We started using Tasty Recipes and Tasty Pins early on, and the structured data you get from Tasty products is worth every penny (and more).

When Tasty Roundups came out, we purchased it immediately. Within this first month, we are getting 10s of thousands of new impressions with almost no effort. Repurposing content that is helpful to customers and that Google finds quickly is a blessing.

Many people who come to my blog are entirely new to Afghan food. Because of that, offering roundups is an excellent way for people to get the “basics.”

Get Tasty Roundups now. You won't regret it.

Mirriam Z Seddiq

Afghan Cooks

I am so glad to have the Tasty Roundups tool for my blog. Since applying Tasty Roundups to my roundup posts, I have seen increased traffic to individual recipes featured in my roundups. A must have tool for any food blogger!

Headshot of Alex Aldeborgh from Daisybeet

Alex Aldeborgh


Tasty is always creating plugins that make life easier for us bloggers and Tasty Roundups is no different. I absolutely love this new plugin! Time is so precious for us bloggers and it helps me easily repurpose old content without having to spend time on creating custom layouts. It creates beautiful eye-catching posts that's of course easily customizable! Don't hesitate to add this plugin to your arsenal.

Headshot of Hannah Dela Cruz from Make It Dough

Hannah Dela Cruz

Make It Dough

Thanks to this plugin, putting together a recipe round-up takes me a small fraction of the time it used to. Tasty Roundups automates literally everything – from photo selection, to link insertion, to design. My round-ups look great *and* are ranking higher on search engines.

Headshot of Alexandra Shytsman from The New Baguette

Alexandra Shytsman

The New Baguette

Talk about the easiest plugin to use! Customizing the layout and colors is so simple, and the end result? GORGEOUS. I used to hate writing round up posts and now I am inspired to do them! They look so sleek and I am finished with them in so much less time than ever before. A must-have for any food blogger!

Headshot of Meghan Yager from Cake 'n Knife

Meghan Yager

Cake 'n Knife

I love Tasty Roundups! It saves me so much time, looks great, and is terrific for SEO. It's also totally customizable. Just like all the other Tasty plugins- I couldn't be happier. Thank you!

Headshot of Crystal Yentzen from Dessert Done Light

Crystal Yentzen

Dessert Done Light

Loving Tasty Roundups! It's so dang easy to use, and I absolutely love the clean, crisp look and feel of the post when it is complete. I can't wait to update ALL of my old roundup posts. I believe this will improve my readers' navigation, usability, and overall experience. Thanks again, Team Tasty!! ?

Headshot of Cindy Munson from Be Brave and Bloom

Cindy Munson

Be Brave and Bloom

This feature is such a life saver. I hated having to manually update my roundups. With just a click of a button everything populates into a post. Not only does it save you time, but the plugin is so cost efficient. If you are going back and forth on purchasing, I highly recommend it!

Headshot of Maxine Dubois from Cilantro Parsley

Maxine Dubois

Cilantro Parsley

I love this plugin. It simplifies the way I write round up posts and. pulls in all the information I need to create a professional evergreen post that is SEO optimised featuring my top content (or the content I choose to repurpose within designated categories). Simple to use, elegant in execution and a fantastic time saver. In the age of AI this is one plugin I think all professional bloggers should consider.

Headshot of Johanna Castro from Lifestyle Fifty

Johanna Castro

Lifestyle Fifty

I absolutely love this new feature! I just launched a new book – The Power of Food Prep which went #1 on Amazon and also started a food prep membership – Food Prep for Foodies, and I'm moving to another state in a few weeks. I have absolutely no time to work on my blog right now. Tasty Roundups has saved my life!!! I literally created a post in minutes! And it looks professional. I will be using this feature quite a bit over the next few months while I unpack and get moved in. Thank you guys so much! I love all of your products but this one – wow! Such a surprise, perfect timing and absolutely amazing! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! YOU GUYS ROCK!!!

Headshot of Amy Lawrence from Gourmet Done Skinny

Amy Lawrence

Gourmet Done Skinny

Well, you've done it once again, WP Tasty! The new Tasty Roundups plugin is an answer to a prayer. Perfect for SEO, it's easy to use, looks great, and just plain works, I use ALL WP Tasty plugins and shutter at the thought of not having them on my site. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Headshot of Shane Martin from Shane & Simple

Shane Martin

Shane & Simple

I bought this almost as soon as it was offered. Within minutes I put up my first roundup using it….and that was literally all the time it took. I can't tell you how excited I was because it was so, so much easier than how I did it before – not to mention better looking. It was harder deciding what to put in the roundup than actually doing it. I will be using this over and over again. Thanks so much for this great idea.

Headshot of Helen S. Fletcher from Pastries Like a Pro

Helen S. Fletcher

Pastries Like a Pro

We've been using Tasty Recipes for years, and love it. The addition of Tasty Roundups has made life even easier! The simple-to-use plugin does everything I need in just a fraction of the time it used to take – and it looks great! Thanks for another fantastic product, WP Tasty!

Headshot of Meg van der Kruik from This Mess is Ours

Meg van der Kruik

This Mess is Ours

I am not one to jump on a new product, but I have been searching high and low and the moment I saw this ROUNDUP plugin I did not hesitate for a single second and immediately bought it.

Oh wow, what an incredible and outstanding product. I have subsequently created at least 10 roundup posts (typically I now will have two per month) and it's the best thing since sliced bread (pun intended) as I am a food blogger.

I have already received awesome feedback on my roundup published posts and one of my Roundup Posts was featured by other bloggers in a Linkup. I am actively promoting this to everything that may ask about a roundup post and sharing the great opportunities and work of WP Tasty to not only food bloggers but all bloggers, as I truly believe that this is an outstanding feature and it is well thought out and I love the ease to use.

Another huge plus point to my mind, being that I can change out the images and add a new write-up on the Roundup vs what's already on the original post. This is HUGE. Thank you for adding that extra option.

Also, the service and support of your team are awesome, as I originally had a question or two and WP Tasty promptly assisted and this made it even easier to navigate.

Thanks for an outstanding, wonderful, and great tool to add to my WP Tasty system.

You're the best. Thanks for all your support of Food Bloggers and Bloggers in general.

Headshot of Esme from EsmeSalon



I absolutely love the Tasty Roundups plugin! It's so easy to use and it makes creating a blog post quick and painless. Plus, it looks great! The built-in search functionality automatically pulls post images, titles, descriptions, and links into your roundup, which saves me a ton of work! I would highly recommend this plugin to anyone looking for an easy way to create a stunning blog post! Thank you, Tasty Roundups, for making my life easier!

Headshot of Jeri Walker from Winding Creek Ranch

Jeri Walker

Winding Creek Ranch

Here we are with another fantastic plugin from WP Tasty. Tasty Roundups is incredibly user-friendly and fast. I love how quickly I can create a delicious round-up of recipes to share with my audience.

Headshot of Elizabeth Waterson from Confessions of a Baking Queen

Elizabeth Waterson

Confessions of a Baking Queen

Tasty Roundups is fantastic! I've never made roundup posts for my crafting website so quickly and easily. It allows me to customize the look and feel of the roundup. Not to mention, it helps my overall site because I'm making quick updates to old post keywords and images as I add them to my roundups. I was hesitant to try it and I'm so glad I did!!

Headshot of Jeannie Irwin from Crafting Jeannie

Jeannie Irwin

Crafting Jeannie

Simplicity is key, and my time is so limited as a full time working mom and blogger. I am easily able to leverage my existing content to new and easy roundups that used to take me ages! And the gorgeous, yet simple designs are eye catching and match my site beautifully.

Headshot of Megan Keno from Homemade Home

Megan Keno

Homemade Home

Tasty Round Ups makes creating and publishing recipe round-up posts much easier! The plugin is easy to set up, and I can create a new or update an old round-up post in a fraction of the time it used to take manually. If your readers love round-ups, you need this plugin!

Headshot of April Anderson from Girl Gone Gourmet

April Anderson

Girl Gone Gourmet

I recently purchased Tasty Roundups at the recommendation of Mike Z. I've never done a proper roundup, even though I have been blogging a long time. I got the app and immediately did my first roundup (with 25 recipes). It was so easy, fast and fun. It did not take long at all. Looks terrific! And I used all of my own content. Thanks for all of the great apps you've brought out to help us with our blogs. This one is a winner (and I am loving Clariti too).

Headshot of sally cameron from aFoodcentricLife.com

sally cameron

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