Links has allowed me to remove the “add affiliate links” to my huge checklist of things to do for each new post. Anything that gives me time back to work on other things is a big win in my book!

Headshot of Leslie Kiszka from Stress Baking

Leslie Kiszka

Stress Baking

Tasty Links makes it easy for me to add Amazon affiliate links to my posts, and simplifies linking back to core content. Highly recommended!

Headshot of Mike Vrobel from Dad Cooks Dinner

Mike Vrobel

Dad Cooks Dinner

Tasty Links has been a total GODSEND. It makes it incredibly easy to link ingredients and products to Amazon Affiliates – in just one click, populating my whole entire blog. So simple! I’ve seen a significant increase in an affiliate income after installing this – I highly recommend it!

Headshot of Sylvia Fountaine from Feasting at Home

Sylvia Fountaine

Feasting at Home

I am in love with Tasty Links plugin, and I cannot imagine writing posts by manually including affiliate links. It is one of the best plugin investments I have made!

Headshot of Irina Karulina from Baking Like a Chef

Irina Totterman

Baking Like a Chef

Tasty Links has been such a timesaver when building out blog posts. Not only can I easily link to the affiliate programs and products that I often recommend, but I have also set up links for my blog’s social media accounts and many of my recipes and pages, which allows me to build internal links with ease.

Headshot of Kristina Todini from Fork in the Road

Kristina Todini

Fork in the Road

Tasty Links has made a huge difference in my life. Adding social media and affiliate links automatically to each post keeps me focused while working. My blog is bilingual, and the plugin works like magic in both languages. The customer service is excellent, by the way.

Headshot of Alejandra Graf from Piloncillo&Vainilla / BrownSugar&Vanilla

Alejandra Graf

Piloncillo&Vainilla / BrownSugar&Vanilla

I love that you just put the link in once and then it auto-populates for you! There are 1000 other things to worry about so having this option is so nice, and if you don’t want it linked you just click to unlink it – so easy!

Headshot of Elizabeth Waterson from Confessions of a Baking Queen

Elizabeth Waterson

Confessions of a Baking Queen

I just downloaded Tasty Recipes, Tasty Links, Tasty Pins, and Nutrifox and am loving the easy functionality of all of them! The team has been amazing at answering questions and helping me get set up, and the plugins are going to save me so much time. I love the classy look of the recipe plugin, and Tasty Links is so easy to use, especially with the feature that allows me to add affiliate links with their corresponding pictures straight from Amazon with a simple copy and paste! Highly recommend these quality plugins – and the team behind them.

Headshot of Briana Thomas from Briana Thomas

Briana Thomas

Briana Thomas

I highly recommend WP Tasty products. I have all three plus Nutrifox. They are easy to use and for a new food blogger like myself, they are also extremely helpful. Tasty Pins helps me to ensure I have all the necessary information I need. Tasty Links saves me so much time. I just add the link one time and it automatically applies the link when I use the keyword. I also love Tasty Recipes. It looks so professional, it has everything I need. I did purchase Nutrifox and I can just grab my code and add it directly to my Tasty Recipes. I can not say enough about these products, they are amazing.

Headshot of Patricia Saunders from Thyme to Change

Patricia Saunders

Thyme to Change

I use all the WP Tasty plugins: Tasty Recipes, Tasty Pins, and ESPECIALLY TASTY LINKS! My affiliate revenue has increased and I no longer have to spend time hyperlinking products. It’s such a simple and novel idea yet renders profound results. And, it’s created by bloggers for bloggers so they understand what we actually “need.” My blog wouldn’t be what it is without WP Tasty and Tasty Links. Thanks so much!

Headshot of Shane Martin from Shane & Simple

Shane Martin

Shane & Simple

I use both Tasty Recipes and Tasty Links on both of my two blogs and they are my favorite plugins. They are always up-to-date and easy to use. The way they integrate together is also very convenient. Thank you for making such a great product that makes my food blogging easier!

Headshot of Melissa Riker from The Happier Homemaker

Melissa Riker

The Happier Homemaker

When you have products you love, you should promote them whenever possible! I LOVE Tasty links because it makes it easier to promote these products without the hassle of having to relink in multiple blog posts. Plus their customer support is incredible and ALWAYS there to help and answer any questions you have.

Headshot of Cassie Benzinger from No Compass Necessary

Cassie Benzinger

No Compass Necessary

I am loving Tasty Links! Easy to install and set up. I no longer have to remember where all my affiliate links are located, just go to Tasty Links, make changes there and the entire site is changed (mind blowing). This is such a time saver, especially for evergreen content in which the products can change with time. New blog, old blog, we all need Tasty Links!!

Headshot of Missy Gooch from Thrive Bites

Missy Gooch

Thrive Bites

I am LOVING Tasty Links! It seriously saved me at least 10-15 minutes every single time I post a recipe, which is 4-5 times a week. I have seen my affiliate link clicks go up and I’m excited to do more affiliate work in the future.

Headshot of Kristina Todini

Kristina Todini

Fork in the Road

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