Tasty Pins solved one of my biggest Pinterest issues with just the press of a button, and it works beautifully! Since installing it, I have worked hard to create better Pin descriptions in the dedicated field, and use the alt text field to optimize my images for Google. What a brilliant solution!

Headshot of Tara Schatz from Back Road Ramblers

Tara Schatz

Back Road Ramblers

I'm super happy with Tasty Recipes, finally I can display my recipes in an easy way for my readers. I've used it for a couple of weeks and my organic traffic has already grown a lot. I'm a Brazilian blogger and I feel that with Tasty Recipes my blog features more 1st pages in Google. I have all the support that I need to grow and get all the way to the top. Thank you so much for changing my way of blogging!

Headshot of Susan Marthia Breier from Amor Pela Comida

Susan Martha Breier

Amor Pela Comida

This plugin is a MUST HAVE. It is making my SEO life so much easier, as I'm now able to please both Google and Pinterest much more easily. LOVE it! Thanks so much!

Headshot of Chrissy Halton from Organise My House

Chrissy Halton

Organise My House

I'm SO happy that I came across the Tasty Pins plug-in! I had so much much trouble with hiding images and SEO before I started using Tasty Pins, like seriously struggled! Since I started using the plug-in 30 days ago, my average monthly Pinterest viewers have gone up 11% and my average monthly engaged Pinterest users have gone up 21%. It has been amazing considering it's a “slow” time of year for Pinterest (Feb-Mar). I'm a newbie blogger so I LOVE that Tasty Pins is SO easy to use! I would recommend it to anyone wanting to up their Pinterest game.

Headshot of Amy Malcolm from Your Stay at Home Mom

Amy Malcolm

Your Stay at Home Mom

Finally! We had been doing this in the HTML text editor which is soooo time consuming and prone to errors. This plugin saves at least 20 minutes loading a post and we know it is set up correctly. Thanks so much!

Headshot of Elizabeth from Compass and Fork


Compass and Fork

When I decided it was time to start growing my Pinterest account, I knew I needed help. I also knew the people behind Tasty Pins would offer a product thoughtfully designed to get the most out of my effort. I also knew their product would be easy to use and fully supported. All of this has proven true, and setting my blog posts up for the most effective pinning couldn't be any easier. I'm especially fond of “disable pinning” function. So smart!

Headshot of Emily Wilson from The Craveable Kitchen

Emily Wilson

The Craveable Kitchen

Tasty Pins has been such a HUGE timesaver! I have been working feverishly to get my Pinterest account back in action and had gobs of images to update and re-pin. This plugin has allowed me to basically do everything I need to do all in one place. If I want to disable pinning on product images, I can do that with one click instead of adding long code. I can easily have a different ALT text and Pin description and it is all manageable in one spot. Love this plugin and would be lost without it!

Headshot of Jennifer from Hybrid Rasta Mama

Jennifer Saleem

Hybrid Rasta Mama

Oh, for the love of Pinterest! I adore my Tasty Pins plugin. What a time saver. I write detailed quilting/sewing tutorials which have lots of images. Before, I was adding a “no pin” code to all of the detail images that I didn't want pinned. This code would occasionally get stripped out and I'd have to go back in and re-add the code. Now, all I have to do is tick a little box!

Headshot of Leslie Rutland from The Seasoned Homemaker

Leslie Rutland

The Seasoned Homemaker

I have been blogging for 5 years and Pinterest is one of my top sources of traffic. Tasty Pins has allowed me to add the needed sizes and description for my Pinterest pins. By offering the ability to choose my preferred image, descriptions and hide my pin if desired I am able to closely monitor and control the information being chosen. Tasty Pins is a must-have to supplement my SEO and social media plugins for the best user experience and optimal Pinterest participation.

Headshot of Marilyn Lesniak from Marilyn Lesniak

Marilyn Lesniak

Marilyn Lesniak

I love how quickly and easily I can put my Pinterest description in my chosen image and disallow pinning of the images I don't want to be pinned.

Headshot of Angie Sherbondy from Best PowerPoints for Spanish and French

Angie Sherbondy

Best PowerPoints for Spanish and French

My traffic (and income) has more than doubled since I began optimizing posts for SEO. Tasty Pins is one more tool in my toolbox that has helped me optimize for both Google and Pinterest at the same time. It has so many useful features that are saving me a ton of time! I like being able to disable pinning on certain images. This feature puts me in control of the images that appear on Pinterest.

Headshot of Elaine Nessman from Flavour and Savour

Elaine Nessman

Flavour and Savour

I love that I have the option to convert my recipes one at a time or in a single batch. Everything about Tasty Recipes is so easy to customize; it’s very user friendly!

Headshot of Lois Britton from Polish Housewife

Lois Britton

Polish Housewife

As a non-techy person, I was hesitant to try out the new Tasty Pins feature on my blog. Reluctantly, I gave it a shot and am so grateful I did!! Tasty Pins made it so simple. I love that immediately upon logging onto their site, I am asked if I have any questions–great service! I also love that adding text to Pinterest on my blog is now done in the correct format and they made it so very easy. Best feature I've ever added to my blog posts!!

Headshot of Nicole Nigg from Repurpose Life

Nicole Nigg

Repurpose Life

I just recently started using Tasty Pins on my blog, Eat Chic Chicago, and I'm loving it! I no longer have to choose between optimizing the alt text and pin description for each of my post images. I also love that I can easily add a hidden image without having to go into my HTML code to do so. The tutorials for how to use Tasty Pins were great in helping me hit the ground running and guiding me to think strategically about the text I use for alt text and Pinterest text for SEO – thanks for making this so easy guys!

Headshot of Amari Thomsen from Eat Chic Chicago

Amari Thomsen

Eat Chic Chicago

Thank you Tasty Pins!

I've been curious/concerned about my long Pinterest descriptions in alt text for a while and wasn't sure if that was the correct way to go about things. So thank you for the education and the simple solution!

Although I just started implementing Tasty Pins, I'm so excited about this plugin and have been telling every blogger I know to get it!

Headshot of Randa Derkson from The Bewitchin' Kitchen

Randa Derkson

The Bewitchin' Kitchen

I love the Tasty Pins plugin! I was really confused about how to make sure that our Pinterest description was used and not our alt text. This plugin made it a no-brainer for me. Now, I don't have to worry about it and it does all the back-end work for me. Love it!

Headshot of Kristen Horst from HeroFIT Family

Kristen Horst

HeroFIT Family

As any website manager knows any plug in that makes your life easier and increases your traffic is a winner. And Tasty Pins does both beautifully. Finally not having to decide between SEO or making sensible descriptions for Pinterest on our images has been a huge relief and ensures any images pinned directily from our site are maximizing our chances at direct traffic to our site.

And we LOVE the fact that the Pin button shows up only on hover – so that the feel and look of our home page, or post or recipe isn't cluttered with red Pins- but it is conveniently there when the user wants to pin.

Truly one of the best plug-in purchases we've made.

Headshot of Robin Jaffin & Dede Wilson from FODMAP Everyday

Robin Jaffin & Dede Wilson

FODMAP Everyday

We’re just entering the Pinterest game —but knew right away the Tasty Pins plugin was a hit. AND was super easy for this fifty something tech challenged blogger. If you are interested in upping your Pinterest game, this plugin makes it super simple to share custom pins without making your post look awkward or over-promoted.

Headshot of Nina Bandoni from Sharing a Journey

Nina Bandoni

Sharing A Journey

I'm digging the Tasty Pins plugin. It was so easy to set up and now it's saving me a ton of time adding Pinterest descriptions to my images.

Headshot of Sandra Foyt from Getaway Mavena

Sandra Foyt

Getaway Mavena

Tasty Pins is exactly the plugin I needed to optimize my images for Pinterest without compromising SEO. I’d love to get at least as much traffic from search engines as I get from Pinterest, and this plugin is definitely starting to move the needle. The Tasty Pins plugin is easily going to pay for itself in increased revenue from search traffic. Definitely worth the investment!

Headshot of Mary Jane Duford from Home for the Harvest

Mary Jane Duford

Home for the Harvest

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