As a fairly new blogger, I am the first to admit I know nothing about SEO. You get told all the time that your Pinterest images are super important but I had no clue what they were talking about. One day a fellow blogger said you need Tasty Pins and that if you purchase only one thing to help your blog, this is it. She was right! I never have to worry again about optimized Pinterest images, if I’m forgetting something or doing something wrong. I love how easy it is to use and the unlimited support is invaluable. Best money I ever spent to grow my blog!

Headshot of Cindy Richter from County Road 407

Cindy Richter

County Road 407

I was able to set up and start using Tasty Pins in a matter of minutes. It helped me remove multiple steps in my pinning process, saving me minutes on each pin, and hours per week. I like that it’s a specific plugin to do a specific task, and it gets it done at a reasonable cost. This is one of those “lifetime” plugins I’ll keep around as long as Pinterest keeps sending me traffic.

Headshot of Rick Brenes from Food For Net

Rick Brenes

Food For Net

I love this plugin so far! It’s super easy to use and I love having the option of hiding pins until needed! I always wondered how people managed to do that on their blogs, so I’m very happy to be able to do it on mine now! This is the first plugin I’ve ever bought and I’m glad to say I highly recommend it!

Headshot of Sarah Russell from Business Women Thrive

Sarah Russell

Business Women Thrive

Using Tasty Pins has really made using Pinterest much easier. I love how I can either have captions for individual pictures or a default caption for the entire post. And being able to have a hidden Pinterest-only image makes my pins stand out without trying to work that image into the post. Finally, the support team is great…they answer my newbie questions within a day. This is a really useful plugin, and worth the price!

Headshot of Tammy Spencer from Scotch & Scones

Tammy Spencer

Scotch & Scones

Tasty Pins has made my workflow so much faster and easier!! Instead of having to create individual pin captions for each photo that I want to share, when I want to share it, I can do it all at once when I upload my blog! All I have to do from there in click the cute little Pinterest button the shows up on every photo of my website and share it! Tasty Pins saves me so much time and energy!! Highly recommend!!!

Headshot of Marissa Merrill from Marissa Merrill Photography

Marissa Merrill

Marissa Merrill Photography

I was really struggling with Pinterest and couldn’t get the traction I needed. Thankfully, I came across Tasty Pins (quite by accident).

This nifty plugin allowed me to distinguish between the description that Google likes and the one that Pinterest prefers. What a time-saver!

Highly recommended!

Headshot of Jade MacRury from Live A Blissful Life

Jade MacRury

Live A Blissful Life

I purchased Tasty Pins a couple of weeks ago and love what it enables me to do on my website. I try to keep my costs down but Tasty Pins is well worth the money.
It has allowed me to set up only pinnable images I want to be pinned from my posts and include the text along with keeping the alt description. The support has been amazing too.

Headshot of Wendy White from Perthtravelers

Wendy White


This plugin makes pinning so. much. easier. With the ability to add Pinterest text to each image in WP, I no longer have to manually enter it each time I pin an image. This is such a huge time saver for me! Plus, this allows me to use the alt text as it’s intended. Also, being able to force pin an image on each blog post ensures only the best image gets pinned! Tasty Pins is essential for anyone who wants to streamline their pinning process!

Headshot of Ashley Joy Orfe from Ashley Joy Orfe | Organizing. DIY. Frugal Living.

Ashley Joy Orfe

Ashley Joy Orfe | Organizing. DIY. Frugal Living.

I was looking for an easy solution to hide pins within my blog posts when I came across Tasty Pins. I installed it straight away and it was the perfect solution plus more! I love that I can hide additional pins with a single click, block certain images from being able to be pinned, and easily create my pin description so I can utilize my ALT text for SEO as it should be! I highly recommend to those looking for a plugin to help with their pinning strategy.

Headshot of Allison Banfield from Proud Happy Mama

Allison Banfield

Proud Happy Mama

Tasty Pins has been such a game-changer for me! It’s streamlined my work process so much and has helped me capitalize on the traffic I get. I love that I can attribute the images to a particular instance of a pin, and it’s made a difference in my traffic. I also love that it makes it easy to optimize for both Pinterest and SEO. It’s saved me tons of time and given me such great results – now that I see how much better my results are with it, I only wish I’d purchased it sooner!

Headshot of Alexa Blay from Key To My Lime

Alexa Blay

Key To My Lime

Tasty Pins was as easy to install and start as everyone said it was! Tasty Pins will bring you more blog views because it will help to improve your SEO on Google, and on Pinterest.

This tool has made my job easier, and on top of that, it is a lightweight plugin and is built to keep page speed in mind. If you are looking for a tool that will bring you more views, is simple and easy to use, and makes an immediate difference, then Tasty Pins is a great investment.

Headshot of Chrissy Serrano from Chrissy Marie Blog

Chrissy Serrano

Chrissy Marie Blog

My Pinterest routine was completely revolutionized by Tasty Pins. The hidden images option on my blog is a vital tool to my Pinterest strategy and overall success. It’s fast, convenient, and there is no learning curve involved because of how user-friendly it is. I also had a great experience with customer service responding promptly and assisting me through my initial set up. Tasty Pins is the way to go. I wish I had found it sooner!

Headshot of Alyssa Hunt from The Life Hunt

Alyssa Hunt

The Life Hunt

Tasty Pins allows me to create targeted messaging for both my SEO and Pinterest growth. It is super user-friendly, easy to set up and integrate into your blog posts and the price is unbeatable! If you are on the cusp of buying this but want to make a serious dent into your Pinterest growth I cannot recommend this plugin enough!

Headshot of Ann-Christin Robejsek from Life & Lemons

Ann-Christin Robejsek

Life & Lemons

I’ve been so pleased with my experience using Tasty Pins! It’s super simple to install and use, and it has definitely helped to streamline things on Pinterest. I’ve seen a noticeable increase in my number of repins since I began using it just a few weeks ago! What I really love is that the team is super friendly and quick to respond to any questions.

Headshot of Laura Miner from Cook at Home Mom

Laura Miner

Cook at Home Mom

Tasty Pins has made Pinterest descriptions so much easier. I was never sure where Pinterest was grabbing my descriptions from and it always seemed rather random. I read about Tasty Pins on the web, and was a bit skeptical – but Tasty Pins was simple to install, easy to set up, and even simpler to get to know how to use. I love being able to write my description and hashtags for Pinterest before I even leave my WordPress dashboard and know that it’s going to work every time. To begin with, I thought Tasty Pins was only for food bloggers, but it’s been great for me as a fashion and lifestyle blogger. A revelation really. Thanks, guys – loving Tasty Pins.

Headshot of Jo Castro from Lifestyle Fifty

Jo Castro

Lifestyle Fifty

When I started a blog, I knew that there would be technical aspects that I would need to learn. I struggle with work on the backend of my site, and making sure descriptions are in the right spot to optimize my images is something that I wanted to make sure I was doing correctly. With Tasty Pins, there is a box specifically for the Pin descriptions… No more guessing where to put pin descriptions. This has really simplified my Pinterest game. I should have gotten Tasty Pins sooner!

Headshot of Shelby DeVore from Farminence

Shelby DeVore


Tasty Pins has been a game-changer for my Pinterest strategy. I spent so MUCH time adding HTML code for my descriptions and hiding my Pinterest images. Now, I focus my time on creating new content and new images instead of adding lines of code.

The forced pin option and the non-pinnable option give me control over my content. Now, my visitor can share my recipes using the image that I personally optimized for Pinterest. This is just brilliant!

Headshot of Maria Campos from The Cookware Geek

Maria Campos

The Cookware Geek

Tasty Pins has been a game-changer for my blog/business. My traffic has already tripled in the last month from implementing the use of Tasty Pins. It allows me to add the perfect alt text and Pinterest description for every image. Amazing plugin. Highly recommended. Game-changer.

Headshot of Karen Dandes from KK Simply Creates

Karen Dandes

KK Simply Creates

Tasty Pins is an indispensable addition to my website. The ease with which I can add text and hashtags to my pins and that the information travels with the image into Pinterest via Tailwind or when pinned by a reader is my favorite feature. Every blogger should have Tasty Pins.

Headshot of Fleda Bennie from Women Ministering

Fleda Bennie

Women Ministering

Tasty Pins is a game-changer! I have a new blog, teaching people how to create a WordPress website. My main focus has been SEO both through Google and Pinterest. Using Tasty Pins has saved me so much time and helped me to become much more efficient and organised with my blog posts. Thanks so much! I highly recommend purchasing Tasty Pins – so glad I found you guys!

Headshot of Melinda Mifsud from PlinkIt

Melinda Mifsud


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