Set Pinterest Descriptions from WordPress

Want to improve where you show in Pinterest search? Nailing your Pinterest descriptions is key.

Tasty Pins pin description section

With relevant keywords in your title and description, more Pinners find your content!

But how do you control the title and description for a pin from WordPress? Do you just give up and let your pins and boards run wild?

Definitely not!

That's where Tasty Pins comes in to save the day!

With one simple plugin, you set your titles and descriptions how you want. That way, your pins appear at the top and help expand your brand recognition!

So, if you're ready to supercharge your Pinterest SEO, check out below.

Master the Pinterest search engine

You get one chance to catch Pinners' attention.

That means you must write the best Pinterest titles and descriptions to catch their eyes right away.

But it's not just Pinners you need to impress. After all, Pinterest's algorithm decides the search results. So, mastering Pinterest means writing to Pinners and the algorithm.

But how?

Well, one way is to add keywords to your 500-character description to get your pins in front of Pinterest users.

And the best way to do that?

Tasty Pins!

Pinterest Pin Descriptions

Providing an excellent image description is key to Pinners finding you on Pinterest. And Tasty Pins makes this easy with a special field just for the Pin title and text. Pop a few Pinterest keywords in there, and you're ready to go.

This way, you keep your alt text and Pinterest text separate!

Use natural language with long-tail keywords (but avoid keyword stuffing!). Insert hashtags in your Pinterest pin description to reach more Pinners.

You can do pretty much everything besides buy Pinterest with Tasty Pins!

Better control over your pins

It's not only the power you have over how your Pins show in Pinterest searches.

It's also the power you get over how your Pins appear when others save them to their Pinterest board.

Pinterest description example

That way, your message never gets confused or changed. Set your Pin image from your blog post once, and never worry again as it spreads across Pinterest like giggles in a classroom full of children.

Normal pins or rich pins, you're ready to go!

Better SEO? Check.

More control? Check, check.

The only thing holding you back from Pinterest success at this point is not clicking the link below to get started!

If you're ready to get your Pinterest SEO in order, head to the pricing page and grab Tasty Pins now. Or, grab the all-access pass to get everything WP Tasty offers!