I love Tasty Pins! It is so easy to use. Optimizing my images for both SEO and Pinterest is a breeze and I can disable and hide pins with the click of the mouse, no coding required! This is one plugin I recommend to all my clients!

Headshot of Lori Riddle from The FitFilled Life

Lori Riddle

The FitFilled Life

After telling my web developer I needed an easier way to manage the pins so we could reshare more often, I was thrilled to discover Tasty Pins. It’s the perfect solution to manage this content & now, we’re reviewing our social process to decide how to make Tasty Pins an integral part of our weekly process.

Headshot of Tina Gleisner from Home Tips for Women

Tina Gleisner

Home Tips for Women

Tasty Pins really helps streamline my technical process. I can easily tweak my pins so they are not pinnable, and I love the custom description that’s available for each pin. I definitely recommend Tasty Pins. It’s affordable, flexible, and better for SEO.

Headshot of Audrey Marshall from Mommy Enlightened

Audrey Marshall

Mommy Enlightened

Tasty Pins is my new favourite thing when it comes to Pinterest tools. If you have a WordPress site, and you want to optimize your images for sharing to Pinterest.. then you need this plugin. It’s a huge part of growing your Pinterest traffic.

Headshot of Donna Moritz from Socially Sorted

Donna Moritz

Socially Sorted

Tasty Recipes is the perfect mix of form and function. Making recipes not only look fantastic on my site but also making SEO optimization an absolute breeze. Not to mention, their support staff is beyond friendly and speedy in reply!

Headshot of Josh Johnson from The Kentucky Gent

Josh Johnson

The Kentucky Gent

Tasty Pins has been a great addition to my blog. I only recently worked out the importance of a presence on Pinterest and the Tasty Pins plugin has made it easier to use rich pins and to better customise my food photographs. It’s easy to install and easy to use. I happily recommend Tasty Pins.

Headshot of Gary Lum from Yummy Lummy

Gary Lum

Yummy Lummy

I am so thankful for Tasty Pins and the WP Tasty Team. Before starting my blog, I had never really used Pinterest before or even understood it. It was a struggle for me to learn and I didn’t know how to integrate it with my blog. Thanks to Tasty Pins I now feel much more confident with my workflow.

Headshot of Zachary Gawthorp of Salt Plus Thyme

Zachary Gawthorp

Salt Plus Thyme

I tell you what, this has been a great plugin. Since I have installed this plugin and have been migrating recipes over, I find that my rankings have been improving and am hoping this will translate to more visitors. Additionally, the recipe card looks great, is easy to use, and plugs right into Nutrifox.

Right now I consider Tasty Recipes a must-have plugin.

Headshot of Ben Myhre from Ramshackle Pantry

Ben Myhre

Ramshackle Pantry

I’m so excited about Tasty Pins! It’s made optimizing for accessibility, SEO & Pinterest so much easier and saves me tons of time.

The “disable pinning” and “hidden pins” features are particularly handy!

I highly recommend this tool for any blogger who is serious about getting traffic from Pinterest.

Headshot of Taughnee Golubović from Endeavor Creative

Taughnee Golubović

Endeavor Creative

Optimizing my image descriptions for Pinterest is simple with Tasty Pins. By prefilling the Pinterest descriptions of my images, I have confidence my pin descriptions are accurate. Best of all I’m helping my readers save time. Tasty Pins helps me be certain that my most helpful and shareable images reach Pinterest users easily, which translates into more pins and more traffic for my website.

Headshot of Allison Helsing Goines from Our Small Hours

Allison Helsing Goines

Our Small Hours

Although I’ve used Tasty Recipes for my recipes on my blog for over a year, I really wasn’t familiar with Tasty Pins until I attended a Pinterest class at Haven Conference 2018 taught by Alisa from Tailwind. She stressed the importance of having a Pinterest Text on every image in your posts and the easiest way to do that was to install the Tasty Pins plugin. I did that as soon as I returned home. In less than a month I’ve seen a significant increase in my repins and in my blog traffic from Pinterest. In fact, Pinterest now accounts for about 75% of my blog traffic. Tasty Pins is one of the best plugins for a very reasonable price with high returns.

Headshot of Carol Lander from Bluesky at Home

Carol Lander

Bluesky at Home

The installation of the Tasty Pins plugin was dead simple and WP Tasty has a how-to manual to help you get the job done. I was able to do it without the help of my software engineer husband!

Once installed the plugin works beautifully. All of my photos now have a little “save” button on them so that I can easily pin every photo from every post- take advantage of the time you spend on photography! Plus, any site visitors can pin their favorite photo too! And the best part is that there is now a “Pinterest description” field on every photo so that I can control what data my photos are getting pinned with and make sure it represents my post and blog well. Since putting the plugin on my site I have already seen more people pinning directly from my site than before.

Tasty Pins is a simple and easy to use plugin that will help you manage your Pinterest account and make it easier for others to pin from your site as well. It also has great features like making some photos unable to be pinned and allowing you to have hidden photos that only come up when you want to pin the post to Pinterest. I am very happy with the one-time cost and the gains I am already seeing.

Thanks WP Tasty!

Headshot of Ellie Price from Hook Yarn Carabiner

Ellie Price

Hook Yarn Carabiner

I thought I knew where my pin descriptions were pulling from but whenever I pinned my recipes, the descriptions were all wrong. Tasty Pins takes the guesswork out of my pins because I know it will share the right information every time. I am so happy I started using Tasty Pins. It has made my life so much easier!

Headshot of Jenna Barnard from Butternut Bakery

Jenna Barnard

Butternut Bakery

Tasty Pins has been a dependable addition to my website. I’m new to the Pinterest game, but this simple, yet powerful plugin helps remind me of its importance. Not only this, you’ll find quick responses from the customer service team should you encounter any issue or question!

Headshot of Todd Weitzman from MoneyHax

Todd Weitzman


Thank you so much for making this plugin. Like many bloggers, we are not great with the technical aspects of blogging. The Tasty Recipes plugin is the easiest recipe plugin we’ve ever worked with. It’s fantastic that it easily prompts us to add what is needed for our recipe cards. We also love how beautiful this plugin is and how it fully integrates with our site.

Headshot of Brenda Tolentino from Dish Our Town

Brenda Tolentino

Dish Our Town

Tasty Pins has to be the easiest plugin to use but so valuable to me as a blogger. It makes creating a description for a pin so efficient whilst maintaining SEO with our alt-text descriptions. Just brilliant!

Headshot of michelle lakey from Lifejourney4two.com

Michelle Lakey


Tasty Pins has made it so easy to put appropriate Pinterest descriptions on my pins. It’s such a time-saver. I love it!

Headshot of Jillian Downing from Jillian Fae

Jillian Downing

Jillian Fae

I’m so happy I purchased this plugin! I love the way it changed the look of my recipes and thankfully, it’s super easy to use!

Headshot of Whitney Khan from LoveBakeEat

Whitney Khan


Tasty Recipes has been a godsend for adding recipes to our blog! With all the new search requirements, WP Tasty has you covered. Easy to use, changing over all our old recipes was a snap, and customer support…well we can’t say enough about it! Tasty Recipes is the ultimate recipes plugin if you are just starting or have had a food blog for a while…you need this!!!!!

Headshot of Marty Boyd from What the Forks for Dinner

Marty Boyd

What the Forks for Dinner

I am currently trying to increase the views to my vegan food blog and I am fully aware that Pinterest is the ticket to doing so! I got Tasty Pins just a couple weeks ago and it has already increased my Pinterest interaction so much. People can now easily share my recipes in a way that is eye catching and repinnable!

Headshot of Faith VanderMolen from The Conscientious Eater

Faith VanderMolen

The Conscientious Eater

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