Tasty Pins has been great for my blog! I create three or four pins per post that are optimized for Pinterest. I don’t want to put them all on my site, so having the option not only to add them in, but also have real alt text attributes as well as Pinterest descriptions are awesome!

It has saved me a lot of time and has set me up for Pinterest success, a platform I use every day for marketing my new blog.

Headshot of Jennifer Anastasi from Parent Smarter Not Harder

Jennifer Anastasi

Parent Smarter Not Harder

I can’t believe how easy it was to switch over to Tasty Recipes–and that’s saying a lot because this sort of thing does not come naturally to me at all. I also love the design options and the way the plugin is structured – it makes adding new recipes super simple, I couldn’t be happier with it!

Headshot of Catherine Culpepper from Lila Ruth Grain Free

Catherine Culpepper

Lila Ruth Grain Free

Hands down the best WP plugin I have on my site. Since 99% of my traffic comes from Pinterest, I need to optimise my images for Pinterest. This meant that I had to manually add the Pinterest description code into the HTML code. Thanks to Tasty Pins, I save soooo much time. Just a couple of clicks and I’m done!

Headshot of Rolf Lindenbergh from Prepared Survivalist

Rolf Lindenbergh

Prepared Survivalist

I love the Tasty Pins plugin! It makes blogging so much easier now that I can incorporate my Pinterest text directly into my images. This plugin is so convenient and user-friendly. Highly recommend for all bloggers!

Headshot of Farah Sheikh from Sincerely Farah

Farah Sheikh

Sincerely Farah

Together with Tasty Recipes, Tasty Pins is one of the best plugins I was happy to purchase. It was easy to install, it’s user-friendly and the customer service it’s just amazing. I can now easily write good descriptions for my Pinterest pins and it saves time and headaches.

Headshot of Claudia Canu from Health Motivation by Claudia Canu

Claudia Canu

Health Motivation by Claudia Canu

Learning Pinterest was not something that came naturally to me. When starting a blog there is so much tech work to be done (and learned!) and since all I really want to do is cook amazing food to share, I needed tools to help me do the tech work easily and quickly. Tasty Pins did just that! From the minute I installed the plugin I was able to easily update my images with Pinterest text that was so easy to do and makes a world of difference to Pinterest. Thank you, thank you for offering EASY and EFFECTIVE time saving solutions for bloggers like me!

Headshot of Nicole Butler from Finished with Salt

Nicole Butler

Finished with Salt

I am a relatively new blogger and getting myself established with posts, SEO and mastering Pinterest was proving to be a time consuming task that was starting to get away from me.

Factor in the worry doing everything correctly and I was starting to stress, until I came across Tasty Pins and it’s been such a relief .

Tasty Pins has made my life so much easier and given me the peace of mind that my Pins are being handled correctly in my posts, with relevant keywords and hashtags in the right place, leaving me more time to focus on the content side of blogging.

Headshot of Rosemary Gooding from Keto Program Rocks

Rosemary Gooding

Keto Program Rocks

Why did I wait so long to get Tasty Pins? I love this plugin! It’s so convenient to be able to add alt text and a separate Pinterest description. But that’s not all, my readers get a hover button to save my images to Pinterest, meaning I don’t need another plug-in. It’s the best; thanks, WP Tasty!

Headshot of Lois Britton from Polish Housewife

Lois Britton

Polish Housewife

Tasty Recipes is my favorite plugin of all time. The “Bold” one makes my recipes look so professional. I love that my fans can print the recipe or pin the image right from the recipe. Great for SEO and is a real bargain. As you can see, I am a huge fan.

Headshot of Linda Lee from My Honeys Place

Linda Lee

My Honeys Place

The Tasty Pins plugin is a real time saver for optimizing my blog’s images for Pinterest, SEO, and screenreaders. Very inexpensive and well worth the small price.

Headshot of Linda Lee from My Honeys Place

Linda Lee

My Honeys Place

I have been so pleased with Tasty Pins from the second I bought it! I am a new blogger and so the overwhelm of everything there is to learn was getting to me. Then one day I heard about the features of Tasty Pins allowing you to insert Pinterest descriptions and alt text on every photo, plus being able to hide Pinterest images and I was completely sold! In that same day I made the purchase and I am so happy that I did! Tasty Pins has amazing features and their customer support is out of this world!

Headshot of Audrey Maze from Audrey's Little Farm

Audrey Maze

Audrey's Little Farm

I’ve just spent the last month migrating my food blog from Squarespace to WordPress. And one of the biggest factors in switching over was to improve the quality of my recipe cards. With Squarespace, I had to enter my own JSON-LD code for each recipe. It was a huge pain. So I was really happy to switch over to a painless recipe card. I love the style of my new cards and the tech support has been great. With all the troubles I had with my site migration, inputting my recipes into Tasty Recipes wasn’t one of them. Thanks so much!

Headshot of Emily Krill from Resolution Eats

Emily Krill

Resolution Eats

I’m so impressed with the Tasty Pins plugin features and the ease of using it. It’s a load off my mind to know that the images are optimised for both Google and Pinterest.

Headshot of Maria Ghidella from Sunday Calm

Maria Ghidella

Sunday Calm

Tasty Pins has allowed me to really up my Pinterest game. Since getting Tasty Pins, I have been able to create and hide multiple pinnable images per post and create ideal Pinterest descriptions for each one. I have also prevented pinning of images that are not ideal for Pinterest. This has caused my blog traffic from Pinterest to increase significantly.

Headshot of Lauren Forsythe from My Favorite Job Title Is Mom

Lauren Forsythe

My Favorite Job Title Is Mom

Being a new blogger can be really overwhelming. There’s so much to learn and one thing I really struggled with was code. After many failed attempts to add hidden images to my posts, I came across Tasty Pins and it has been a game changer! So easy to use and means I can concentrate on writing content rather than writing code!

Headshot of Hayley Usher from Educating Hayley

Hayley Usher

Educating Hayley

I am loving Tasty Links! Easy to install and set up. I no longer have to remember where all my affiliate links are located, just go to Tasty Links, make changes there and the entire site is changed (mind blowing). This is such a time saver, especially for evergreen content in which the products can change with time. New blog, old blog, we all need Tasty Links!!

Headshot of Missy Gooch from Thrive Bites

Missy Gooch

Thrive Bites

I shopped around for a good recipe plugin and I found Tasty Recipes to be the best. The design options they have are very professional and I love the look. They have every feature you would want. I love the recipe reviews, feature image, nutritional information, ingredients section, notes field, etc. I had a couple of questions regarding set up and there support is quick to respond and so friendly. They care about your success.

I would definitely recommend Tasty Recipes.

Headshot of Jill Midthun from Sugar Snap Yum

Jill Midthun

Sugar Snap Yum

I love Tasty Pins. I used the Pinterest description with every blog post. It is nice since I can add the hastags in this description where I wouldn’t want those in my meta description. Also, I love to be able to hide images that I have with text on it that I design specifically for Pinterest. Great purchase and I would highly recommend Tasty Pins.

Headshot of Jill Midthun from Sugar Snap Yum

Jill Midthun

Sugar Snap Yum

I love the Tasty Pins plugin. Because I am a total beginner with a brand new blog and business, I can’t prove how much better my following is on Pinterest. However, I can say how easy Tasty Pins is to use, so that even I (who does not know very much in regards to SEO) was able to just plug it in and use it! Thanks so much guys!

Headshot of Sharica from Nokedli Design

Sharica Rodgers

Nokedli Design

Tasty Pins is a must-have WordPress plugin. I love how Tasty Pins makes it so easy to add Pinterest descriptions and hashtags making it so easy to reach my audience on Pinterest. Now, every one of my images is optimized both for Google and Pinterest. But best of all, I LOVE that I can create images specifically designed for Pinterest and hide them on my post. That means that when a reader selects to Pin an article, they get to choose from a beautifully designed Pinterest specific pins without those long images cluttering up the post. It is a great plugin that is worth every penny.

Headshot of Corrie Leber from Castle Bound

Corrie Leber

Castle Bound

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